Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 247 - Heartache

Long Muchen watched the little thing who was acting tough and confident suddenly become defeated. She even said a bunch of things that he didn’t even expect.

These were the same words that Zhu Sisi said when mocking her.

Qian Duoduo really thought it was her fault and started to admit this to Long Muchen.

Especially when she said, “I shouldn’t become arrogant just because you’re pampering me and I shouldn’t be disrespectful to my elders.” He could clearly see her shoulders shaking.

Long Muchen suddenly felt a tight pain in his heart. He was just scaring the girl. Who knew this would happen?

He hurriedly cupped Qian Duoduo’s face. When he met her eyes, he saw her eyes becoming red…

Her pitiful and miserable look was like a puppy that was abandoned.

Long Muchen suddenly felt his heart aching. He held onto her shoulders and lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

“Duo’er, this Prince said that even if you poke a hole in the sky, this Prince will support you. What do you mean by ‘being arrogant because I’m pampering you and being disrespectful to your elders?’ It doesn’t exist at all for this Prince…”

Qian Duoduo looked up and pursed her lips, clearly not believing him.

Long Muchen watched as Qian Duoduo stayed silent and he was anxious right then. He held onto her shoulders and anxiously explained, “This Prince is mad not because you’re trying to earn money through making advertisements. As long as this Prince has what you want, this Prince will give everything to you.. Duo’er, I’m unhappy because you keep on wanting to push me to other women. Duo’er, you want me to be with another woman that badly? If that’s the case, you’ll feel very happy?”

When Long Muchen said this, his tone became darker. It was indescribable, but there was a sense of sadness.

Qian Duoduo bit her lips and shook her head.

To speak the truth, besides herself, if there was another woman by Long Muchen’s side and expressed her favor towards him, Qian Duoduo would feel unhappy.

Especially when Imperial Concubine Lin mentioned Long Muchen’s childhood sweetheart, Princess Zhaoyang, she felt like there was a thorn stuck in her heart.

Qian Duoduo wasn’t stupid. She knew that she already started to have some feelings towards Long Muchen. Especially the enlarged sense of fear she felt before made her come to peace with her feelings.

Long Muchen also said that there was a woman he like… but was the woman, her?

Even if it was herself… with someone like Long Muchen who held power over the army and was one of the most powerful men in Sheng Cheng Country, how could he possibly just like her?

In the end, wouldn’t he have countless concubines and mistresses?

The moment Qian Duoduo thought of the dark days, she felt a sense of fear.

Yet, she wouldn’t say that to Long Muchen.

The 21st century had a normal understanding of a married couple. But in this world where women were inferior to men, it was quite hilarious.

Qian Duoduo’s unusual reasoning forced her to automatically ignore the slight pain in her heart. She retorted, “I didn’t want to push you to other women. I just want you to check out a few gentle and considerate women who are easy to get along with. I don’t want you to marry a Princess Consort and then have to watch your other concubines fight each other because of jealousy...Do you know that women can be very scary when they’re jealous? Plus, I’m scared that you might feel like you’re in a difficult situation when stuck between your old love and new love. Therefore, I wanted to check out a few women for you… the common women are more kind and innocent, not like those delicate young misses who are arrogant…”

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