My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 25: Don’t Die In Silence

The sudden turn of events caused an uproar on the scene.

The lecturer was about to make a move on Jing Yue when someone bellowed, “What’s going on here?”

Everyone followed the direction of that voice, and not too far away, Warden Wang of the Noble faction from the Law Enforcement Hall had arrived, followed by another two enforcers behind him.

At the sight of Warden Wang, everyone seemed to have found a lifeline and started to condemn Jing Shan for his atrocities.

Warden Wang’s face was stony as he stared at Jing Yue and said, “Do you admit to your guilt?”

Jing Yue, “Mu-shixiong and I sparred with each other in an upright manner. What’s wrong with that? It’s just that Mu-shixiong’s spiritual power went out of control suddenly. If I didn’t stun him at that time, he’d be dead from exhaustion.”

He glanced at the lecturer. “There is a rule in the sect, when the disciples are sparring, they must be supervised by someone with a higher cultivation level to prevent accidents. This incident happened clearly because of his negligence. Why didn’t the Law Enforcement Hall pursue the investigation but ask for my guilt instead?”

The lecturer said angrily, “You’re spouting nonsense! Twisting the facts around!”

Jing Yue, “I’m not talking nonsense. There’s something obviously wrong with Mu-shixiong just now. I don’t believe no one doubts it. Besides, there are remnants of the drug in his body, and all the meridians in his body were severed and Dantian destroyed.  A Palm Lightning strike doesn’t have this power.”

The lecturer startled before exclaiming in shock, “You said his Dantian… is that true?”

The Dantian was the part of the body that stored spiritual energy. If the Dantian was destroyed, would the cultivator not be crippled?

Jing Yue was about to reply when Warden Wang said, “Since Mu Feng is seriously injured, I’ll order someone to take him back to the Law Enforcement Hall and ask a Zhenren to treat him.”

An enforcer stepped out from behind him but was stopped by Jing Yue. “Warden Wang, Mu-shixiong can’t be moved at the moment. Why not ask the Zhenren to come here for the treatment instead? If you must take Mu-shixiong, why don’t we ask Warden Chen from the Primary faction to do it then?”


Jing Yue, “I’m not trying to be insolent, but this matter is very suspicious. What is the medicine he consumed? And where did he get it from? I’m worried that someone is trying to hurt Mu-shixiong.”

Warden Wang’s expression changed instantly. “Presumptuous! What medicine are you talking about? It’s just an excuse you’ve made up to cover for your wrongdoings!”

How would he dare to invite a Zhenren or Warden Chen to come here? This entire matter was originally planned by the Noble faction.

Due to their influence, the Noble faction had successfully planted several spies within the other two factions and accidentally learned that Mu Feng was seriously affected after his defeat to Jing Shan and hindered the progress of his cultivation. To make a breakthrough, Mu Feng intended to challenge Jing Shan again, and forcibly advance his level during the match to level-4 Qi Refining and beat the opponent by doing so. Because of this, Mu Feng had prepared a pill to assist him in advancing his level and had consumed it right before the match to ensure the plan went smoothly.

The spy made a swap. The pill that Mu Feng took today had been mixed with some poison by the Noble faction. This poison could induce confusion and make the spiritual energy run rampant, increase the spiritual power exponentially, and finally, the person would die of exhaustion.

According to the plan, after Mu Feng killed Jing Shan, someone from the Noble faction would make a scene and no one would inspect Mu Feng’s body. Once Mu Feng dropped dead, the drug that remained in his body would disappear. Even if someone discovered the abnormality later, they would think it was the repercussions caused by his forced breakthrough.

At that time, the Noble faction would frame the Primary faction for killing one of their own, to restore the loss suffered from the Gu family for seizing the spirit mine, and at the same time, getting rid of Jing Shan to relieve their hatred towards him. This plan was to kill two birds with one stone.

However, the turn of events had deviated greatly from their initial plan, so he could only cover the truth by taking Mu Feng away from the scene as quickly as possible.

So, he sternly asked, “Jing Shan? Are you trying to prevent the treatment? What are your intentions?”

He directed the enforcer behind him to grab Mu Feng but was stopped by the lecturer who belonged to the Primary faction.

The lecturer came to a realization at this time. Was Warden Wang being a little too forceful? He showed up as soon as Mu Feng met with the accident. What a coincidence? Besides, it was too obvious that he was very eager to take Mu Feng away. Could that be due to a guilty conscience?

He said, “Jing-shidi also has some truth in what he said. In that case, we should wait for Warden Chen to preside over this matter.”

