Chapter 248: There’s You, Why Do I Need to Be Useful?

When Gong Moran heard this, a strange thin light passed through his eyes. It was like a pool of stagnant water that was blown by a puff of wind, making ripples on the surface. That light graced his eyes in a very short time, but nevertheless, the beauty was still very soul-stirring.

“Girl, your body has become thinner quite a lot these past few days.” He said after a slight pause, “It’s better if you fill it a bit.”

Nan Xun: …

So, the big boss already knew that she’s a rice bucket from long ago?

She also felt that she has lost a few pounds ah, she can’t eat until she’s full every day. It would be weird if her body didn’t slim down.

“Just eat as much as you want in the future, there’s no need to be shy.” Gong Moran added.

Nan Xun gazed at him with an expectant look, her small face was blushing a bit, “My Lord, is it really okay even if I eat however much I want?”

Gong Moran looked at her little coy face. He couldn’t help but tilt his body slightly, leaning on the soft couch to change into a more comfortable position. His posture became all the more indolent, matching his indolent tone inside, “Naturally, you don’t have to constrain yourself in the future. There aren’t many other things in this Lord’s hall except for silvers and treasures. So, you don’t need to starve yourself for this Lord.”

Nan Xun vigorously nodded her head, just like a little chick pecking on fragrant rice, “My Lord, you’re this one’s bread and butter*! My Lord, I really, really like you!” [T/N: people one can rely on for living]

Gong Moran chuckled softly. That indolent voice that seemed to be humming from his nose was really attractive, “Girl, look at your good-for-nothing appearance.”

Nan Xun was beaming with joy, “There’s you my Lord, why do I need to be useful ah? You can protect me anyway.”

Gong Moran’s thin lips raised slightly.

Unlike the creepy smile that Nan Xun occasionally saw, it was a faint smile from his heart, extremely beautiful.

Nan Xun caught that moment, her eyes widened, and she exclaimed with excitement, “My Lord, my Lord, you just smiled ah! My Lord, you smiled so beautifully, just like an exquisite painting, really, really sooo beautiful!”

Gong Moran was so amused by her that he laughed this time. His voice was low and deep, like a pot of long-brewed wine, making the people who heard it intoxicated within.

“My Lord, so you can laugh ah! Laugh more in the future. If I see your smile more often, I think I can live a few more years!” Nan Xun laughed as she said this. She leaned her body forward, as if she wanted to take a closer look that she almost directly pounced on top of that beautiful man’s body.

Gong Moran raised his eyebrows slightly, “This Lord doesn’t have facial paralysis. If I don’t laugh, it’s just because there’s nothing funny usually.”

Nan Xun was overjoyed when she heard this. Her little mouth was almost reaching the root of her ears, “My Lord, I’ll make you laugh every day from now on!”

Gong Moran suddenly reached out his hand and patted her head gently, “Girl, come with me.”

After speaking, he got up from the soft couch. His robe slanted a little, but he didn’t fix it. He just walked casually to the luxurious, huge bed by the wall.

Nan Xun followed him curiously. She watched him lift the mattress and knocked three times somewhere on the head of the bed.

In a blink of an eye, a snake head button popped out!

Nan Xun couldn’t help widening her eyes. Hidden mechanism?

Goodness gracious! So, the respectful State Teacher also had something like this?

Gong Moran twisted the snake head button three turns to the left, one turn to the right, and a half turn to the left. There were three thumping sounds midway, which should be the sound of the mechanism being opened.

Lastly, Nan Xun only heard a bang before the huge bed in front of her sunk into a square, revealing an underground passage!

Nan Xun thought this kind of mechanism was something exaggerated on TV. But now that she saw it with her own eyes, she really felt that it wasn’t exaggerated at all!

When Nan Xun was still in a daze, her waist was suddenly tightened as Gong Moran embraced her and jumped inside that passage.

As soon as her feet landed, the strong arm around her waist was retracted. Gong Moran’s deep voice reverberated inside the dark secret passage walls, “Girl, follow me.”

But when Gong Moran only took two steps forward, Nan Xun slammed into him. She grabbed his big palm and said pitifully, “My Lord, it’s so dark here, I can’t see the road, it’s scary.”

The moment Gong Moran’s big palm was seized by Nan Xun, his body went absolutely stiff.

Nan Xun stubbornly held his hand, before finally putting both of her hands together, clenching that big palm tightly.

Gong Moran sighed helplessly, “You don’t need to hold it so tightly, this Lord is holding you.”

Nan Xun smiled, and then let go of one hand, leaving her left hand to catch his.

Gong Moran really took her hand with him as he walked forward slowly.

Maybe because he was afraid that Nan Xun couldn’t see clearly and then fall down or something, Gong Moran walked very slowly. The two of them wasted quite a long time to walk down the short dark path.

When they turned around the corner, Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly filled with light.

Nan Xun shouted loudly, her two eyes widened as she ran and jumped like a rabbit.

Gong Moran slightly drooped his gaze, looking at his own neglected, lonely big palm. A strange feeling was birthed in his heart.

He put his hands behind his back and looked at the little girl whose eyes were sparkling with excitement in front of him. His thin lips lifted faintly, and a thread of a smile flitted in his eyes.

Nan Xun was really excited ah.

It was a dark passage just now, but she actually found such a big hall as soon as she turned the corner!

There were countless night pearls the size of a fist inlaid on the walls on the left and right sides. Those moss green lights flocked together to illuminate this gorgeous hall.

There were countless gold and silver treasures stacked in the middle of the hall. In addition, there were also treasures such as jade ruyi, coral, jadeite sculpture, agate, gems etc. Just casually taking out one thing from these heaps, it can be seen that all were priceless treasures ah! Treasures!

Under the faint green light of night-luminescent pearls, these darlings reflected light of various colors. It painted a dazzling world that can blind a person’s eyes.

Nan Xun excitedly told Little Eight, “If you can move every treasure in here to your star space, then give it a shot!”

Little Eight ‘tsk’ and said indifferently, “These things are what mortals said as treasures, do you think these things can attract this grandpa’s eyes? What this grandpa values as rarities are magic weapons, sacred tools, and divine pills. These things? Ha.”

Nan Xun curled her lips, “You don’t like but I like ah, I’m a vulgar person and I’m happy oh~”

Little Eight, “Hmph, these treasures aren’t yours no matter how good they are, what are you happy for?”

Hearing this, the drool that almost slipped out of her mouth was sucked back up. She jumped to Gong Moran, grabbed his arm with a smile, shaking it twice. Her voice unconsciously brought a soft, coquettish tone, “My Lord, can you give me a few treasures from here?”

Gong Moran flicked his finger on her forehead, saying, “Why do you think this Lord opened the secret path in front of you and brought you here personally? No matter how much you eat, this Lord can support you. If you like any treasures from here, feel free to get it.”

Nan Xun stared at him in a daze before she suddenly wailed, barging into his bosom and hugged his waist tightly.

Gong Moran frowned slightly, and when he was about to push her away, Nan Xun hugged him tighter, howling miserably, “My Lord, you’re so kind to me! My parents died early. Since their death, no one has treated me so well, especially how they despised me for being a rice bucket! My Lord, my Lord, I really, really like you, you’re like my reborn parents ah!”

Gong Moran: …

As such, he just retracted the hand that was about to push Nan Xun away. After a while, he stretched it again and patted her back lightly.


Nan Xun is such a darling oh~ (^▽^)

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