Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 252 - I Won't Bully You in the Future

“This Prince is worse than you. Not only did that happen to me, the valuable good wine that I had been keeping for a decade or so had been taken by this girl to bribe you.”

This girl is so greedy...However, the entire Prince Chen’s residence was going to be hers sooner or later. She was just obtaining this in advance and this would satiate her desires.

Qian Duoduo watched as Long Yintian was able to smile even though he knew she dug him a pit. She found the man in front of her to be very cute. He was so nice to her, so how could she bear to scheme him?

“Four, you’re so nice to me...I swear that I won’t bully you in the future, ok?” Qian Duoduo looked down and tug at the emerald embedded on Long Yintian’s belt.

“Ok, you said this. If you lie to me to meet any other young misses in the future, I won’t clean up your mess…”

He recalled how Xiao Rou came a while ago to say that Qian Duoduo invited him to lunch and how happy he was that he couldn’t fall asleep in the next few days.

In the end, after he dressed himself up in the morning and brought a carefully chosen gift to meet her, he noticed that the person waiting there was actually Lin Qingqing instead.

He decided to turn a blind eye to this because he didn’t want to bring pressure to her. He could only hide his bitterness.

Who knew that this girl would realize her mistake one day and admit her fault to him like this.

He didn’t feel bad for always considering her right now.

Qian Duoduo was shocked momentarily. As it turned out, Four already knew about Lin Qingqing, but he was still so nice to her...

She was really moved in her heart and patted his shoulders.

“Ok! I, Qian Duoduo, swear to Heaven that I’ll treat you sincerely and help you in time of need. If I dare to bully you in the future, then can go bully Fourteen!”

Look at how grand and mighty her oath was!

Poor Long Muchen. He ended up taking the bullet for her.

Speaking of Fourteenth Uncle, Long Yintian just noticed Qian Duoduo’s slightly swollen lips.

Although he didn’t want to have countless mistresses like Third Brother, he was knowledgeable in this aspect. From one look, he could tell what this girl and Fourteenth Uncle was just doing.

Normally, she teased him. He finally got an opportunity this time. Long Yintian was going to pull at her tail.

“Duo’er, what’s with your lips? It’s red and swollen like something bit you?”

Qian Duoduo subconsciously covered her mouth and her face immediately flushed like boiled shrimp.

She secretly gazed at the culprit by her side.

This dude!

He was so shameless, watching her getting teased and acting like he was watching a good show instead of helping her. He was admiring her bashful expression and gazing at her intensely.

Qian Duoduo bit her lips. She didn’t want to be teased by these two men that easily.

They wanted to dig a pit for her to jump down? She’s not that stupid!

She caressed her hair and arrogantly puffed up her chest. “This is my newest style. ‘Charming lips.’ What do you think about it? It’s sexy right?”

Long Yintian shook his head. He didn’t comment on this strange style.

Qian Duoduo rolled her eyes. “Compared to old men like you guys, talking about fashion is like playing the lute to a cow. Don’t you guys know that the trend this year is having thick lips? Like Yao Chen and Shu Qi...This Lady is going to lead the fashion trend for Sheng Chen Country. You guys can’t understand this.”

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