In the end, Shen Ziqiao took care of Shen Ziyang’s nosebleed. However, one would be shocked by the bloodstain on the clothes and Shen Ziyang’s red nose. When Old Madam Shen saw it, she shook with fury.

“Quickly help the Fourth Master change his clothes and invite a doctor to check over him. Order the kitchen to cook some tonics for the Fourth Master tonight. After bleeding so much, who knows how much tonic he would need in order to make up for the blood deficiency.” It was clear that Old Madam Shen loved Fourth Master dearly.

Shen Ziyang’s biological aunt was wiping her tears by the side and miserably saying, “My pitiful Fourth Master. How could she dare to hit you? Old Madam, you need to bring justice for the Fourth Master.”

This was the first time Shen Ziqiao had seen one of Shen Xiao’s concubines and she didn’t even seem to be in her thirties yet. She was a beautiful woman with long-shaped eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. Her round figure looked quite charming.

Uh, weren't Shen Xiao and mother deeply in love with one another? How come he has a concubine?

If they truly loved one another, how could there be a concubine to interfere with their relationship?

Shen Ziqiao had never seen Shen Xiao, so she didn’t know whether he was superficial or if she had just misunderstood him. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions.  

“Why are you bawling?! Quickly go back and take care of the Fourth Master!” Old Madam Shen felt a headache rising from all the crying around her and glared unhappily at the concubine, dismissing her.

Before leaving, the concubine glared at Shen Ziqiao in resentment.

Shen Ziqiao glanced at the sky, speechless. She didn’t know how much longer the Old Madam was going to scold her for.

“You have quite the capability. You even dare to beat your brother up. Does that mean that one day, you will dare to hit this old woman?” Old Madam Shen glanced sternly at Shen Ziqiao who wasn’t even guilty in the least bit. How come there is a lady like her in the Shen Family?

“I do not dare. How would I dare to hit you?” Shen Ziqiao chuckled.

Old Madam Shen angrily stated, “Stop being all smiles. If I do not punish you, you really think you can do anything. Look at yourself. Not only did you beat your brother up, but he was covered in blood. If your father comes back, what am I supposed to tell him?”

“If he did not provoke me, why would I beat him?” Shen Ziqiao murmured softly.

“And you think you are justified?” Old Madam Shen boomed, interrogating.

Shen Ziqiao kept his head down and pretended to admit her fault. “Sorry, it is my mistake and I should not have beaten my brother up.”

“Here, if I do not send you to the village you will not correct your mistakes and reflect on yourself. Go back and pack your things. You will be heading to Liu Yun Village today. Without my permission, you will not come back.” Old Madam Shen held a stern look and coldly ordered.

“I will not be going!” Without thinking, Shen Ziqiao refused. If she were to leave here, would she have the chance to come back? If she doesn’t train her eyes on Sheng Peiyin, she will probably be schemed by her.

Old Madam Shen glanced coldly at her and said, “It is not up to you! If I do not punish you, you will become so wild that even I will not be able to control you.”

“Grandmother, you can ground me instead of letting me go to some village.” Shen Ziqiao said. She really didn’t think that the Old Madam would kick her out of the Shen Family.

“If you do not want to go, I will have someone personally bring you over.” Old Madam Shen’s heart didn’t soften in the least.

She really… Really wanted to spit blood at the Old Madam!

“Then when can I come back?” Shen Ziqiao asked.

Old Madam Shen lifted the teacup and took a sip of tea without even glancing at her. “Whenever you properly become the daughter of an affluent family, I will let you come back!”

Shen Ziqiao wanted to curse!

What is this abstract idea? So as long as the Old Madam thinks that I don’t act like the daughter of an affluent family, I will never be able to come back?

“Send the Third Miss back to pack up her things. Make sure she does not miss any important items.” Old Madam Shen’s lips curled into a disdainful smile as she ordered Mama Li in a low voice.

Although Mama Li was expressionless, one could tell that she was smiling. “Yes, Old Madam.”

Shen Qiqiao returned to Qiao Xin Courtyard and kept a calm look, ordering Hong Yu to pack up her valuables. Meanwhile, Mama Li was staring cautiously at Shen Ziqiao as if she might do something to stop herself from going to Liu Yun Village.

