Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 25 - Zhao Han Husband and Husband, Money Making Plan


“Look look, it's him. A grown man who gave birth to children, how shameful…”

“Exactly! Claims he’s not a monster but no one believes him.”

“Isn’t he suppose to be stupid? Looking at him now, it doesn’t seem like that ah.”

“Aiya, you probably don’t know. I heard that a few days ago he became clear headed again, even beat up Da Wa’s family. Da Wa’s dad is currently still laying on a bed ne.”

“Really ah? Then what did Li Zheng say?”

“What could he say? He threatened to go tell the county official, Li Zheng and the clan head don’t want to lose their face to the county seat ah…”

When there were more people at a place, there would be more quarrels. Passing through the village previously, those people would only point and gossip quietly. Now they suddenly gossiped loudly, as if they were afraid that he couldn’t hear. If it was the Ling Jingxuan from before, perhaps he would be so ashamed he'd run back home. As for the current Ling Jingxuan, looking at his unusual appearance, you could tell that he treated all those humiliation and ridicules as rubbish.

“Big brother, don’t listen to their nonsense. You’re not a monster.”

Putting down the handrail of the cart, Ling Jingpeng spoke with worry. He was extremely nervous that his big brother would withdraw back into his shell.

“Hehe... It would be fine if I was really a monster. Then tonight I could change into a real monster and go house to house to visit them.”

Deliberately raising his voice to penetrate the crowd, an evil and bloodthirsty smile crawled up Ling Jingxuan’s slim and elegant face. His eyes swept over that crowd of dubious women. The surrounding comments cleanly vanished and the previously energetic village women as a group fell back quite a bit, as if they were really afraid he would find them at night.

Upon seeing this, Ling Jingxuan induced a very ridiculing sneer. He turned around to face Zhao Han, those two people, “You are Brother Zhao and Brother Han ba. Xiao Wen and them were fortunate to have your care these years.”

He had previously heard that Zhao Han, these two people treated Xiao Wen and them very well. As long as Tie Wazi had something to eat, they would share some to the little buns. Although it wasn’t anything expensive, Ling Jingxuan would remember these feelings.

“What do you mean, we didn’t really do anything. There’s no need for you to be this polite. Besides, I really do like Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu. These two children are sensible and frequently help us look after Tie Wazi.”

The petite and exquisite Han Fei had a very straightforward temperament. While speaking he didn't forget to rub the heads of the two buns. His eyes revealed a fondness that wasn’t the least bit fake. Perhaps he experienced something similar ba. He never looked down or despised Ling Jingxuan, and compared to others, could understand his inner hardships.

“Hehe.. enough ah, then I won’t speak about it. Brother Han, when will your ox cart leave?”

It was fine to just leave some things inside his heart. Ling Jingxuan decisively switched topics. In the future if there was an opportunity, he would repay them.

“You can also see it, there's not a single person. Currently it is the busy farming season, not many people will go to the market. Reckon that we can’t go today.”

An efficient person, if encountered with this kind of situation would also still take a beating. Han Fei covered his frustration. Zhao Dalong hugged his shoulders on the side and silently comforted him. Han Fei lifted his head to give him a gentle smile. The two people faced each other and a faint emotion swept over.

Perhaps for their entire life farmers would not talk about love, but the mutual affection between this couple nevertheless was undisguised. Ling Jingxuan felt this as he watched the scene before him. This kind of small but consistent tender hearted feelings was countless times more precious than those strong and fiery types of affection.

“How about this ba. Brother Zhao, Brother Han, I'm preparing to go to the small town to sell some fish, I’ll cover the cost for your ox cart ba.”

If possible, he didn’t want to break apart their gazes at each other, but it wasn’t early anymore. He only put a little bit of the Crescent Moon Spring water with today’s fish, the rest is ordinary water. It’d be a disaster if they died.

“Ah? What do you mean ‘cover the cost’. In any case, there's no business for us today, we can just send you to the county town. Come ba, move the fish onboard.”

Returning to themselves, Han Fei finally took notice of the few big wooden buckets on the handcart. Without saying anything else he rolled up his sleeves preparing to help move the fish. Ling Jingxuan hurried to respond, “How is that ok? Money must be given to you, or else I can’t sit in your cart.”

Pressing on his hand, Ling Jingxuan’s eyes held undisguised stubbornness.

“Ok ok ok, I can’t make you change your mind. Then let’s wait until you sell the fish to pay me ba. Dalong come help move ah.”

Han Fei was helpless and could only accept. He didn’t forget to call out to the silent Zhao Dalong to help lift the heavy wooden buckets.

“Daddy, we will also help.”

Sitting on top of the ox cart, the three buns upon seeing this swiftly got off. The four adults mutually all smiled, “You guys sitting over there and not moving is already considered helping a lot.”