Warden Wang exclaimed angrily, “What do you mean? Are you suspecting me?”

The lecturer glared at him ominously, his eyes seeming to say, ‘Is it that strange for me to doubt you? The relationship between our factions is very poor after all.’

Warden Wang was so angry that his breath stuck in his chest and almost spat a mouthful of blood.

But what could he do? He was desperate too! He could not grab him in broad daylight, right? He could not kill Mu Feng in front of everyone, could he? Warden Wang cracked his brains, attempting both forceful and cajoling methods, anything he could think of, but the disciples from the Primary faction remained unmoved, and even became more resolute.

It was a stalemate for a long time before someone finally found Warden Chen.

In the end, Mu Feng was taken away by Warden Chen. Warden Wang and the two enforcers went pale with fright. They knew there was no way to turn things around anymore, and what they could do now was to quickly wipe their asses and clean up the aftermath.

The Noble faction had gone out for wool but came back shorn. He had nowhere to vent his frustration, so how could he let go of Jing Shan, who had ruined their plans? As such, Warden Wang said furiously, “Before this matter is thoroughly investigated, you are still a suspect! Bring him away!”

The moonlight shone elegantly and the night was cool like water.

In the underground prison of Frostcloud Sect, a dark silhouette sneaked in quietly and came to the prison cell holding Jing Yue.

“You are here.”

That person smiled bitterly and said, “You already found out, right?”

Jing Yue did not say anything, merely stared fixedly at Yu Xiaobao.

Yu Xiaobao hung his head low despondently and slowly told him the truth.

As it turned out, he had another older brother, and the two of them were illegitimate children that were abandoned by the Yu family of the Noble faction. When they were young, they depended on themselves to learn the ropes of cultivation, and the two brothers had good talents. A few years ago, the Yu family retrieved them and made arrangements for them to join Frostcloud Sect when the school opened its doors, planting them into the Civilian faction of the inner gates as spies.

His brother was the spy who swapped Mu Feng’s pill.

Jing Yue, “You knew about the plans of the Noble faction right from the start.”

“… I only know a little.”

Jing Yue, “What’s the situation out there now?”

Yu Xiaobao said dejectedly, “Mu-shixiong’s cultivation base is defunct and he won’t be able to practice again. The Primary faction… has decided to give up on him in exchange for greater benefits.”

Jing Yue realized it immediately. “For example, concealing the fact that the Noble faction had tried to murder him and let me be the scapegoat to exchange benefits with the Noble faction.”

Yu Xiaobao did not deny it but anxiously said, “Why don’t I help you escape?”

Jing Yue, “Where should I go? Even though the world is big, if Frostcloud Sect wants to find someone, you think that person can escape?”

Yu Xiaobao also knew it was an impossible feat. He kowtowed to Jing Yue. “I’ve let you down. I…”

His unfinished words finally turned into a sigh.

The next day, people from the Law Enforcement Hall arrived.

Warden Chen, Warden Wang and several disciples publicly announced Jing Shan’s many crimes, including disrespecting the teachers, harming fellow disciples and so on. In short, he was accused of everything that they could think of, almost convincing Jing Yue that he was not worthy of living in this world.

Warden Wang, “Jing Shan has committed numerous crimes and cannot be forgiven. According to the laws of the sect, he will be eradicated of his cultivation base and expelled from Frostcloud Sect!”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “Aren’t you worried that Wu Chen-zhenren will think of me someday?”

Warden Wang chuckled as he glanced at Warden Chen before saying triumphantly, “You have committed such wicked deeds that even the Primary faction has testified against you. Even if Wu Chen-zhenren thinks about you in the future, he will only regret that he has made a grave mistake and wish he could deal with you personally.”

Jing Yue, “I see.”

He stood up and the spiritual energy suppressing handcuffs on his wrists clanked loudly. Jing Yue clasped his hands in the direction of Whitefog Mountain and bowed. “Your allegations are not complete yet. Actually, I’ve also deceived the teachers and cheated on my fellow disciples. Even the identity I’ve assumed to enter the inner gates is false.”

Everyone was dumbfounded and wondered if this person had gone mad?

In the next moment, they saw cracks appearing on Jing Shan’s face and his skin began to peel off piece by piece, revealing a delicate and tender face underneath.

“In this case, I wonder what my crime will be?”

Author’s Notes: Mini-theater

Yu Xiaobao: You knew it a long time ago, didn't you?

Jing Yue: Yes, since I have a pet who loves to listen by the walls, everywhere in Frostcloud Sect is full of my eyes and ears. (Ji-ji’s proud face)

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