I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 25 (Part 2)

The Evergreen Class received the news about the rearrangement as well. They heard that it involved the International Class’ Zhao Mingxi and the Gold Medal Class’ Dan Qi.

The moment they heard this news, Ye Bing left the class to participate in the rearrangement too.

After the strict Ye Bing had left, the discussion in the Evergreen Class increased in volume.

“I was wondering why Zhao Mingxi had gotten such high marks. Turns out there was a miscalculation.”

Li Haiyang couldn’t help but to stand up for Zhao Mingxi. “Didn’t you hear that it was just because one blank space in a Biology question had been asked wrongly? That only amounts to 3 marks. Even if they deduct those 3 marks, she would still have 697 marks, and that itself is impressive.”

“But if that happens, her ranking will drop— She might be,” That person raised his head and said, “She might be ranked below Zhao Yuan at 22nd place.”

The blood in Zhao Yuan’s veins rushed to her head. The buzzing in her mind had finally reduced albeit just a little. She forced herself to calculate the outcome if Zhao Mingxi really lost those 3 marks.

If a deduction is made, then she will be in 19th place while Zhao Mingxi will be in 22nd place.

Pu Shuang made a quick mental calculation as well. She swallowed the lump in her throat and said, “Who would’ve known that Zhao Mingxi would do so well this time?  Could it be purely coincidental? Did Shen Liyao point out the important areas for her? But if they are to rearrange the rankings, she will be right below you. Then—”

Pu Shuang wanted to say that ‘it is at least better than having her defeat you’, but when she saw the look on Zhao Yuan’s face, she could not muster up the courage to finish her sentence.

The few minutes of waiting was absolutely torturous for the three classes.


Zhao Yuan kept on staring at the screen. Around five minutes later, Ye Bing returned.

Ye Bing refreshed the page.

Due to what happened just now, everyone subconsciously looked for Zhao Mingxi and Dan Qi’s names. They all wanted to see the change in their rankings.

Then, they saw—

Zhao Mingxi actually moved up??? Marks were added instead of deducted?

She moved up to the 17th place?!

As compared to the noise they made just now, the current Evergreen Class fell into pure silence.


Ye Bing explained coldly, “There were two answers for a question in the Biology paper, but the other one belongs to the syllabus of a university student. As it was not in the scope of our syllabus, we marked it wrongly at first glance. Now everything has been fixed, and only two students used the other answer. ”

“Let me remind you all once more. Those who plan to join the Tournament, you ought to try your best to expand the range of your knowledge.”

Zhao Yuan’s blood was as if it had been frozen over. She watched as Zhao Mingxi went up to the 17th place due to the addition of those 3 marks.

As for Dan Qi who was ranked behind her, her ranking had also gone up because of those 3 marks.

She suddenly fell to the 21st place!!!?

Due to the fact that this time Zhao Yuan’s ranking had been affected as well, everyone subconsciously took a glance at Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan tried her best to maintain a calm facade, but how was she to truly calm down? Her mind was blank.

Why is this happening?

Zhao Mingxi’s results used to be so bad.

How could she have defeated her in just one month? Did she sign up for tuition classes? But who was teaching her to the point where she would surpass her so quickly?

Zhao Yuan started to pant. She was afraid that others could see her flustered expression, so she had no choice but to lower her head.

E Xiaoxia looked at Zhao Yuan and said in an enigmatic tone, “Looks like Zhao Mingxi isn’t that bad after all.”


In contrast to the Evergreen Class’ somberness, the International Class fell into an uproar again.

“I am so happy! 17th place, 17th place, I taught someone in 17th place! What does this mean? This means that the International Class will only be better from this point onwards!”

Mr. Lu walked over in big strides. His face was flushed red in excitement and the rims of his eyes were actually damp. He rushed over and was about to pull Mingxi up.

Fu Yangxi stopped him in time. He chided, “Mr. Lu, please be a good example to your students and calm down.”

The followers in the International Class were all looking at Zhao Mingxi in admiration— Now they knew why Xi ge had rejected this transfer student so many times at the beginning yet as time went by he slowly began to accept her. Maybe it was because he realized that her results were good and he wanted to copy her homework.

However, why did someone who transferred from the Normal Class obtain such good results?

Could it be that she had not bothered to take the exam seriously last time and pretended to be stupid?

All in all, everyone was very surprised.

The face of the long-tongued Wang Han who previously said that Zhao Mingxi’s results were bad had swelled. He shook in fear, unwilling to raise his head.

“17? There won’t be any mistakes this time, right?”

Mingxi asked in shock.

Although she was trying her best to appear calm and collected, she was actually feeling as happy as Mr. Lu, if not more.

Despite the fact that it was just a monthly exam, it still meant that there was a possibility for her fate to be changed completely.

Fu Yangxi didn’t know why he was feeling this odd sense of satisfaction akin to when he got through a dungeon in a game when he saw how happy she was.

When he saw Mingxi stand up abruptly with an excited look, he stood up hurriedly as well.

Mingxi turned to look at Fu Yangxi. Her surprise seemed to have been cut off.

What? Why did he stand up after her?

Fu Yangxi thought that Little Mask must be overwhelmed to tears right now, the look in her eyes was as if she was going to suddenly envelop him in a hug.

He pulled up the zipper of his jacket. Then, with flushed cheeks, red ears and a determined look, he put his chin up and said, “Come!”

Mingxi: ?

Mingxi couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do.

Fu Yangxi would do crazy stuff more than 100 times a day. Since she was already used to it, she quickly sat down.

