Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 25: National Spiritual Website

After dinner, Chen Yu looked at the small street lined pack with food vendors and realized the importance of making money again. There are so many delicious foods in a small street while the world is so big, how can one eat them all without money?

“Tomorrow we’ll try another vendor to eat.” Chen Yu said excitedly.

“Right, we’ll eat at a different vendor every day and it won’t take long to eat this street whole.” The round-faced Fang Feifei expressed her agreement with Chen Yu’s statement.

“We better not do this frequently.” Han You said, holding her bulging belly, “Eating like this every day will definitely make us fat.”

“Between good food and beauty, I think I still choose beauty.” Zhang Muwan said.

“Don’t ever tell me that you guys are foodies anymore, you two are counterfeit foodies.” Fang Feifei approached Chen Yu, took her hand and said affectionately, “Shishi, we’ll eat together in the future, I’m not afraid of getting fat for delicious food.”

“Okay.” Chen Yu was naturally happy when she could go and eat good food together in the future.

“Look, those who aren’t afraid of getting fat like us are qualified foodies.” Fang Feifei said proudly.

“No way.” Chen Yu blinked innocently and asked with a serious face, “I can’t get fat, will I be unqualified because I can’t get fat?”

Chen Yu who came in contact with the term ‘foodie’ for the first time, expressed that she didn’t really get the meaning.

The lively atmosphere became silent for a while before exaggerated laughter sounded suddenly. Fang Feifei threw away Chen Yu’s arm angrily, Han You and Zhang Muwan stood on the road and laughed out loud, not caring about their image.

After returning to their room, Chen Yu coaxed Fang Feifei who got her heart injured. The few people chatted for a while and then went to sleep. After lowering the curtain, Chen Yu took her phone and checked her mailbox, only to find that the email that old man promised still hadn’t been sent until now. Chen Yu couldn’t help feeling a little gloomy, that old man couldn’t have forgotten about this matter, right?

Today the old man went online so suddenly, but he also went offline just as sudden as he came. In this brief time, Chen Yu couldn’t ask him many things. After thinking about it, Chen Yu logged in to her account and planned to leave a few words for the old man.

As soon as she logged in, the group ‘Gods and Ghosts Don’t Ask’ icon kept on flashing but Chen Yu didn’t rush to check it. She first clicked on the old man’s dialogue box and sent a series of messages over: (Old man, this is my phone number, you can buy a phone when you have time and send me the number back so that we can get in touch easily. If the money isn’t enough, send me an account number and I’ll send the money to you.)

Actually, Chen Yu didn’t plan to add the last sentence, how can the old man lack money with his skill? But when she thought about their simple 15 years of life in Damu Village, Chen Yu still added this sentence. Although she didn’t know the reason, but Chen Yu felt that the old man planned to not make money from exorcism anymore.

Chen Yu waited but the other party didn’t reply to her message for quite a long time, it seems like he’s really offline. After some time, Chen Yu then decided to click on the flashing group chat.

(Someone in the group issued a red envelope!)

Seeing this prompt, Chen Yu’s eyes lit up. She raised her finger and quickly grabbed a red envelope, opened it and found that it was one hundred yuan, so happy ah!

March Floating Rain: (Hahaha~)

Cassia Seed: (Brother March, you look so happy today you even gave out 3 consecutive red envelopes ah.)

What? I actually missed two? Chen Yu swished the messages up and found the two red envelopes that had been robbed, she was immediately struck with frustration.

March Floatin Rain: (My cousin, he was injured by a ghost, hahaha~)

Wine and Meat Monk: (Amituofu, benefactor, we’re at a legal society now, please repent before the evil thoughts in your heart grow beyond control. We must strive to be good citizens who abide by the law.)

Gold Thread Child: (Hey, fake monk, are you here to be funny? We’re a group of tax-evading heavenly masters, we basically aren’t law-abiding.)

Wine and Meat Monk: (Amituofu, the two natures are completely different. Tax evasion is nothing but money, however, my dear friend above, if this continues to develop, it’ll be destructive to social stability.)

March Floating Rain: (I’m laughing about how it’d affect social stability, do you know that tax evasion warrants jail time outside?!)

A group of tax evaders? Tax evasion? Am I a tax evader? Will I go to jail for tax evasion?

After receiving the latest information, Chen Yu became sluggish. She took her phone and searched the internet. After a few clicks, she found several business bosses who were caught for tax evasion, with some serious cases involving jail, and this made Chen Yu terribly scared.

