Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 251 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (13)

The originally quiet and peaceful village immediately became noisy with Su Wan and Su Rui’s arrival.

Sporting Coach Zhang might not know who Su Zhan was but how could people in the Su Family Village not know that their master’s name was Su Zhan?

Hearing that Su Wan had stolen Su Zhan  back home, no, brought home, Su Family Village’s clan elder immediately came out to welcome them under his grandson’s support while trembling and holding onto the cane.

Su Rui had restrained his acute spirit when facing Su Family Village’s people. He treated each person gently and politely. Everyone was overwhelmed by his kindness. Speaking of, the main family would select a potential young man every three year from each branch. Each time, the people that came over all acted high and mighty.

In the villagers’ eyes, the young master and misses from the main family were definitely going to be aloof and mighty. However, Su Rui gave them the opposite impression. He was elegant and noble but he was easily approachable. Plus, Su Rui was handsome and one couldn’t resist his smile.

Today was originally supposed to be a huge harvest. With Su Wan and Su Rui’s arrival, the clan elder decided to host a bonfire feast in the village at the last moment. The wild boar that they hunted became the main course for the night.

The person in charge of decomposing the wild boar and roasting it was Su Qing.

Su Qing wasn’t much different from the young man in the original body’s memory within the last two years. Although he had been outside frequently and bathed in the sun and soaked in rain, Su Qing’s skin was much paler than his brother, Su Chuan’s. He appeared really skinny and weak, like a scholar when wearing hunter’s attire. But when he picked up his bow and arrow, pulling his sleeves up, one would notice the sharp glint in his eyes. His arms were really muscular and powerful too.

There were quite a few young men in Su Family Village. Su Qing was considered a well-known figure. He had many pursuers in the village but he was focused on training his archery, so he rejected everyone’s confessions.

As time passed, rarely any ladies came looking for him anymore.

Only Su Chuan knew what his brother had been thinking about. His brother… couldn’t let Sister Xiao Wan go.

“Brother, let me help you.”

It was unclear when Su Chuan appeared behind Su Qing’s back. As he said this, he took out his personal dagger.

There was a while before the feast would begin. The majority of the people surrounded Su Rui and Su Wan, inquiring them about Meite City and Su Family.

Su Rui didn’t mind everyone’s curiosity either. He answered all their questions.

The back of the kitchen was specially lonely and unfrequented compared to the liveliness at the front.

“Why aren’t you going over to watch the show?”

Su Qing looked at his brother. He knew that his brother looked forward to going to Meite City, and becoming a summoner.

But who didn’t?

A complicated glint flashed by Su Qing’s gaze before it became calm.

“There’s not much to see either. Isn’t he just the master from the main family? He, he just...has a better background than us.”

Su Chuan thought about it before replying to his brother clumsily.

“You, ah!”

Hearing his brother's words, Su Qing slightly shook his head. “Don’t talk nonsense. He...he is really strong.”

When Su Rui and Su Wan first walked in, Su Qing’s gaze was on Su Rui first.

From a hunter’s instinct, the man was incomparably dangerous.

Even tossing his status as a summoner away, he was a really strong fighter too. Su Qing could detect the strong malicious influence aura.  

Maybe only a man like him could let the arrogant Su Wan willingly lower her head?

Su Qing felt a bit bitter. He had worked really hard all these years. Even if he couldn’t become a summoner, he had been working hard in secret.

He just wanted to be closer to her, just a bit closer.

Unfortunately, after this meeting, Su Qing suddenly realized that there was too much distance between them. He could never catch up to her in this lifetime.

Was this fate?

Was this the irreversible fate between geniuses and wastrels?

“Brother, elder brother?”

Seeing that Su Qing had been holding the dagger motionlessly, Su Chuan couldn’t help but say, “Sister Xiao Wan said that she’s inviting everyone to her wedding in Meite City. Brother, are you going?”

“Why not?”

Su Qing snapped out of his trance and smiled faintly. “I have never been to Meite City before. This might be my only chance in this lifetime.”

Night in the mountain village was quiet and beautiful. Everyone was dancing and singing, eating and drinking by the confire. This was the liveliest night in Su Family Village this year.

“Is it good?”

Su Rui had one arm around Su Wan’s waist as his gaze landed on the wild boar meat on her plate. Even though Su Qing had said nothing to Su Wan, her plate of meat was clearly different from everyone else’s. General Su was really unhappy.

“You want?”

Su Wan turned and then stabbed a piece of meat, bringing it to Su Rui’s lips with a fork. “Here, be good. Open your mouth.”


