Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 252 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (14)

Nightfall in the mountain village was quiet and gloomy.

Su Qing didn’t wear any outer garments. He quietly left the room wearing just thin clothes. Su Chuan and Su Mei were deep asleep at home but Su Qing wasn’t sleepy in the least bit.

How could he fall asleep?

He could see the other stone house from the wall just by lifting his head up. That was Uncle De’s home. Su Qing didn’t even need to look. He could find Su Wan’s home even closing his eyes.

She lived in the innermost of the home. Uncle and Aunt De pampered her the most and she was the smartest of the people her age.

Su Qing sighed and sorted out his emotions. Then he sat in the courtyard with his legs criss-crossed. He tried entering the meditation state according to the method Sporting Coach Zhang taught him.

All these years, he had been training his archery skills hard. Everyone thought that he had abandoned the thought of becoming a summoner but he never did. Every night, he would secretly practice on his own. Even though he had improved only a bit in the last two years, he never felt discouraged...

Under the moonlight, the young man wearing flimsy clothes quietly sat in the courtyard with his legs criss-crossed. The moonlight sprinkled on him and he appeared to be at peace.

“He has a strong mentality and a tenacious personality too. Unfortunately…”

It was unclear when Su Rui had shown up in the courtyard and was glancing at Su Qing.

“He doesn’t have much talent, right?”

Su Wan stood next to Su Rui with her blankets draped over her. “Although he doesn’t have much talent, he has a strong sense of willpower and mentality. He’s the best candidate to cultivate Yuling Chant. Will you choose him?”

“Why not?”

Su Rui caressed Su Wan’s long hair. “When have I ever mixed personal and business matters together? He’s worth getting trained. Plus…”

Su Rui stopped talking but the smile on his face gradually grew.

He wanted to steal this general’s wife? Hmph, in your dreams~

The next morning, Su Wan and Su Rui had gotten up early for once, surprisingly. The moment they left the house, they saw Su Qing exercising in the courtyard next to them.


When he saw the two, he stopped and smiled, greeting.

Under the morning sunshine, the young man’s smile appeared really simple and splendid.

Was this the legendary neighbor’s sunshine boy?


Su Wan also smiled at Su Qing. Su Rui looked Su Qing up and down however, pursing his lips.

Why did he have to exercise this early in the morning with barely anything on? Who doesn’t have abs?

Of course, in order to maintain Master Su’s elegance, Su Rui couldn’t immediately remove his clothes and duel with Su Qing.

Su Qing awkwardly patted his head, feeling Su Rui’s unhappiness. Then he carefully looked at the two and said, “I made some meat porridge this morning. It’s still warm. Do you guys want some?”

“No need.”

Su Rui responded much faster than Su Wan this time. “My wife ate my personally cooked breakfast this morning, right?”

Su De Family had gotten some wild boar meat as well. It was at that moment that General Su decided to personally cook.


Su Wan leaned in Su Rui’s arms and smiled happily. Then she looked at Su Qing apologetically. “Thanks for your kind thoughts. I’ll try out your food one day.”


Su Qing nodded upon hearing Su Wan’s words and then went to another side of the courtyard to continue exercising.

“Where’s the kitchen?”

Su Rui pulled his sleeves up and decided to show off his skills.

“You’re serious?”

Su Wan looked at him with a strange smile. “You’re a master and you lived a pampered life. Let me do it instead.”

Saying that, Su Wan already turned and went inside the kitchen, familiar with the place.

Su Wan had amazing culinary skills. General Su was naturally really happy to be able to eat breakfast personally cooked by his wife.

“Wife, be careful!”

“The water’s cold. Let me wash it for you.”

Dong Yue walked into the kitchen while still in a daze to see Su Wan and Su Rui bustling about. Su Wan was cooking porridge while Su Rui was assisting her busily. The two were chatting and laughing. It was a heartwarming scene.

Dong Yue stood outside the kitchen for a while. In her memory, her daughter was really arrogant. She had never been in the kitchen since she was a child.

She really changed a lot in the past two years.

Was it because of eldest master?

Su Zhan’s name was well-known within Su Family Village. Everyone knew that he was a genius and also a possible candidate for the next head of the family?