“What, daddy is the most annoying.”

Having heard what was said, Ling Wu’s little face wrinkled and his little lips pouted. It amused the few adults into laughing out loud, those peculiar eyes were completely ignored by them.

“Where did you guys go to catch fish ah, caught so many?”

Four buckets of fish were quickly moved. Seeing the bucket had big and fat fish, Han Fei curiously asked. When the villagers weren’t farming they would all go catch fish to sell. For generations, the fish in the river were practically gone and were also very small. Very rarely did they see such big and fat fish.

“Hehe… I discovered a place at Yuehua ravine with lots of fish, but I’ve already almost caught them all after fishing there for a few days. In the future I'm planning on digging out my own fish pond to raise some, just not sure where to buy newly hatched fish.”

Climbing onto the oxcart to sit, Ling Jingxuan spoke without thinking it through. The Zhao family’s ox cart was considered big. It held 4 wooden buckets of fish, as well as a few adults and children, even if it was a little tight.

“You shouldn’t do it. In the past there weren’t any village people who didn't raise their own fish, but in the end they all died. It’s better if you don’t waste your time and energy on it.”

Having heard what was said, Han Fei, who sat by Zhao Dalong’s side carrying Tie Wazi, turned his head around and frowned then spoke. His pale face couldn’t hide his worry. Ling Jingpeng, who was carrying Ling Wen on the other side, also agreed. “Big brother, why do you still think of raising fish ne. A few years ago a landlord from the neighboring village also wanted to raise fish, but the newly hatched fish had only been there for a few days before they all died. It would be better to just buy a few extra fields with the extra money.”

When Ling Jingxuan mentioned it yesterday, he thought it was just to raise for himself to eat and sell the extras. Having heard what was just said, it seemed that he wanted to go all out on it.  Ling Jingpeng’s young and tender face showed clear disapproval.

“Hehe.. don’t worry you guys, I have a medical prescription that can be used to raise fish. It can guarantee that it can make the fish both big and plump. In addition, eating the medical fish can help strengthen your body.”

By comparison, Ling Jingxuan did not mind at all. Thinking about it, with the Crescent Moon Spring in hand, what could he not raise?

“Really daddy!?”

Since sitting down on the ox cart tightly clutching onto two jars of jam, the Big bun lifted his head with surprise. His excitement was not masked. It had only been a few short days, but he already tasted the sweet taste of selling fish and couldn’t wait for fish to be sold everyday.

Han Fei and Ling Jingpeng both had doubtful faces, even Zhao Daolong who was driving the ox cart turned around to look at him. The only ones who did not react were the Little bun and Tie Wazi who were muttering together.

“Of course it's real, therefore we must work hard to make money. Then afterwards we’ll hire someone to come and dig those two wastelands into ponds, buy some more newly hatched fish, then in the future we’ll have fish to always sell.”

His line of sight swept over each and everyone of them before finally stopping on Big bun’s face. Ling Jingxuan pamperingly rubbed his head. This way his son would be more encouraged ba?

Ah? Have to spend money again ah!”

As soon as he heard money needed to be spent to hire someone, Big bun instantly wrinkled his eyebrows. Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but break out into laughter. It was two fields of fish ne, he couldn’t dig out all of it by himself ba?

“If you can really raise them, hiring someone to dig out a pool isn’t much. Xiao Wen, you can’t save this money.”

Han Fei was clear about Big bun’s stingy nature. His tone was the cautiousness of an older generation talking to the younger. Ling Wen's little face was red. He lowered his head and stammered, “I.. I know…”

Doesn’t his heart ache over money? It wasn’t like he said wouldn’t give it.


Seeing this, Ling Jingxuan and them couldn't help but laugh. Ling Wen was stingy, but wasn’t it still amusing?

The few people on the road talked and laughed. Little bun was also extremely happy and lively, from time to time would say something funny. Halfway through the journey, Ling Jingxuan suddenly saw wasteland everywhere. It was practically barren. Using the words of the countryside, this was undoubtedly extremely wasteful. What was the most important thing to farmers? Of course its land, but currently this wide area was wasted away by the river. Most likely there were quite a few people distressed over it ba.

“What a pity, it would be great if those lands could be planted with some things.”

Detecting his line of sight, Ling Jingpeng felt pity and spoke. There were many people in the village who did not have land to plant, especially the foreign households. Some people had 1-2 fields, after handing over taxes they didn’t have any rations left. especially these past few years. The wasteland around the Ling River Basin had already been cultivated. There were some people who bought a residence to come cultivate this land, but half of the things planted had no way to survive. For instance, Ling Jingxuan’s two fields was his home, otherwise the family of three would not have a good meal.


