Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 250 - Four's Reprimand

Qian Duoduo looked up at Long Muchen like a child who did something bad as she played with her fingers.

In her heart however, she cursed Long Yutian.

If it weren’t that he left with her banknotes, did she need to be chased after by all these people on the streets?

Her reputation was going to be ruined in his hands! Despicable!

She awkwardly tugged the corner of her lips and said with a soft voice, feeling embarrassed. “I didn’t cause any trouble. I was just setting up a business and it didn’t go so well...Therefore, I lost all my money...Those women are my clients and investors. I don’t have money to give to them, so they chased me through the streets. I had no choice but to hide at Fourteen’s place in the end…”

When Long Yintian heard this, he choked on tea and violently coughed for a moment. Then he walked to Qian Duoduo’s side and worriedly looked over her body, checking for injuries.

Seeing that she was safe and sound and that nothing happened, he sighed.

Yet, he held a straight face and reprimanded, “Duo’er, why can’t you stay out of trouble? The women outside look fierce and it seems like they’re going to swallow you alive. If you weren’t hiding at Fourteenth Uncle’s place, you probably would’ve been chopped into pieces by them… So, if you want to do something in the future or need silvers, come find me if Third Brother doesn’t give you it. Ok? Never ask strangers to invest or anything, ok? There is never a moment of silence with you.”

Although he was reprimanding her, one could tell that he was worried for her and felt bad about her current situation.

Long Muchen just remembered the group of people demanding their payment, so he ordered towards Han Tie, “Han Tie, go to the accounting office and obtain 50,000 banknotes. Divide it amongst the women outside and have them leave. Also, regarding the dates and stuff, don’t let them mention it in the future.”

Han Tie nodded and turned around, running to the accounting office.

Long Yintian was overly worried for Qian Duoduo that he forgot about the silvers. When he heard Long Muchen mention it, he recalled that he already paid the women, but didn’t have time to say it. Han Tie ran back quickly and prepared to divide the silvers amongst the women who were making a fuss.

He immediately ran over and stopped Han Tie.

“Fourteenth Uncle, I already paid the women the silvers that Duo’er owed. Those women probably left after getting their share. Han Tie doesn’t need to go out.”

“You paid for me? You didn’t even ask clearly. Aren’t you afraid of being deceived?” Qian Duoduo widened her mouth.

If she calculated everything correctly, she got at least a few ten thousand banknotes from them. Four didn’t even ask and paid them back in one go?

Although to them, the money was nothing, Qian Duoduo couldn’t explain how it felt in her heart.

“Right. When I heard this had to do with you, I didn’t bother learning about the full situation. Do you want me to watch those women gather around the streets and talk about you instead?”

Long Yintian said it casually as if protecting Qian Duoduo was a habit of his.

Long Muchen was stunned and he silently observed Four.

Long Yintian had the simplest mind of the Princes and he didn’t have any desires or such.

He was carefree and straightforward.

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