Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 248 - Sinister Ex-Girlfriend (10)

After sending the branches in the Su Family the order, Su Ya went to the castellan’s residence the day of. No one knew what sort of agreement Su Ya and Long Qianzhan came up with. But the second day, Long Qianzhan left Meite City with the two and headed straight for Orinda Country's imperial capital.

After Su Ya left the Meite City, news of Su Ya wanting to give the secret method Su Zhan obtained from the division to the royal family had spread out from the Su Family. For a moment, the Meite City was in an uproar.

On Dongchuan, mainland, people were only respected if they had power. Although in front of those peerless masters, the royal family wasn’t anything, the majority thought that the royal family was still eminent and unapproachable. Orinda Country’s royal family had been passed down for centuries. Of the elders in the royal family, there were countless masters. Some of them even managed the royal family’s summoners’ academy. The majority of the geniuses in the imperial country were all within the royal family.

It was unexpected that Su Family would do this. Those who had been restless all quietened down due to the royal family’s power.

At this time, Meite City’s Zhao Family had something up their sleeves. The Zhao Family’s Lord had no son and only two beautiful daughters. The eldest daughter, Zhao Cuiying, was of age to get married. Zhao Family’s Lord originally had his eye on Xiao Yan. Especially after Xiao Family and Su Family broke off their engagement. Lord Zhao had hinted several times that they wanted to form connections through marriage. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan left Meite City and went for the imperial capital not long later. At this time, Su Zhan was at the peak of his power in the city. Although the outside world had been spreading rumors that he was going to get married with Su Family’s third miss, it was normal for a genius summoner to have multiple concubines.

The more powerful a man was, the more responsibility they had to assume, and the more charm they'd have too.

In this era where the strong bullied the weak, women cared not about men’s appearances and figure but their strength.

As long as one had power and a sword in their hand, they’d have the world.

Seeing that old man Zhao was about to have his eightieth birthday and Su Ya wasn’t at Meite City at this time, Lord Zhao immediately had his daughter personally write an invitation to bring to Su Zhao in Su Family personally.  

Zhao Cuiying was already eighteen. She was the same age as Su Wan. The two were grade five medium summoners. Although they hadn’t officially met, Zhao Cuiying had always treated Su Wan as her opponent in Meite City.

She wanted to surpass Su Wan but that was only in terms of cultivation.

As for love...

Zhao Cuiying was already in love with someone else that was the male lead.

After Xiao Yan and Su Family broke off the engagement, Zhao Cuiying had already brazenly invited him out and confessed to him. However, he rejected her that day, saying that he already had someone he liked.

Zhao Cuiying didn’t know who exactly Xiao Yan liked but she won’t give up that easily.

Now that Xiao Yan went to the imperial capital, he’d definitely become more and more powerful. He’d surpass Su Zhan. Zhao Cuiying always had a lot of confidence in the men she liked.

Zhao Cuiying thought that the invitation in her hand was heavy. She didn’t like Su Zhan. No matter how good Su Zhan was in other people’s eyes, she only had her eyes on one person.


At this time, a crisp voice cut off Zhao Cuiying’s thought. She looked up to see her sister standing by the long hallway glancing at her.

Zhao Wanying was sixteen and she wore a summoner’s robe, walking to her sister happily.

“This is the invitation for Master Su?”

Zhao Wanying glanced at the invitation in her sister’s hands, an excited glint in her eyes. “Sister, can I go send it to him? I really like Master Su. I haven’t seen what he looks like yet!”

Three years ago, when Su Zhan left Meite City, Zhao Wanying was only thirteen years ago. She just activated her spiritual power and became a beginner summoner.

Now, she was a grade six summoner. It could be said that Zhao Wanying was more talented than her sister and Su Wan.

She was worthy of being called a genius lady. What made others envious of her was that at sixteen, she had a figure not lacking to her sister and an innocent loli-looking face.

A figure like hers was a man’s bane.


