Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 246 - Sinister Ex-Girlfriend (8)

Lately, Su Wu had been really gloomy, really really gloomy. She originally thought that Su Zhan would come back and provide her some resources so that she could cultivate quickly. Who knew that her elder brother said “take things slowly.” Instead, he ordered someone to lock her in the family’s cultivation room and went to meditate~

Meditate, my ass! Although there was enough spiritual influence in the cultivation room, Su Wu wasn’t talented enough. She cultivated unbelievably slowly! She was using the meditating mnemonic chant that Little White taught her. She needed to raise all sorts of magical weapons and beasts, and then turn them into her own in order to accumulate cultivation experience.

The more she raised, the higher the weapon grades would be. In the end, she’d obtain more and more spiritual power.

But there wasn’t even a sword in the cultivation room. How was Su Wu supposed to level up?

Su Wu stayed in the cultivation room helplessly as she meditated. She didn’t know that by the time she got to leave the room, the world would be a completely different view...

Because Su Zhan had leveled up repeatedly, Su Family had taken over the spotlight in Meite City. Even the Xiao Family needed to avoid the family.

Originally, Xiao Yan and Long Li were supposed to be at their respective homes cultivating, but they were provoked by Su Zhan. The two left the Meite City successively. Long Li went out to cultivate on his own, searching for an opportunity to advance. As for Xiao Yan, apparently he went to the imperial capital.

Orinda Country’s biggest royal family summoners’ academy was in the imperial capital. Xiao Yan’s sister, Xiao Ya, had entered the academy a few years ago. Although she wasn’t the genius of a genius, she was an influential figure in this small Meite City. This was also the reason why the Xiao Family had dominated the position as the most influential family in Meite City and hadn’t fallen yet.

Now, Xiao Yan had left the Meite City in advance. As a result, the Xiao Family had quietened down, laying in low.

For a moment, the entire Meite City was peaceful and calm.

But how long could this silence maintain for?

There were cities of all sizes around Meite City. News of the Su Family in Meite City having an exceptional genius gradually spread. Even more, the news became more and more bizarre. There were even some people that said that Su Zhan had found ancient treasure within the division~

Su Residence, inner courtyard.

For the past few days, Su Ya had been wearing a dark face. An influential person attracts enemies. Though the Su Family hadn’t developed or expanded greatly yet, it has already been the prick in some people’s eyes. Especially Su Zhan. He had been in the spotlight for too long. Long Qianzhan had vaguely mentioned this to Su Ya. Even the higher ups have noticed him. This was definitely not a good thing.

He subconsciously walked to his son’s courtyard. Before he could walk in, he heard a burst of laughter coming from inside.

“Su Liang’s cooking skills have gotten better and better. The meat is fat but not greasy. It’s crispy outside and tender inside. I’ll give you a five-star rating.”

This was Su Wan’s voice. She was in Su Rui’s arms. She squinted her eyes and enjoyed the delicious food that Su Liang had just roasted.

As for Su Pei, she carefully served upon Little White who clearly grew fatter.

Eat, eat, eat. All he knows is to eat.

Glancing at the scene in the courtyard, Su Ya couldn’t help but darken his expression and walk inside angrily.


Seeing Su Ya’s figure, Su Liang and Su Pei immediately stood up and obediently greeted him. Su Wan also blinked her eyes, standing up from Su Rui’s arms. “Lord, you haven’t eaten yet, have you? Do you want some roast meat?”

Su Ya was speechless.

How can I bear to eat anything? Why aren’t you worried?

“Su Zhan, follow me.”

Su Ya’s gaze landed on Su Rui, his tone rare but solemn.


Su Rui gradually stood up after hearing Su Ya’s words. In a careless tone, “Wife, you can go ahead and eat first. You don’t need to save me anything.”

After that, he followed Su Ya out of the courtyard quickly.

Seeing that the father-son pair had walked far, Little White then snuggled to Su Wan’s feet with a round belly. “Su Wan, does old man Su Ya dislike you? I think he’s planning on finding my master another wife. I heard that Zhao Family’s daughter, Zhao Cuiying, had leveled to a grade five summoner too. She’s a year younger than you. Plus, Zhao Family’s young miss...tch, say, will master end up falling in love with her?”

“Fall in love with her?”

When Su Wan heard Little White’s words, she just pursed her lips carelessly. Then, her gaze landed on Su Liang and Su Pei. Su Wan had been silently observing them while they were by Su Rui’s side. The two had proper conduct and were considerately loyal to herself and Su Rui. She could cultivate them.


Su Wan recalled her family. The branch that she was born in was in a village really far away from Meite City. It was a remote mountain village. In the original plot, the original body, Su Wan, had become a nemesis to Su Wu because Xiao Yan ended up following in love with the latter.

Su Wu was an assassin in the first place so she naturally wouldn’t be merciful towards her enemies.

Therefore, the original body became a cannon fodder. After that, there was a bestial tide and many places were destroyed or damaged greatly. Her family had all died in that bestial tide.

Although Su Wan didn’t feel anything towards the original body’s family, since she took over their status, she couldn’t watch as her family just died like that.

Now, she and Su Rui required manpower, a lot of trustworthy people...

“Su Liang, Su Pei, do you guys want to become summoners?”

Su Wan suddenly asked.

There was a moment of silence in the air.

“Third miss?”

Su Pei looked up at Su Wan with a complicated gaze. “Of course I want to become a summoner but I…I am already sixteen and I still can’t activate my spiritual power successfully.”

“So what if you did successfully?”

Su Liang couldn’t resist the urge to place the knife used to cut apart meat down. “I was able to activate my spiritual power successfully when I was fifteen but unfortunately, I only summoned an useless weapon. I can use it to cut meat but it won’t work against magical beasts.”

In Dongchuan, mainland, many people dreamed of and looked forward to becoming summoners. However, not everyone would be able to and not all could summon powerful and fierceful magical weapons and beasts.

Though some people were able to activate their spiritual powers when they were young, they were unable to summon strong magical beasts and weapons. They stayed inconspicuous and insignificant summoners their entire lives. They weren’t even considered summoners.

Su Liang and Su Pei were born from a branch as well. When they were young, they were their family’s hope. They were chosen to enter the main family when they were young and both wanted to become strong summoners. However, a few years had passed and the two were still only Su Family’s servants. The only thing worth that’s worth being gratified about was that they were quite lucky and encountered two masters with powerful statuses and great personalities.


Seeing the two’s complicated expressions, Su Wan couldn’t help but talk again, “If I can transform you guys into powerful summoners but you two have to exchange your lives as the price, will you guys be willing? As long as you’re willing to swear with your soul and never betray me and your master, I’ll tell him to pass the secret method to become a summoner to you guys!”

“Third miss, are you saying the truth?”

Su Liang and Su Pei’s eyes teared up hearing Su Wan’s words.

“We’re willing to follow you and master. We won’t betray you guys!”

The two wanted to make their vows right now.

Su Wan was really pleased with their reactions.

A wastrel’s counterattack?

As long as they had a powerful goldfinger, any wastrels could have a counterattack. Anyone could become the leading role in their own lives.

As the female lead in this world, Su Wu’s biggest strength was the mnemonic chant. But what if everyone in the Su Family that had low aptitudes learned this mnemonic chant?

As long as wastrels were willing to work hard, as long as they had resources, they could slowly level up and become powerful summoners.

Plus, Su Zhan had given this to them. In exchange, no matter how much achievements they made in the future, they weren’t allowed to betray the Su Family...

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