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Chapter 25.2

If something happens? It looks like breaking the piano also triggers a special event.

Mr. Deng was waiting outside the headmaster’s office. When he saw Xing Ye come out, he pulled him to a corner and asked in a low voice: “You pulled all the responsibility to you. Is it really all right for me to just act like an ordinary teacher?”

“It’s fine,” Xing Ye said casually, “You can just act like a teacher who caught a naughty student. Just try your best to not let others discover you’re a player, or… sigh, nevermind, it won’t matter even if they find out. Just saying you know what the piano’s hiding and nobody will harm you.”

If Mr. Deng was really as innocent as he acted, he wouldn’t be able to hide his player identity for long.

“But you didn’t tell me it?” Mr. Deng was astonished, “What will I do if they ask?”

“I can only keep the secret by not telling you. If they resort to emergency measures, just immediately have them find me. We’ll split up for now and stay in touch via text.” Xing Ye pushed Mr. Deng away, keeping far away from him.

Although they were cooperating from the surface and Mr. Deng seemed like a very trustworthy person, caution was Xing Ye’s rule to life.

Mr. Deng left, baffled. He still had a gym class in the afternoon and had to get the teaching material ready.

Xing Ye didn’t leave the building, instead going to the floor directory to find the political education prep room. The prep room was on the fourth floor. None of the rooms on the fourth floor had room numbers, but according to the school’s general layout, the prep room should be room 404.

This was getting more and more interesting. Xing Ye walked to the fourth floor when he suddenly felt somebody pat his shoulder.

He didn’t turn his head. Instead, he took out the mirror from his pocket and aimed it at his face. This time, the mirror was very obedient and worked hard as a responsible and diligent mirror.

For the first time in a long time, the mirror reflected his face. Xing Ye tilted the mirror a little, but there was nobody behind him. Yet, he kept feeling somebody pat his shoulder.

Interesting, so smashing the piano actually triggers the shoulder patting mystery. If he hadn’t had done that impromptu, how long would it have taken the seven players to discover this?

Xing Ye still didn’t turn his head. In fact, he didn’t do anything, putting the mirror away as he walked back to the teaching building in an unhurried manner. Afternoon class had already started, so the halls were extremely quiet. He was the only one, leisurely walking along.

When he walked by the boys bathroom, a hand suddenly reached out and pulled him in. Xing Ye wasn’t afraid as he cautiously looked and unexpectedly saw it was Cao Qian.

“Classmate, this is the boys bathroom.” Xing Ye reminded.

Cao Qian’s face was ashen as she pushed Xing Ye against the wall by his collar, her voice fierce: “What the hell are you doing? Yesterday, you randomly started haggling with that human head and today, you even destroyed the piano. Do you want to die? I don’t mind starting another legend about corpses appearing in the boys bathroom!”

She was very strong, so much that Xing Ye couldn’t rely on his own physical strength to shake her off.

Although his body was different in both the demonic mirror world and this campus world, his strength and moves were still the same as his original body. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to foul the Imperial Guard Captain in one blow.

Right now, Cao Qian, an average-looking 160cm girl, actually had the strength to push him against the wall helplessly with just a hand. Was she using a special prop, or was she just actually that strong?

Xing Ye understood her anger. She muddled through all the music scores for the whole day, not finding any leads, then hears that the piano is broken. If it was Xing Ye, he would also be furious.

“You’re a player, right?” Cao Qian asked, “I still wasn’t completely sure last night. Your acting was pretty good, so why aren’t you trying to hide yourself today?”

“Because I’m confident I’ll be safe now,” Xing Ye said calmly, “Last night, I wasn’t sure of everyone's identity and was worried I’d be attacked, so all I could do was hide my identity. But today, I found clues about the piano, and right now, I’m the only one who knows it. That way, players wouldn’t rashly attack me, and instead prefer to form an alliance. Isn’t that right?”

Cao Qian gnashed her teeth furiously, the look in her eyes sharp enough to kill.

“If you kill me, you’d get half of my points, but may not be able to complete the mission.” Xing Ye asked her, “This mission has no time restrictions, so what would happen if you can’t find any clues? We’re eleventh graders right now, so there’s still another year before graduation.”

“We can kill each other and the last one remaining can just commit suicide to leave the game world,” Cao Qian said, “Otherwise, we’d be trapped here.”

Suicide… in the previous game world, Xing Ye could’ve committed suicide and gotten an incomplete ending. However, in his caution, he decided otherwise since he didn’t know what would happen.

Xing Ye: “I’ve never killed myself in the many games I’ve done. Have you tried it before?”

“The pain and despair don’t matter. The most important thing is that if a player chooses suicide, they will go back to the start. Even a high level player can go back to being a newbie. All your hard work from before is destroyed and you have to start all over again. The black and white rubix cube once said that fate doesn’t pity those who easily renounce their own life.”

Xing Ye acutely perceived the frustrated expression on Cao Qian’s face and asked, “You killed yourself?”

“Shut up!” Cao Qian took out a gun from nowhere and pressed it against Xing Ye’s head, “I won’t hide it. When I had 200,000 points, I ran into a situation where I was trapped in the game world and had no choice but to kill myself. This is my second world and the only thing I’ve pulled out from the system draw is this Hundred Shot Gun. A person who has nothing is never afraid of anything; even if I kill you and kill myself, it’s just another newbie world anyways.”

Cao Qian’s mental state wasn’t great… it’s very difficult to have climbed up to 200,000 points, yet with just one blunder, got sent back right to the start. Furthermore, with her luck…

“You’re from the opposing fate camp?” Xing Ye asked.

“Do I look like a very lucky person?” A vicious aura emitted from Cao Qian.

“Then that Hundred Shot Gun you drew probably only has ten usable bullets. For an opposing fate player, probably just having a 50% accuracy rate would be satisfactory, right?”

Cao Qian grew even angrier: “Of course it’s useless! 50% for a following fate player would mean 100%, but 0 for an opposing fate player. I must’ve been crazy to have picked the opposing fate camp!”

“Calm down first and put your gun away. I did it to protect myself and also because I want to win. The bullets in your gun are precious, don’t waste them on me.” Xing Ye tried to calm Cao Qian down.

Cao Qian also knew killing Xing Ye would be useless. Winning was more important for her so after venting for a while, put away her gun with a sullen face. However, her hand was still pressed on Xing Ye’s shoulder.

Xing Ye knew that making such a commotion by destroying the piano was a big risk. He wanted to draw the remaining two players' attention and provoke them into coming out.

This was because everybody knew that after the piano was destroyed, only Xing Ye would know the clues.

With the nature of this game, he had to strike first at the players still hiding behind the scenes.

This plan needed a team to work, so this whole time, Xing Ye had been looking for team members.

A group of three people was best.

“Is your great strength your starting skill?” Xing Ye asked a while after Cao Qian’s calmed down.

“What else would it be?” Cao Qian said, “Most peoples’ starting skill have to do with raising their stamina or strength.”

Was that so? Xing Ye’s starting skill was different from hers. Furthermore, since it’s the word “starting”, it should have the ability to level up.

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