Mayor Chen, I’m sorry, your daughter is a tax evader. Brother Chen, I’m sorry, your sister is a tax evader. Can you two still keep your official post?

Chen Yu who was taken by surprise that she broke the law, quickly opened Lou Ming’s WeChat and sent a crying emoji.

Lou Ming quickly replied: (What happened?)

Chen Yu: (Third Brother, do you know how to make up tax payment?)

Lou Ming: (Make up tax payment? Who’s evading taxes?)

Chen Yu: Me. (Little man emoji crying on the ground)

Lou Ming: …

Lou Ming: (What’s wrong?)

Chen Yu grieved and typed with a sad face: (I just now knew that making money as a Heavenly Master has to pay taxes, but I have made millions without paying a cent of tax, will I have to pay a lot of money? I searched the internet, they said that I can go to jail if the amount of money is particularly huge.)

Lou Ming was sitting on the second floor’s study room, he looked at his phone with a helpless expression. He stared at her message, and he suddenly burst out laughing.

It was as if the little girl’s slumping body and sad face was right in front of Lou MIng’s eyes. Lou Ming typed a few words with a hint of smile on his face: (There’s me, you won’t go to jail.)

After sending this sentence, Lou Ming closed the chat room with Chen Yu and clicked on Master Mao’s WeChat. He hesitated for a moment and decided to ask directly: (Master Mao? Does your spiritual job also need to pay taxes?)

Master Mao: (Taxes? I don’t really recall that I’ve paid any taxes, why do you suddenly ask this?)

Lou Ming: (Nothing? I suddenly felt that your circle’s job often sold a single talisman for hundreds of thousands, it can be regarded as a high-income job. I’m studying tax law recently so I’m a little curious.)

Master Mao: (So it’s the case. Our spiritual circles haven’t been asked for taxes specifically. At least neither I nor my apprentice.)

Lou Ming: (Understood, sorry for disturbing you Master.)

Master Mao: (It’s nothing. Lou Ming ah, your hobbies are getting wider and wider.)

Lou Ming chatted a few more words with Master Mao before switching back to the chat room with Chen Yu: (I asked just now, spiritual jobs don’t need to pay taxes, as such, there’s no tax evasion, you must have heard it wrong.)

Chen Yu suddenly widened her eyes: (Really?)

Lou Ming: (Really!)

Who’s Lou Ming? Although she didn’t know exactly what his job was, but special forces stationed at his yard and even her mayor dad has to be respectful towards him, his status definitely wasn’t low. If he said that she didn’t need to pay taxes then it must be true oh!

Chen Yu finally felt relieved, she went back to the group and continued to read the comments. At this time, the content had changed to another topic.

Cassia Seed: (It seems that many Celestial Masters have been injured recently.)

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: (That’s right ah, I heard that it has something to do with the recent living soul incident.)

March Floating Rain: (Right, right, I eavesdropped on my grandpa and cousin’s talk a few days ago, they said that it was a monster that devours souls. It seemed that that monster failed to eat the last soul, so it went around everywhere.)

Wine and Meat Monk: (The last living soul? How many souls does this monster need to consume? What will it change into after it swallows the last soul?)

March Floating Rain: (I don’t know ah, my cultivation level is the worst in my family so my grandpa won’t tell me this, but this monster seems to be quite powerful. My grandpa is thinking about taking the matter personally, however, this old man hasn’t personally taken a job for so many years already.)

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: (I heard the soul that this monster wants to eat must be one that was born in Yin year, Yin month and Yin day. Yesterday, Liang family’s most talented young Heavenly Master, Liang Guang, was injured because he protected one.)

March Floating Rain: (Hahahaha, injured.)

Wine and Meat Monk: (Benefactor, why is your hostility so heavy? Although we all are avoiding taxes reasonably, we must respect those who pay taxes in accordance with the law.)

Gold Thread Child: (A new mission has just been released on the website. Reward: five million, tax-free.)

Cassia Seed: (Only five million for something that Liang Guang can’t beat? It isn’t worth it even with the tax exemption.)

Gold Thread Child: (The mission is to protect a human’s soul, not to kill the target.)

Didn’t Third Brother say that there’s no need to pay taxes? Why is the group talking about taxes again? Chen Yu was a little confused, she couldn’t help poking her only friend in the group, March Floating Rain: (What does it mean to pay taxes? Isn't the money made by Heavenly Masters exempt from taxes?)