Su Rui took a bite. It tasted, hmph, not so good either.

“If you like, I can cook a better version of this when we return home.”

Su Rui finished the meat and couldn’t help but murmur softly in Su Wan’s ears.

“Okay, I know you have great culinary skills. Chef Su, why are you being jealous today? He’s thinking about his sweetheart, not me.” Seeing the jealous gaze in her man’s eyes, Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh.

Su Qing loved Su Wan but she wasn’t the Su Wan he loved.

“The one he loves is the original one. He’s looking at you right now though.”

Su Rui tightened his grip and said in a gloomy tone.

He didn’t like the way Su Qing looked at Su Wan. Although he looked at her normally and indifferently, he could still sense the deep longing in his eyes.

One could tell how much a man loved a woman from his gaze.

Su Qing loved Su Wan really much. Su Rui could confirm this.

Plus, this Su Qing...

In short, the feeling he gave to Su Rui was completely different from the previous love rivals.

There was a type of love rival in this world who always acted indifferent but he was always there too.

Normally, they were the hardest type of people to deal with.

The entire night, Su Rui didn’t eat much. He was too busy claiming his possession over Su Wan. He’d have his arm around her waist from time to time, and then on her shoulders, afraid that people couldn’t tell they were a couple.

Though Su Wan felt helpless regarding General Su’s childish and insecure actions, she still thought that her man was quite cute~

Okay, you two are worthy of being a couple~

The bonfire banquet ended and everyone naturally went back home. Because Su Qin and Su Wan were neighbors, they went home together.

Before the banquet started, Su Rui had told the clan elder about the order made from the main family. Su Ya originally had also made an order but Su Rui intercepted the token. He wanted to personally tell the news to the village with Su Wan. Plus, he wanted to use the excuse that he was going to get married with Su Wan to bring the entire village to Meite City for the ceremony.

The bestial tide was approaching. Naturally, Su Family Village was in the mountain so they probably wouldn’t be spared. Even more, Su Family needed manpower right now. Although they had only interacted for a few hours, Su Rui could tell that the villagers were steadfast and honest. Su Family truly needed people of this kind of personality...

Su Wan’s house was on the east of the village. It was really worn-down but it was still a decent-sized stone house. Because there were a lot of people at home in the past, it had been divided into a few independent rooms. Now, though their daughters weren’t at home, Su De and his wife had cleaned up each room neatly.

“Master, the environment at home is very simple and crude. We didn’t prepare anything much either. Please don’t mind!”

Su De’s wife, Dong Yue, immediately made some tea for Su Rui after they returned home. She wore a really simple smile.

“We’re a family. You don’t need to be so polite. You’re my elder so just call me Su Zhan.”

Su Rui was really polite towards his parent-in-laws.

Speaking of, he had seen quite a few parent-in-laws after being with Su Wan for such a long time. Besides Su Jianjun and Li Meijuan, the bizarre couple, Su Rui was quite pleased with his parent-in-laws.

Su Rui smiled sincerely. When Dong Yue saw Su Rui’s smile, her expression became kinder as well. “Then I’ll call you Su Zhan. You and Xiao Wan must’ve worked hard the entire day. I’ll get a room fixed up for you. Rest soon!”

“You don’t need to go through so much trouble.”

Su Wan extended her hand and grabbed onto her mother’s hands. “He’s sleeping with me. You don’t need to specially fix up a room up for him.”

Dong Yue was speechless.


Seeing his wife stunned, Su De couldn’t help but cough and pull her to his arms. “We’re old so we can’t stay up late. Xiao Wan, if that’s the case, then take good care of Su Zhan. Your mother and I are returning to our room.”

“Mn, understood.”

Su Wan nodded. They watched as the couple left before the two returned to their rooms. Su Wan couldn’t help but glance at Su Rui standing by the stone table. “What?”

“Uh, the soundproof here is okay. Wife, let’s…”


Su Wan narrowed her eyes and looked dangerously at Su Rui. “I’m talking to you about something serious!”


Su Rui shot his wife a mischievous smile. “I can tell that your mother has no spiritual power. Although your father is also an ordinary person, he probably had some cultivation.”

“That means my father was most likely a summoner in the past. But it was unclear what happened for his cultivation to be disposed of?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but guess after hearing Su Rui’s words.

Su Wan was reassured with Su Rui’s perceptivity. Su Rui had never gotten anything wrong once.

“That’s right.”

Su Rui also nodded. It seemed like Su De had a story to tell.

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