Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 246 - You Really Don’t Care About Me?

Or is she purposefully avoiding something and ignoring himself?

Long Muchen scratched his hair in irritation. There was a sense of defeat in his eyes.

Knock knock. As the study’s door was knocked on, the servant said, “Prince, the Emperor has a decree and is summoning you to the palace.”

“Ok, prepare the house. This Prince will immediately head to the palace.”

Long Muchen placed his thoughts away and faintly answered. He glanced at the “Qian Duoduo and Long Muchen” on the ground before he picked up the papers and neatly placed it together on the desk.

After leaving the study, he didn’t forget to say to the old housekeeper. “Go find a person later on and frame the words on this Prince’s desk.”

Long Muchen had written the words while holding Qian Duoduo’s hands.

After he said this, he changed his clothes and prepared to head into the palace.

But when he arrived at the front hall, he saw a tiny figure barging straight to him.

Long Muchen was stunned and hurriedly reached over to catch up, preventing her from bumping her head.

“Duo’er, why are you so nervous? What happened?”

It seemed as though she was chased by a ghost in broad daylight.

Qian Duoduo raised her head and listened to Long Muchen’s worrying words. She blinked her eyes and said miserably, “Fourteen, Long Yutian confiscated all my banknotes, and now I’m being chased by a group of women all over the streets. I’m so pitiful… Quickly give me some banknotes so I can dismiss them. Quickly clean up my mess…”

As she said this, Qian Duoduo sat on the chair casually, not planning on leaving until Long Muchen gave her the banknotes.

Long Muchen raised his eyebrows and smiled, asking, “You know your mistake?”

Qian Duoduo pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. “I was helping you guys find your other one and setting up your marriages, but you guys are all blaming me… I was doing this out of good heart, but you guys can’t see it!”

Then, she didn’t care about Long Muchen’s reply, ordering Han Tie as if she was no stranger here. “Xiao Han, go to the account’s office and get some banknotes for me. Otherwise, this Lady will be beaten up.”

Han Tie didn’t expect that someone as insignificant and invisible as him would be called out of nowhere.

He unwillingly walked into the hall and glanced at Qian Duoduo, and then Long Muchen. Seeing that his master said nothing, how would he dare to make his own decision?

Qian Duoduo glanced at Han Tie who was standing there, slow-witted, and this made her unhappy. “Hey, Xiao Han, this sister wants you to get some banknotes… Why are you looking at Long Muchen? Where is he going to get the banknotes from?”

Han Tie’s expression changed and he tossed the issue to Long Muchen. “This...My master needs to agree first…”

Long Muchen originally thought that this girl was coming over to apologize, but who knew she treated his place as a shelter?

Even more, she was being stubborn and unwilling to admit her mistake. She even dared to confidently ask him for banknotes.

Ok. Since she was ignorant to his feelings, he wasn’t going to kiss up to her.

He arranged his collar and then ordered the servant outside the door. “Did you prepare the horse carriage? We can go now.”

Qian Duoduo watched as Long Muchen was going out and she hurriedly stood up to tug on his sleeves, asking, “Fourteen, you really don’t care about me?”


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