Seeing that her sister was interested in Su Zhan, Zhao Cuiying knitted her brows softly. “Apparently, Master Su is going to get married with Third Miss Su in a bit. Sister, are you…”

“I haven’t seen him before. I’m just curious. Plus…”

Zhao Wanying grabbed the invitation from her sister. “Isn’t that Su Wan your love rival? If not for her, maybe you would’ve gotten married with Brother Su back then. Now that I have the opportunity, I’ll help get revenge for you. Since she stole your man, I’ll let her have a taste at being abandoned too!”

After that, Zhao Wanying grabbed the invitation and rapidly walked past Zhao Cuiying, a faint fragrance in the air.

Watching her sister leave, Zhao Cuiying felt a bit complicated. The two sister had always been considered their father’s bargain to the family’s glory because of their beautiful appearances.

After becoming adults, they even inherited their mother’s amazing figure. Their mother had been brainwashing them.

Men conquered the world with their power but women just needed to conquer their men in bed.

Was that the only meaning in women’s lives?

Zhao Cuiying didn’t believe in fate. She didn’t believe that a truly powerful man would have concubines and mistresses because they were outstanding like what her father had said.

There would always be one person in the world that was powerful but dedicated.

Those are the types of people she’d truly entrust the rest of her life to.

Zhao Wanying arrived in front of the Su Family while under the pressure of a group of men’s gazes. However, she was told that their master wasn’t in the residence right now.  

He left?

It was Zhao Family’s birthday banquet tomorrow, yet Su Zhan had left at this time?

Zhao Wanying looked around before shooting the housekeeper a charming smile. “Then can I go inside and wait for your master? He has to come back at night, right?”

“Young miss Zhao, it’s better if you leave. Our master went back to the third miss’ hometown with her. He won’t be back until another few days.”

Although he was attracted by Zhao Wanying’s beauty for a moment, the housekeeper still responded, “What?”

Zhao Wanying was truly shocked this time. “He’s not attending our Zhao Family’s birthday banquet then?”

“Master has arranged for the elder and the others to go over. Young miss Zhao, you don’t need to worry!”

Su Zhan!

Look at you!

Zhao Wanying angrily tossed the invitation on Su Family’s housekeeper. The moment she turned, her beautiful eyes turned cold.

Su Zhan, I want to see just who you are!

Can I not make you fall in love with me?

Ignorance was blissful. Young miss Zhao, you even dare to offend General Su. You’re really not afraid of death! You’re the role model of a cannon fodder~

Su Rui knew nothing about Zhao Wanying. He wasn’t interested in the Zhao Family in the least bit.

The branch that Su Wan was from was a small mountain village governed by Meite City. Transportation was inconvenient within the village. Thankfully, Su Rui had the Windchaser Eagle. This time, the two didn’t bring Little White. Su Liang and Su Pei were at home cultivating. Before leaving, Su Rui had them swear an oath and then passed the Yuling Chant to them. As for what their achievements would be in the end, it depended on their hard work.

Genuine geniuses in this world were also rare. With effort, one could achieve anything. As long as you worked hard, you could also become a genius tomorrow...

“After flying over this mountain, we should arrive at Su Family village.”

They heard the whooshing of the wind. Su Wan leaned against Su Rui’s arms and softly murmured according to the original body’s memory.

Right now, the sunshine was bright on the mountain. Glancing down, they could see the mountain full of wildflowers blooming without restraint.

Spring seemed to occupy this place all year around. The flower bloomed splendidly. Su Wan recalled the beautiful memory from her childhood from the original body’s memory. Her gaze couldn’t help but soften.

“This place is still as beautiful as ever.”

She softly murmured to herself. In the next second, the Windchaser Eagle suddenly soared down towards the forest.

“Su Rui?”

Su Wan froze and turned to stare strangely at the man behind her.

“It is indeed really beautiful here.”

Su Rui exclaimed in Su Wan’s ears, “Wife, don’t you think this place is suitable for us to do something?”


Su Wan instinctively asked.

Su Rui’s breath became heavy in Su Wan’s ears. “To have sex outside.”

Su Wan was speechless.

General Su, what happened to your dignity?

Su Rui: what is dignity? Can I eat that? I finally got rid of a lightbulb that’s from home. This is how we should spend our couple’s world~

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