Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 25: The Puppet's Tale (12) Part 1

The Emperor teased the baby for a while and then brought Rong Yi to the Imperial Study.

The Empress was overly fond of this grandson.

When she looked at Ah Jin's face, which was a little thin from childbirth, her heart was also very distressed.

So she let Ah Jin stayed for a few more days before returning to the Marquis.

If San Qi knew that the Empress was thinking this, certainly he would not know how to roast her again.

Ah Jin had been eating and sleeping well.

Her face had become a circle of fat.

How did she lose weight?

In the end, it was the parents' heart that was at work.

But this stay lasted half a month.

The Marquis sent people to ask several times but were sent away by the Empress because she loved her grandson.

Not until Rong Yi personally came, the Empress only then reluctantly let the people go.

From then on, the Empress had opened the door to a new world, where she declared every ten days and half a month that Ah Jin had to bring her good grandson to the Palace.

Madam Marquis watched Ah Jin's frequent visits to the Palace.

A sense of crisis arose in her heart.

It was her own first grandson.

How should they get separated in the future if he got so close with the Empress?

So at the Rites of Zhou (in Confucianism), Madam Marquis asked Ah Jin.

"Anping, you are busy with affairs now. I have discussed with the Marquis, we would like to take Xiao Shu to have him raised by my side first. When he is older and does not need to be taken care of day by day, we would send him back to your side. Would that be good for you?"

Ah Jin looked at Madam Marquis's expectant gaze.

A thought came to her mind.

It must be because of the frequent visits to the Palace these days, these two old people had become uneasy.

They were afraid of being robbed of their first grandson by the Empress.

Ah Jin refused, "Thank you for your concern, Madam Marquis. Although I am busy with my affairs, my maids are competent. There is no need for me to work too much. Xiao Shu is still a baby and does not need to bother about anything."

Madam Marquis didn't insist when she saw that Ah Jin disagreed. It was useless even if she wanted to press because she was a Princess, a Big Buddha.

Ah Jin was not in a hurry.

She did not feel that the matter was over and that the trouble was still to come.

As the year passed, the child could run and follow Ah Jin every day, calling out "mother, mother," precisely like another little follower like Rong Yi.

Rong Yi had to teach the little follower every day.

"You have grown up. You can no longer sleep with your mother. You are a man. You have to learn to sleep by yourself."

Rong Shu's small white face also did not show weakness.

"Daddy is also a man. Daddy can sleep with mother. I also want to sleep with mother!"

Rong Yi looked at the little villain in front of him.

His face was white-red, he had big eyes, his lips were red, his teeth were white, and he had a little braid on his head.

His face resembled Ah Jin's, but his personality was not at all pleasing.

Every day he was stuck with Ah Jin and refused to let go at night.

Rong Yi's teeth were gnashed with anger.

This was not a son.

This was his own love rival, right?

Rong Yi looked at him smugly and said, "Ah Jin is my wife. I can naturally sleep with my wife. You can't sleep with your mother all the time. You can go find your own wife to sleep with you."

Rong Shu did not understand what it meant, but he knew that his father would not let him sleep with his mother and told him to find someone else to sleep with.

Rong Shu felt very aggrieved and heartbroken.

The corners of his mouth pursed, and tears fell down.

He turned around and cried and went to find his mother.

Rong Yi only felt that it would be a disaster.

Ah Jin was never on his side.

He hurriedly ran to the study room to hide.

He really lifted a stone to smash his own feet.

On the other hand, Rong Shu was crying and complaining to his mother.

"Mother, what is a wife? Father said I can't sleep with my mother, but only with my own wife. I don't want a wife. I just want my mother. Wooooooooo."

Ah Jin dried his tears.

"Don't listen to your father's nonsense. You are still young and can't have a wife until you grow up. Mother will fix him later, don't cry."

Rong Shu was so happy now, he could sleep with his mother again.

Before Ah Jin could settle the score with Rong Yi, a maid delivered the message that Madam Marquis asked for her.

Ah Jin's heart was clear.

Is she finally getting there?

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