Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 251 - Stop Fighting

He was carefree and straightforward.

Everything he did and say was full of concern and pampering towards Qian Duoduo, but it was more than that of a friend’s.

However, he looked at her with a clean and pure gaze like the clear water at the bottom of a lake. It was so clean and there wasn’t a sense of possessiveness.

Even so, Long Muchen didn’t want the woman he liked to owe anyone anything.

Even if it was his own nephew...

So, he passed the 50,000 banknotes to Long Yintian and siad, “Four, take these banknotes. This Prince will repay the debt that Duo’er owed.”

Long Yintian pushed Long Muchen’s hand away and shrugged his shoulders carelessly. “Fourteenth Uncle, it’s just a few ten thousands of silvers. Isn’t it the same whether you pay or I pay for it? As long as Duo’er is fine, we’re good. Why do you have to argue with me over this?”

Qian Duoduo watched as the two men held the banknotes in their hands and pushed it back and forth, like a hot potato. Her eyes were glued on the money!

Rich people are generous!

“Uh...stop fighting…” Qian Duoduo interrupted and took the banknotes from Fourteen and gave it to Long Yintian. “Four, Fourteenth is right. I really can’t have you pay back the money that I owed. I’m quite embarrassed…”

Long Yintian rolled his eyes and thought in his heart: you know how to be embarrassed?

However, her action made Long Yintian a bit upset.

This woman could use Fourteenth Uncle’s silvers without worry. With Fourteenth Uncle’s golden token, she was able to have an attitude and act the way she wanted to. However, when facing his assist, she seemed to be worrying badly about it.

Did she and Fourteenth Uncle confirm their relationship in private?

Now, she wanted to keep her distance from him badly? In case the Fourteenth Uncle feels bad?

He loved his Third Brother dearly, so he stopped his feelings for Zhu Sisi. Now that he grew up and found a woman that he wanted to love, she had become his respected Fourteenth Uncle’s beloved.

Although he prepared to silently transform his feelings into a casual type of protection, seeing how Qian Duoduo anxiously marked the boundary between them, there was a sense of bitterness in his heart.

Long Yintian awkwardly laughed and pushed the banknotes over. “Duo’er, I won’t accept the banknotes. If you really want to thank me, invite me out for a drink.”

“You really won’t accept it?” Qian Duoduo asked confusedly. Seeing that Long Yintian nodded his head persistently, she pursed her lips and seemed to be in a difficult situation.

“Since this is the case, I can’t force you. Next time, I’ll invite you to drink at Fourteen’s place. He has possession over many good wine given to him by the palace...I promise you that you’ll have a fun time drinking this!”

As she said this, Qian Duoduo casually placed the tens of thousands banknotes into her embroidered pouch in broad daylight.

Don’t mention how quick she was.

Long Yintian looked at Qian Duoduo and felt awkward.

“Fourteenth Uncle, I think that girl just took a few tens of thousands of silvers from me.”

Long Muchen was speechless. He shook his head and helplessly smiled. “This Prince is worse than you. Not only did that happen to me, the valuable good wine that I had been keeping for a decade or so had been taken by this girl to bribe you.”

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