Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 25

"Father, we'll take our leave now."

"Yes. Take care of your health. I'll leave your mother under your watch. She's pretty careless, you know."

"Fufufu. Understood."

Rachel was saying her farewell to her father before departure in front of the carriage. Paul stood behind her father, squinting his eyes gently at their interactions.

Rachel's father hugged her tight, then he bent down a little and looked at her. He then lost in thought, muttering. "Uhm, as I thought… hmm."

As Rachel reflexively tilted her head, her mother, who was checking their luggage, returned to them.

"Rachel, we're ready. Let's go."


"I'm lonely that I won't be able to meet both of you for a while. After all, I'll go with…"

"Dear, you have a job, remember?"

Rachel's mother approached Rachel's father, who didn't release his hug and peeled Rachel off from her father.

Then, she said her farewell with a smile and swiftly got into the carriage with the coachman's help.

Rachel's father dropped her shoulders in shock, stunned.

"Ah… Then I will write a letter once we arrive, Father."

"Yeah. I'm looking forward to it."

Still depressed, Rachel's father helped Rachel to get on the carriage. She sat next to her mother. Black, who had already boarded the carriage, jumped on her lap and curled up.

After the carriage door was closed, Rachel muttered to herself. "... We're leaving."

And the carriage began to move slowly. From the window, Rachel watched how the familiar Marquis' residence gradually disappeared.

To be honest, she was still worried. Even though she was going to her family's territory, she last went there when she was ten years old. Moreover, she remembered complaining that she wanted to return to the royal capital as soon as possible without going outside during her short stay.

Therefore, Rachel had only glanced at the sea from the carriage. Naturally, she had never been to the town before.

But contrary to her worries, Rachel was also excited. She looked forward to what she would see, what she would know, and what she would learn. Rachel didn't know what kind of experience awaited her, but her chest was throbbing with the expectation of taking a step into a new place.

And Sarah was accompanying her. Together with Samuel, who ultimately had become her cook.

Besides, Louis lent her one escort from the Knights' Order. He was a member of the Third Squad. Born as a commoner, but skilled and earnest. Rachel felt apologetic that he had to leave the Knights' Order to become her escort. After all, he wouldn't be able to make outstanding achievements by guarding a noble lady.

However, the escort told her, "I will do my best in my job, no matter what it is." He didn't seem bothered as well.

By the way, the escort was the knight with dark blue hair who was taking the same carriage with Louis and Rachel before. His name is Roger. He was a quiet man who was very polite and wouldn't talk nonsense.

Currently, he was riding a horse next to the carriage. Rachel peeked to her from the window. Roger looked straight ahead, not showing a hint of inattention.

There, a soft voice said to her, "Miss Rachel. I hope it will be a fun trip."

Yes, Rachel had another companion. The voice came from the person sitting across her——Theodore.

Theodore decided to go to her family's territory with her. Apparently, he was busy with making some adjustments to his schedules until departure, so he only informed Rachel yesterday that he would accompany her.

According to Theodore, it would be better for him to stay with Black to investigate the spirit of darkness.

He took the same carriage as her because he told her parents, "I'm pretty strong. Going together will be safer." That was enough to convince them.

Rachel wondered what would happen to his job now that he was leaving the Magic Division for a while. It turns out Theodore had obtained the permission to investigate the spirit of darkness in secret. All the public knew was he went to do secret work from the prince.

And as usual, Black mewled cutely to Theodore, complaining about something. On the other hand, Theodore also stroked Black's hair and said, "Hahaha. I understand. Let's play a lot later."

(Hmm? Can they communicate with each other? How?)

After all, Rachel couldn't make light of Theodore.

On the fifth day of departure from the royal capital, they finally entered Marquis Marcel's territory.

Normally, the journey would take three days since they went by carriage. Even so, they took a lot of breaks this time in consideration of Rachel's physical condition. That's why the travel schedule was extended.

"Rachel, we can finally see the sea. We'll arrive at the lord's residence soon."

"Yes, Mother. I'm looking forward to it. And the sea is beautiful. It's glittering."

"I know, right? You should be able to see the sea clearer in the mansion. It'll be nice if we can go to the beach next time."


Rachel smiled at her mother. She completely didn't expect that the sea was so beautiful.

The waves of the sea were lit by the sun, sparkling brightly. She could also see seabirds flying high in the sky, following the wind.

Ahh, she wanted to go to the beach soon.

Black meowed, looking at the window with interest. When Rachel stroked the fur on his back, he was obedient, quieter than usual.

Black probably also liked this place.

"Oh, the sea? Then we can eat all-you-can-eat seafood!"

Theodore didn't change at all. He looked as easy going as usual, not a shadow of tiredness on his face could be seen. He muttered, "But I can't remove clams. Ah, that cook said he could make strange dishes, didn't he?"

He didn't seem to care about other people's mellow feelings.

During this trip, when they arrived at the lodging, Theodore would suddenly disappear and return without anyone knowing where he went. That happened many times.

However, Rachel tends to overthink a lot. For her, Theodore's atmosphere helped her relax a lot.

In any case, her new chapter of life would begin today. For the time being, let's go to the town after resting for a few days at the mansion!

Rachel renewed her feelings and looked at the scenery from the window.

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