Smiling and sweeping his gaze over him, Ling Jingxuan suddenly said, “Brother Zhao, could we stop for a moment, I want to take a look over there.”

After saying this, he didn’t even wait for the ox cart to stop and directly got off.


“Xiao Wen you guys stay in the cart, I’m going to take a look.”

Upon seeing this, the two buns were prepared to hop off but Ling Jingpeng and Han Fei hurried to grab a bun. After waiting for the cart to stop, they ordered the children then the three adults chased after him.

“Sure enough it's half salt land.”

Ignoring the three people who were hesitating to say anything, Ling Jingxuan crouched down to dig up some loose soil and put it in his mouth. From early on he already had an understanding of the environment around Lingjia village from the original owner’s memories. He guessed that this wasteland was because of saltwater intrusion, forming it into a half salt land. He didn’t realize that it would actually be like this. No wonder no matter what the villagers planned, nothing would survive. It would be strange if crops could grow on salted land.

“I remember around the 10th month the seawater would recede ba? Is the water level high? How long does it last?”

Turning his head around to meet them, Ling Jingxuan asked seriously. A certain large scale project to get rich was forming in his heart, but… the money to get started was not small ah!

Ling Jingpeng and Han Fei were both not too clear on this topic. The two both turned towards Zhao Dalong, as a result, Ling Jingxuan’s gaze also directed towards him.

“En. In the middle of the 10 month the water would recede. The water is not high, probably about a foot all around, it lasts about 1-2 months before returning.

Meeting the three people's expectating gazes, the dark and tall Zhao Dalong was a bit shy, but his words were spoken very clearly.

“Then that should be correct. Lets go, lets go. To the market.”

“Hearing this, Ling Jignxuan’s smile carried a lot of excitement. Currently it was the 6th month. There were only four more months till the 10th month, but in order to execute his plan, he needed to save at least a thousand silvers within these three months. Although it was difficult, with effort one could achieve anything, isn't that right? Haha.. this time it would be big riches!

“Brother, what exactly are you saying?”

The faces of the three people were stupefied by him. He was muttering things that no one understood, what was he excited about? Is it possible that he could plant stuff on that wasteland?

They couldn’t avoid thinking of this, even though they basically didn’t believe it.

“Nothing really. Saying anything about it currently will just be all prattle. Wait for when the time is ripe and I’ll tell you more details.”

Turning his head and blinking mysteriously, Ling Jingxuan rarely revealed a mischievous expression. The three people one after another glanced at him. It really seems that Monk Zhanger could not understand (1). Seeing his slim back, they became more suspicious and curious.

“Daddy what are you looking at?”

The ox cart started up again. Little bun threw aside Tie Wazi and crawled onto his lap to ask curiously. Having heard him, Big bun on the side also turned his head around. Ling Jingxuan lovingly pinched his nose. His lips hooked into a mysterious smile and said, “Of course it's looking at money ah.”

“Daddy is tricking people. Where is the money in this wasteland?”

Little bun pouted and unrestrainedly ridiculed him. Big bun also threw him a disdainful look. Ling Jingpeng and the other adults secretly listened closely. Don’t know why, but they felt that Ling Jignxuan’s words had a very hidden meaning. But just based on what they saw, they were unable to fully grasp it.

“Hehe… why would I trick you? If you guys don’t believe then just wait ba. Daddy will one day turn that piece of wasteland into a gold and silver mountain. “

If he spoke too much about certain things, people would think he has a mental disorder. Just wait for him to really implement it one day, then they would know.

“Dad, you’re not thinking about buying that land right?”

Little bun was still confused, on the other hand Big bun was sensitive, his face guarded against him. Heavens knows that at the moment, his most feared thing was his daddy saying something about making big money, because everytime he indulged in his fantasy, the money would be spent like running water. For example, buying those jars and digging out a pond for fish etc..

Hai... Xiao Wen ah, is there anyone who only thinks of making money and not spending? To have a business, one first requires the capital for it. Stop stop stop...don’t get angry just yet. Daddy promised you that I definitely won’t touch your money ok?”

Words were only spoken halfway but he looked like was about to argue. Ling Jingxuan hurried to surrender his hands, he really was scared of him.

“My money, your money, isn’t it all our family’s money? Dad ah, I’m not trying to scold you but money shouldn’t be spent like this…”

De, here we go again. Big bun prattled away. Ling Jingxuan only felt his forehead throbbing with pain, itching to just seal his mouth. Ling Jingpeng Han Fei and them smiled from seeing this. This child, everything about him was good. Only the moment money was mentioned he would immediately turn hostile. It really was a headache don’t you think so?


  1. Monk Zhanger cannot understand: means that someone cannot touch the mind of someone higher than them. For further analysis click here

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