Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 249 - Sinister Ex-Girlfriend (11)

In the dense forest, the fragrance of the flowers spread and there were lush grasses. In this beautiful and clean forest, there was a clear brook floating by.

“This brook is still here.”

Right now, Su Wan and Su Rui had safely landed. The two coincidentally landed besides the brook.

“Do you want to take a shower?”

Su Rui hugged Su Wan from behind and softly exclaimed in her ears, his tone teasing.

“Don’t mess around. The water here is for the villagers to drink.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but smile and hit Su Rui’s arm. “The villagers live difficult lives here too. They depend on hunting for food and the brook for water. Barely any summoners come out from this place. The majority of the Su Family Village had stayed in the mountain and lived by hunting.”

Actually, when the original body, Su Wan was chosen to go to the main family, she had an opportunity to take her parents to Meite City as well but the villagers were simple and down-to-earth. Her parents were ordinary people who had no spiritual powers. They were afraid of dragging their daughter down and afraid that they won’t be used to life in the city. Therefore, the two had been in Su Family Village the entire time.

Just as Su Wan was going through the original body’s memory, she was pressed against a dense ancient tree by Su Rui. “Wife, we said we were going to do something meaningful. You got distracted again. You should be punished.”

Saying that, Su Rui harshly plundered Su Wan’s lips punishingly. A pair of hands familiarly removed her cyan-colored robe representing medium summoners.


Su Wan panted. Because she was nervous, she wrapped her hands around Su Rui’s neck. “Su, Su Rui, there are people here.”

In Su Wan’s memory, the villagers would go to the mountains to hunt every day. Even if the weather wasn’t good in the winter, they’d still endure the wind and snow, heading into the mountains to hunt in order to survive.

“What are you scared of?”

Su Rui’s hands were already on Su Wan’s warm skin. “They can’t beat us. Wife, be good. Relax.”

After that, Su Rui started kissing Su Wan deeply again.

Under the dense forest, sunshine sprinkled down again. The two bodies were on each other.

At this time, a sharp whistle suddenly rang not far from here.

That was...

An emergency whistle gathering all the hunters of Su Family Village.

Su Wan gradually snapped out of her daze. “Su Rui, someone’s here.”

Although she was used to being shameless with General Su, that was because they were at home. They could do whatever they wanted to.

But they were in the wilderness right now. Not only were there countless wild beasts, hunters could pass by at any time. This was too nerve wracking. Su Wan was a little afraid.

Su Rui naturally heard the whistle as well but General Su was already halfway in so why would he stop now?

People should finish what they started. Mn.

“Wife, hug me tightly.”

As he said this, the spiritual influence inside his body surged and the two’s bodies rose within the air. Right now, Su Wan was hanging on Su Rui’s body. The two stood on the branches of the tree. Thankfully, because the tree was old, the branches were also really thick and could withstand the two’s weights.

“The leaves here are dense. They can’t see anything.”

Although they had heard the footsteps approaching, General Su still captured Su Wan’s lips unhesitatingly. His gaze was concentrated on her as he feverishly but also gently nibbled on her lips. Needless to say, General Su’s kissing techniques were really experienced and incomparable.

Su Wan’s mind went blank from the kissing. Right now, she felt strengthless and could only subconsciously match his desire. At this time, two people were talking under the tree not far from them.

“Uncle De, how did that wild boar disappear? It was running in that direction, no?”

The person speaking was a young man with dark skin and a great figure. Hearing the words, Uncle De knitted his brows before kneeling down and glancing at the leaves on the ground. He lifted one up and sniffed it. “This is…”

Uncle De’s expression suddenly changed.

“Uncle De, what’s the matter? Er’chuan, where’s the wild boar you were talking about?”

At this time, a few people carrying bows and arrows hurried over. Clearly, they had rushed over after hearing the emergency whistle as well.


Uncle De suddenly shouted coldly and then looked around his surroundings. He glanced around before saying, “I sensed an advanced magical beast around.”


The group of people started to panic upon hearing Uncle De’s words. Don’t mention advanced magical beasts but they couldn’t even deal with the lowest-grade magical beasts!

“Uncle De, you probably sensed wrong.”

Someone couldn’t help but question. The young man named Er’chuan knitted his brows however. “When was Uncle De ever wrong?”

Everyone else stopped talking when they heard his words.

“Everyone, don’t be so nervous either.”

Seeing how worried everyone else was, Uncle De ended up laughing instead. “I sensed the advanced magical beast, Windchaser Eagle. Normally, these magical beasts are the mounts of advanced summoners. The wild boar probably went into hiding after sensing the Windchaser Eagle. From my guess, there should probably be a summoner by the magical beast’s side. They might’ve just passed by this place and left by now already.”


Hearing Uncle De’s explanation, everyone started chattering noisily again.

Windchaser Eagle! Advanced summoner!

These were people and things that only appeared in legends!

Er’chuan pursed his lips hearing everyone sighing in envy. “What’s there to be envious again? Uncle De’s sister Little Wan is also a summoner! She’s the strongest in our Su Family Village. When she comes back for the New Years, she’d definitely be flying over with the Windchaser Eagle too!”


Before Er’chuan could finish, there was a slightly rustle coming from an ancient tree not far from them.

Forgive General Su for suddenly finding out that the person under the tree was his further father-in-law. He wasn’t able to control himself and snapped the branch in half.

Seeing that a snapped branch fell down from the tree, the group of people didn’t dare to move.

“Who’s there?”

People say that the young were fearless so Er’chun had scuttled under the tree in one large stride. But the ancient tree was too dense and there were lots of leaves looking above so they couldn’t see anything.

“Don’t be nervous. It’s probably the wind.”

An experienced hunter couldn’t resist the urge but to take a look at the broken tree branch on the ground.


At this time, the bawling of a wild boar suddenly rang. Everyone looked at each other and immediately grabbed their bows and arrows, heading in the direction of the sound.

Up until the group of people ran off did Su Rui jump down the tree with Su Wan in his arms as the tree branches rustled.

Su Wan’s face was still red. She had heard Su De’s voice earlier already but she didn’t dare to move at all, afraid that they’d find out.

Although su Wan didn’t mind trying out something new with her man, she still represented the original body returning home to visit her family. If she bumped into everyone here, she really would have no face to meet her family.


General Su who had been greatly satisfied couldn’t help but sigh. “Wife, it seems like your father isn’t a simple figure.”

Su De...

Su Wan’s expression turned grim. If Su De was an ordinary villager, how could he sense a magical beast as easily as that?

Only mercenary summoners who frequented the division and had been through many near-death experiences would be able to differentiate magical beasts that easily. Only they could use this type of special skill.

Could Su De have a hidden identity?

Su Wan was bewildered now because in the original plot, not long after Su Family was destroyed in the bestial tie, the original body, Su Wan, also became a cannon fodder. Their family’s secret was forever buried.

If Su De and the family really had a secret, it’d disappear...

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