Cui Ping and Cui Hong felt wronged. Once they imagined having to go to the countryside to suffer hardships with the Third Miss, they wanted to die.

“The two of you do not need to follow me. I just need Hong Ying and Hong Yu to come along.” Shen Ziqiao didn’t want to be under watch by the Old Madam's people everywhere, so she pointed at Cui Ping and Cui Hong, ordering them to stay.

“How can that be? Third Miss, this servant girl needs to serve you…” Although Cui Ping was secretly happy, she was forced to say the opposite.

Shen Ziqiao waved her hands impatiently and said, “Stop muttering about. How many people do you think need to serve upon me if I go to that kind of place? If you all want to follow along, then I will stay here and let you guys serve me.”

Mama Li quickly glanced at Cui Ping and Cui Hong.

Cui Ping and Cui Hong bowed, saying, “Yes, Third Miss.”

Shen Ziqiao had a terrible expression as she was half forced into the horse carriage. It quickly crossed the city gates and left the capital.

Liu Yun Village was in the outskirts of the capital. It would take at least a good half day to get there as that place was quite remote and desolate.

Old Madam Shen didn’t even give an evening for Shen Ziqiao to process the situation, so one could tell that she didn’t like her. The servants of the Shen Family originally thought that Third Miss was different… But… As expected, the Shen Family was still in Old Madam Shen’s control.

The horse carriage got on the mountain road before the sun set. It was quite the bumpy ride and Shen Ziqiao almost vomited from it.

“Why does the Old Madam… Hate me so much?” Shen Ziqiao clenched her teeth and asked Hong Yu, who was fanning her.

Hong Yu said in a low voice, “Old Madam is your Grandmother, so why would she hate you? Third Miss, you are thinking too much.”

“Old Madam is just biased. She is very nice to the Eldest Miss and Second Miss as well.” Hong Ying said, very straightforwardly.

Shen Ziqiao suddenly thought of a question. “There are only Old Madam’s trusted aides and not the Lord's or my Elder Brother’s?”

Hong Ying hadn't been in the residence for long, so she didn’t understand what was going on. She glanced at Hong Yu, who had been in the Shen Family for many years and might know more.

“Third Miss, it seems like you do not know anything?” Hong Yu glanced strangely at her, wondering why she suddenly asked this.

Shen Ziqiao bitterly laughed and said, “In the past, I was only trying to pass the days and just thinking about… Well, I finally became clear-headed.”

Hong Yu listened and her eyes slightly brightened, saying, “Third Miss, you have truly changed.”

“If I do not transform myself, I will not even have a position in the Shen Family.” Shen Ziqiao said, “Even if Father and my Elder Brother were out and did not care about the familial matters, what about my mother’s people? My mother must have had a personal maid or someone serving her.”

Did mother's personal maid not protect me all these years?

A light flickered in Hong Yu’s eyes and she choked, saying, “The Lady’s personal maid… She was kicked out. Third Miss was even the one who kicked some out.”

The evils we bring on ourselves. That’s what it meant! Shen Ziqiao was very certain that her physical self was being incited to kick her own mother’s trusted aides. Making it pleasant to hear, her physical self was innocent. In reality, she was just useless and a straw bag! So brainless!

Shen Ziqiao wanted to swear, but she didn’t have power or money. What could she do?

“Third Miss, do you want those people to come back and serve you?” Hong Yu asked in a low voice, testing.

“Is there a way to let them come back?” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly asked.

Hong Yu bit her lips and said, “This servant girl… Does not know.”

Shen Ziqiao glanced deeply at her as she felt that Hong Yu must be hiding something.

As the sun set, nightfall came. The master and servant girls in the car said nothing, but the sound of the tires echoed on the silent mountain road.

So tired...

Shen Ziqiao yawned. She was really exhausted.

Right. What was her physical self’s mother’s background? If she was able to marry Shen Xiao, she must have an affluent family of interest to Shen Xiao’s, right? How come no one was looking for her? Why did they allow her to be bullied?

She should sleep for a while and ask Hong Yu after waking up.

Suddenly, the carriage jolted violently and the horses’ neighs broke the silence.

“What happened?” Shen Ziqiao asked, shocked. She was so frightened that she had no intention of sleeping anymore.

There’s no way we encountered bandits, right? That’s too melodramatic...