Dong Yue’s gaze landed on Su Rui. She could tell that he truly loved and cherished his daughter. Dong Yue smiled and then suddenly thought of something. Her expression became complicated.

Unfortunate for Su Qing. He wasn’t destined to be with Xiao Wan.

“Stop looking. Go clean up the table. We should be eating in a bit.”

It was unclear when Su De had stood behind Dong Yue. Hearing her husband’s words, Dong Yue immediately nodded and then quickly walked inside. Su De peered inside the kitchen before silently leaving too.

The breakfast was really sumptuous. After eating, General Su even rushed to clean up the table. In short, his parent-in-laws were really pleased with him. Dong Yue even teared up.

Back then, when she gave birth to Su Wan, the couple was being chased. It could be said that their daughter was born just an inch away from death. Therefore, Dong Yue adored this daughter of hers as a child.

Now that her daughter finally grew up and matured, and even found such a good man, Dong Yue thought that there was no regret in her life anymore...

After they ate breakfast, it was time for the hunters to gather in the village. Because Su Wan had come back, Su De didn’t go to the mountains. Su Chuan ended up singing folk songs early in the morning as he pulled his brother to go to the mountains with him eagerly.

They would only be staying in Su Family Village for a few more days. Thinking that they could enter Meite City and might even become summoners in the future, the young men within the village were all extremely excited.

Actually, they weren’t the only ones excited either.

There were some who had buried their dreams inside their hearts for a while. Because of this opportunity, hope rose in their hearts again.

Sporting Coach Zhang came to Su De Family’s courtyard early in the morning and hesitated, unsure whether he should enter or not.

“Zhang Zhi, why didn’t you come inside?”

Su De saw Sporting Coach Zhang pacing back and forth outside the courtyard and so he immediately called him inside.

“Brother De.”

Zhang Zhi nodded at Su De and said, “Are the third miss and the master up yet?”

“Hey, what third miss? My Xiao Wan and Su Zhan had woken up already. The two of them are inside talking to her mother. Zhang Zhi, are you here for Su Zhan?”

Su De had seen through Zhang Zhi’s mind. They all knew each other so he might as well cut straight to the chase.


Zhang Zhi revealed a nervous expression. “Brother De, I’m not part of the Su Family but I really want to become a summoner. Will master...give me a chance?”

“You have to work for a chance. As long as you have the mindset to try, you’ll get a good result.”

Su De smiled and patted Zhang Zhi’s shoulders. “Su Zhan is a good kid. Just talk to him and I think he’ll agree.”


Zhang Zhi received Su De’s encouragement and nodded. He was about to walk inside when the drapes were pulled aside. Su Rui appeared in front of the two with a smile. “Uncle De, Sporting Coach Zhang, I’ve heard your conversation. Sporting Coach Zhang, you’ve been in Su Family Village for a few years and since Uncle De trusts you, so can I. But once you enter our Su Family, you have to change your surname to Su and swear to be forever loyal to Su Family. Can you do all of this?”

“Yes, I can!”

Zhang Zhi nodded firmly after hearing Su Rui’s words. These years, he hadn’t gotten married because his focus was on cultivation. Plus, his family members either scattered or died. He was lonely by himself too. He really didn’t mind changing his surname to Su.


Seeing that he agreed right away, Su Rui nodded too. “Then go back and get ready. We’ll be entering the city together tomorrow.”

“Yes, thank you! Thank you Brother De!”

Zhang Zhi left happily. Su Rui was still standing by the door and then his deep gaze landed on Su De. “Uncle De, do you want to become a summoner?”


Su De froze before smiling and shaking his head. “I’m old. I’m not that ambitious nor do I hold much expectations anymore either. It’s pretty good being an ordinary person.”

There was no fighting or killing, no betrayal or scheming involved. He just wanted to be an ordinary person. Grow old, get sick, and die.

That was the life he looked forward to.

“Being an ordinary person is very good.”

Su Rui smiled at Su De before turning and entering the room.

No matter what Su De had experienced in the past, he had accepted his fate. It was hard to be optimistic in life.

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