Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 250 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (12)

Under the sunset, the sunshine had dyed the Su Family Village into a splendid red color. Everyone in the village was busy. The hunters had gotten a great harvest today. They actually hunted two extremely big wild boars.

The two adult wild boars were enough for each family in the village to receive a fair amount of meat. The rest of the bones and fur could be exchanged for silver and gold on towns not far from them.

While the adults were busy and chattering, the children in the village were gathered by the sporting coach and they were training.

These eight or nine years old children were the hope of the Su Family Village. The main Su Family rewarded the village greatly because of Su Wan. The remaining money rewarded and supplies for cultivation were used on the children.

The sporting coach of the Su Family Village’s surname was Zhang. He was the only one whose surname wasn’t Su. He was also one of the few people who activated his spiritual power successfully. Although he had been the lowest grade nine summoner for half his life, this didn’t get in the way of his hopes of becoming powerful. Rightnow, he was focused on teaching the children how to meditate and lead the spiritual power into their bodies. This was a crucial step. Those with talent basically entered meditation states easily. That meant that it was really likely that they’d lead the spiritual influence into their bodies successfully. The moment they did it for the first time, then they’d definitely be able to activate their spiritual power in the future and become a summoner.

By the time Su Rui and Su Wan gradually walked into Su Family Village, they saw this noisy but peaceful scene.

“Hey, who are you guys?”

While the group of children were meditating, a playful boy secretly opened his eyes. Who knew that the moment he did, he saw the couple walking here under the sunshine.

Su Che just turned seven this year so he naturally had no memory of Su Wan. But he thought that the brother and sister in front of him were really handsome and beautiful. Plus, the robes they were wearing looked really familiar like the outstanding summoners’ robes Sporting Coach Zhang showed them in the books.

Right now, paired with Su Che’s crisp shout, the surrounding children also opened their eyes curiously.

Sporting Coach Zhang also opened his eyes from meditation. He turned to see Su Wan and Su Rui. Su Wan was wearing a cyan and silver patterned chang paos which symbolized medium summoners.

Sporting Coach Zhang used to work hard to achieve this goal.

As for Su Rui, he wore a silver-white brilliant golden-patterned robe which symbolized advanced summoners. This was the first time Sporting Coach Zhang had seen an advanced summoner that close up. Even more, the other party was still so handsome and young!

Who...which family was he from? Or maybe… a genius from the royal family summoners’ academy?

For a moment, Sporting Coach Zhang froze in place, not sure what to do.

In the group of children, there was a young girl who widened her eyes. She looked at Su Rui first and then at Su Wan. Then her gaze suddenly brightened. “Sister Xiao Wan! Sister Xiao Wan, you’re back, right?”


Su Wan shot the little girl a smile. “Su Mei, I haven’t seen you in two years and you’ve grown quite a bit!”

Su Mei was Er’chuan’s sister. Er’chuan’s real name was naturally Su Chuan and he was the second oldest in the family. Therefore, everyone was used to calling him Er’chuan.

The siblings relied on each other for survival. They lived next door to Su Wan which was why they knew her really well.

“Third Miss Su?”

Right now, Sporting Coach Zhang had snapped out of his trance as well. He stared at Su Wan frozen. She had changed a lot. People say that a young woman was really different from the little girl she once was. That was correct.

“Sporting Coach Zhang, long time no see.”

Su Wan also smiled at Sporting Coach Zhang. Then her gaze landed on the village. “It seems to be really bustling today.”

“Sister Xiao Wan, my second brother and the others had hunted two really big wild boars. Let my elder brother make some stewed meat for you tonight, okay? Don’t you like his stewed meat the most?”


Su Wan froze before suddenly recalling that Su Mei and Su Chuan’s elder brother was Su Qing. Cough. Su Qing was the original body, Su Wan’s, um...first love?

Of course, strictly speaking, the two were just childhood sweethearts? Su De had three daughters while Su Qing had only his siblings. Because his parents died early on, he started taking care of his siblings at a really young age. Su De and his wife had kind hearts and the two were neighbors so they frequently ate together. They were even together during holidays and New Years. The children naturally had a great relationship. Su Wan’s eldest and second sister were a few years older than her. They had married early on. When Su Wan was young, she frequently played with Su Qing. At that time, the two were considered geniuses of the village. Everyone thought that they could become summoners together and leave the village to go to Meite City. Unfortunately, Su Wan did activate her spiritual power successfully later on but Su Qing failed. Then, he entered the hunting team in the village and became Su Family Village’s youngest and most strong hunter.

Since Su Wan had summoned the spiritual sword, the two had walked on two entirely different paths. Even though the two had some sort of favorable impression on each other, they hadn’t stated it clearly. Ever since, the two were both so busy that they just had no contact with each other.

The original body, Su Wan, was an arrogant girl in the first place. When she left the Su Family Village and went to Su Residence, she was ambitious. She never thought that she’d return to this quiet and remote mountain village.

She thought that she was born a phoenix and shouldn’t be stuck in this poor village. Rather, she should be able to soar high in the sky. As for Su Qing, and even the people in the village, were just old friends that weren’t worth mentioning.

Thinking of this, Su Wan couldn’t help but sigh inside. She subconsciously replied, “I haven’t eaten food you cooked in a long time.”


Su Rui who had been ignored by everyone couldn’t help but cough. He reached over and held onto Su Wan’s shoulders. “Wife, what? We’re going back to your maiden home and you’re not going to introduce me to them?”

“Third miss, this is…”

Sporting Coach Zhang had seen Su Rui a long time ago. Who couldn’t see such an obvious advanced summoner? However, there was too much disparity between their statuses. He didn’t dare to hastily talk to Su Rui.

“I’m Su Zhan.”

Hearing that Sporting Coach Zhang finally asked about his identity, Su Rui shot him a smile. “I’m Su Wan’s man.”

Su Rui emphasized the last part. Damn. There’s actually a hidden love rival within this remote valley. General Su was really upset. So what if he could cook?

General Su wanted to exclaim that he already had full marks in cultivation.

As expected, as a good husband in the new era, one needed to know how to cook in order to win their love rivals.



The children who just heard Su Rui’s words started jeering about. Sporting Coach Zhang was flabbergasted.

This… Third miss got married outside? And even an advanced summoner?

While Sporting Coach Zhang was in a daze, Su Rui had summoned an exquisite-looking small box. That’s right. This was also a type of magical weapon. In General Su’s hands however, because it was too weak, it had become a box to wrap gifts.

It was convenient for summoners. They could get whatever they wanted.

“Ah, I brought you guys gifts.”

Su Rui smiled and opened the small box, revealing all sorts of sweet candies and magical beasts’ bak kwa with spiritual influence. This was definitely a luxurious gift that one could receive from a guest visiting within Meite City.

“Here, call me brother-in-law and I’ll give it to you guys.” Su Rui shot the group of children with a charming smile.

Forgive this group of angels for never seeing such a charming smile. They were all bribed by General Su just like that.

“Hello brother-in-law!”

They exclaimed in unison. The loud greeting made Su Rui’s smile deepen. Right now, the busy adults in the village finally detected a strange situation going on by the front of the village.

“Sporting Coach Zhang, what happened?”

The person closest to the front of the village thought something had happened. They rushed over. Who knew that he got to listen to the children responding excitedly, “Sister Su Wan had come back with our brother-in-law!”

Su Rui: good children. All brats used to be angels in the past~

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