March Floating Rain: (What?)

I Want To Fix Road: (Didn’t you just say that we’re a group of tax evaders? And that there’s a reasonable tax avoidance?)

March Floating Rain:(Oh, haha, you’re talking about that ah. Actually, what we really meant when we’re talking about tax evasion wasn’t evading taxation but reasonably evading service charge.)

I Want To Fix Road: (Service charge?)

March Floating Rain: (It’s the service fee paid when receiving tasks from the National Spiritual website.)

I Want To Fix Road: (National Spiritual website?)

March Floating Rain: (Great god, surely you wouldn’t not know about that right? National Spiritual website ah, the website that regularly issues various tasks ah, the spiritual website that our country specially established ah.)

I Want To Fix Road: (I don’t know!)

March Floating Rain: …

March Floating Rain: (National Spiritual website, a website dedicated to publishing supernatural events across the country. They usually handle spiritual matters. The price is fair and honest, any Heavenly Masters can take a task from there, but they have to hand in 30% of service charge.)

I Want To Fix Road: (30%? Such a high fee?)

March Floating Rain: (Yeah, you also think that’s really high, right? It’s very dangerous for us Heavenly Masters to exorcise ghosts, if you exorcise one with a century cultivation level you can also earn a million, of which hundreds of thousands will be spent on buying talismans. It looks like we’re making lots of money, but it’s actually not that much. It’s simply crazy that they actually make us pay 30%.)

March Floating Rain: (Because this service charge is collected by the state, we jokingly call it ‘tax’ in our spiritual circle.)

Chen Yu thought for a while and wondered: (Then, since the service charge is so expensive, shouldn’t it be okay if we don’t pick them up? Why do we say that our group is a tax evasion group?)

March Floating Rain: (Where would there be so many tasks that come in private ah? Do you think that you can just meet evil spirits while walking leisurely on the street ah? People nowadays are so smart, you will be called a swindler if you do fortune telling under the bridge. Therefore, most Heavenly Masters receive tasks from the National Spiritual website. But the service charge is too expensive, many Heavenly Masters that finished tasks had to suffer losses after handing in service charge, that’s why we established this group.)

I Want To Fix Road: (How?)

March Floating Rain: (You also don’t know this? To put it simply, you just go to the website to find a suitable task, send the content of the task to the group owner, the group owner charges a 5% fee to help us find out the client’s contact information, then we just contact the client directly.)

I Want To Fix Road: …

March Floating Rain: (This is a win-win situation ah, the group owner earns 5% of service charge so the Heavenly Master pays 25% less while the client can also buy the same service at a lower price. This is the price difference without a middleman!)

I Want To Fix Road: …

March Floating Rain: (However, great god, how come you don’t know anything? How did you enter this group?)

I Want To Fix Road: (This account was given to me by another person.)

March Floating Rain: (No wonder then.)

After talking with March Floating Rain, Chen Yu became very interested in the so-called National Spiritual website so she entered the web page. She was about to study the website carefully when a system notification sounded all of a sudden.


Chen Yu looked up and found the old man’s account was flashing, her finger immediately clicked on it.

I’m Big Account: (My account is: 622222****** Account name: Wuli.)

I’m Big Account: (Email has been sent, remember to study it carefully, if something goes wrong, grandpa won’t be able to save you in time.)

Chen Yu immediately started talking about the latest information she got: (Old man, I have something that I want to ask.)

Chen Yu waited for a long time without receiving a reply, after a closer look, she discovered that the old man was offline again.

He dares to go offline a second after sending a message, what the heck?

Chen Yu was about to fume but she was helpless. She will just call the old man after he buy a phone, thinking like this, Chen Yu used her phone to transfer one hundred thousand yuan to the old man’s account.

After the transfer, Chen Yu clicked on the email from her grandpa, the document was sent two minutes ago. When Chen Yu opened it, there were several photos inside. The photos were taken from an old notebook, a yellowed paper recorded some methods and tactics on exorcising ghosts.

These photos were clearly taken with a phone, Chen Yu’s stomach was stuffed with regrets because she sent money too early.

Author’s NOTE:

Wulao: Manager, come, teach me how to use e-money ah, I don’t know how to pay money in game.

Manager: Old man, how many do you want to deposit?

Wulao: Ten thousand first.

Manager: …

Wulao: My granddaughter just sent me 100 thousand, letting me play games ah.

Manager: …


Chen Yu: I want to strangle this old man... (=`.´=)

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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