Ke Chengwen, “...”

Fu Yangxi, “...”

She didn’t want a hug?

Fu Yangxi was both angered and embarrassed. He touched his nose and hurriedly pretended as if nothing happened by turning around and sitting down as well.

Due to such an awkward scene, everyone calmed down, save for Mr. Lu.

At least until next month, whenever he hears Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Ye Bing boast about the good results of the students in their classes, he will no longer have to feel envious and put on a fake smile in order to remain polite!!!

Who was it who advised Zhao Mingxi not to participate in this month’s monthly exams?

It was him!

Mr. Lu was extremely thankful that Zhao Mingxi didn’t listen to him!


After obtaining such results, during the afternoon break, the Literature teacher came again to look for Mingxi in order to ask her to be the host. However, Mingxi had just gone to the toilet when she arrived so she missed her. Therefore, she could only get someone to pass the message to Mingxi asking her to appear at her office in the next few days.

After their lunch break, at the end of the third period, Mr. Lu called Mingxi to the teachers’ office. He complimented her before asking about Mingxi’s studies.

He had always been very concerned about Mingxi. When she first transferred into the International Class, he even purposely allowed her to choose her own seat.

Now that he feels that Mingxi is a good seedling which can be cultivated, he paid even more attention to her.

“But I’m curious as to why you have never been able to score such good results back in the Normal Class.” Mr. Lu was flipping through Mingxi’s homework as he asked, “Based on your homework, I wouldn’t think that you were someone who used to rank around 600 to 700 in the Normal Classes.”

Before Mingxi could say anything, the door to the office was pushed open. Mr. Li from Normal Class 6 had entered with a tea cup and he said, “I am curious about this as well.”

“You’re here?” Mr. Lu took a glance at Mr. Li. Then, he said to Mingxi, “Before you transferred here, your ex-homeroom teacher asked me to take good care of you.”

Mingxi quickly said, “Thank you sir!”

“No need to thank me. Lu Wangwei, stop saying all this nonsense, or else she might get scared of you.” When Mr. Li saw how Mingxi was still standing in front of Mr. Lu’s desk, he pulled a chair to her and said, “Have a seat.”

When Mingxi saw Mr. Li, her heart felt warm. He had always treated her very well back when she was in Normal Class 6.

Mr. Li said with a smile, “Our Mingxi has finally made it. A few teachers were discussing about you during lunch. They all said that the student who came from my Normal Class 6 had defeated a majority of students in the three competitive classes and that you were very outstanding. It made me so proud to hear it.”

“It has already reached your ears?” Mingxi was a little shy as she lightly scratched her face.

She simply could not figure out a way to explain the occurrences which had happened to her previously. Just as she was thinking about how to answer this question, she suddenly thought of Professor Gao, so she said, “I found an amazing teacher who provided me with tuition classes. I have done many test papers as well recently so my results may have risen due to these reasons.”

Such situations whereby one’s results suddenly shot up in Year 3 was not something unheard of.

The two teachers weren’t suspicious of this answer at all. They both felt that it was most likely that this child was not into it previously, and her family was an affecting factor too.

Now that she was staying in school, had left such disturbances and joined tuition classes, it was only natural for her results to get better.

“Then you should be a black horse with unstable results. You have to continue working hard in the future. Don’t let your results go down from here.”

Due to his words, Mingxi was suddenly reminded of a problem she was most concerned about. “Mr. Lu, have the participants for the Hundred School Tournament been decided? I don’t know if I can participate in it with my result as No.17.”

“I hope you can join it as well.” However, Mr. Lu’s face turned somber. He sighed and said, “But it’s hard. This is decided by the Gold Medal Class’ Mr. Jiang. He is the student of the infamous gold trainer Professor Gao, and he is the teacher who leads the team every year.”

“The ones who are usually chosen to participate would have the average results above the 18th place out of everyone in this building— Another two spots are for two students from the International Class who specializes in foreign language.”

“Although you are at 17th place this time, your average results are still pulled down too much by your previous scores,” Mr. Lu said. “So it is really quite hard. Nonetheless, I will still mention this to Mr. Jiang.”

As Mr. Lu spoke, he also felt a little distressed.

He wanted to get Zhao Mingxi to join as well. The more chances she gets, the more hope he has for his bonus.

Although Mingxi was slightly disappointed by this, she still nodded.


Despite the fact that the monthly exam was a mere brief interlude, it still led to Zhao Mingxi entering the group of people leading the ranks among the three classes. At least she had fired her first cannon and established her place in the three classes.

The people who called her transfer student gradually decreased. There were even some who forgot that she was from the Normal Class.

The announcing of the results in the Gold Medal Class was not as dramatic as it was in the Evergreen Class. Mr. Jiang merely passed a piece of paper with the rankings to everyone in class. Then, he gave a short speech.

Shen Liyao had never paid much attention to that list. Regardless of whether or not he took a glimpse of it, he was still in 1st place.

But this time, he held the paper tightly to the point where his knuckles turned white. His expression was unreadable, his eyes glued to the paper.

It was the same as how he liked to take the longer route to the Normal Class’ building and take a glimpse of the rankings of the Normal Classes after their exams.

Zhao Mingxi in 17th place. It was within his expectations.

The gap between them was getting smaller.

Shen Liyao had a feeling that someday she was going to gradually crawl up to the spot beside him, and everyone would see how bright she shined.

However, he used to be pretty certain that she was doing all this because of him.

But this time, he was completely unsure.

She was still raising her head, but she was no longer looking in his direction.

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