Chapter 245: You Say, What Is Obssession?

As whether Nan Xun was a big playgirl or not, she was probably the one who knows best.

When State Teacher entered or exited the palace, he’d usually brought along the most senior Gong Da and the most talented Gong Liu with him. However, the two of them were nowhere in sight as they were replaced by a woman.

That woman was beautiful. She was wearing a white dress and her long black hair was made into a simple bun. When she was standing with State Teacher, the two of them were like fairies walking straight out of a painting, they were very eye-catching.

After Nan Xun changed her clothes, everyone in Moran Hall were shocked greatly.

Sure enough, people rely on clothes. Those disciples knew that this lowly Gu person called Li Yunduo looked good. But they never thought that with just a change of clothes like this, she looked like an immortal. Completely like a different person.

No, Little Eight who really understood Nan Xun wanted to say to them: She’s just pretending.

As soon as she wore the white dress, Nan Xun unconsciously began to play pretend. Using her words, white was such a pure and impeccable color, so her gestures and smiles must match that color too, otherwise it would be a waste not to.

Regarding Nan Xun’s pretentious speech, Little Eight just treated it as a joke. Ha ha.

People who didn’t know were very curious about the identity of the beauty in white. They always thought that the State Teacher was an immortal, an unattainable god. Gong Da and Gong Liu who were usually with him were just his attendants. However, this woman wasn’t the same. When they stood together side by side, f*ck, they really looked like an immortal couple, such eye candies ah!

Nan Xun was also quite surprised by this matter. She walked a step behind Gong Moran, but it was originally three steps away. When she walked two steps forward secretly, Gong Moran only glanced at her without saying anything, so her guts immediately inflated like a balloon.

“My Lord, why are you taking me with you?” Nan Xun asked curiously.

Her eyes were shifting, and before the other party could answer, she spoke like she had a deep understanding, “I understand, is it because of that Princess Yao? My Lord, do you want me to ward off this peach blossom?”

Gong Moran said lightly, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Nan Xun said with a smile, “I’m not talking nonsense. We ran into Princess Yao just now, and after she saw you, her eyes were glued and couldn’t move away. Tsk. Six words are clearly written on her face: My heart is pleased with you.”

Gong Moran flicked his finger on her forehead and reminded her, “She’s a few generations away from this Lord.”

Nan Xun had become accustomed to the big boss’ occasional small, spoiling movements towards her. If it weren’t for Little Eight who often reported her of the progress, she wouldn’t know that under this gentle illusion was still a heart as cold as an ice.

“My Lord, you don’t know that you have already been a male god inside so many Nanyun Kingdom’s ladies’ hearts? What is a god? That’s an existence that can only be seen from a distance but can’t be dallied with, ordinary women don’t dare have any thoughts about you. But that Princess Yao was a special one. Not only was her heart pleased with you, but her thoughts were clearly written on her face.” Nan Xun said, as if she was a little envious of the other’s identity.

Gong Moran took in her reaction and gently rubbed her head, “You’re this Lord’s person. Your identity isn’t less than that Princess Yao.”

Nan Xun hummed an ‘oh’ and said, “Thank you, Lord, for comforting me, but I know who I am quite clearly.”

Gong Moran glanced at her and didn’t say anything else.

With a silence between the two, Nan Xun walked quietly beside him, staring scorchingly at the crystal-clear earlobes of the man. This was the nth time she had seen them.

The pair of earlobes were really crystal clear, unblemished, just like a white jade.

Just an ear, and it can already affect one’s heart like this.

Nan Xun withdrew her eyes and sighed in her heart, “Little Eight, you say… what is obsession?”

Little Eight exclaimed, “What are you talking about? Persistent thoughts? What the hell? You suddenly asked such an irrelevant question, what is it about?”

Nan Xun said, “Little Eight, what do you think about a man who has a very strong obsession over a woman? The kind that’s very perverted and stubborn that he was willing to go everywhere for her. Because this woman has face-blindness, he even branded his own body so only she would recognize him with a glance. One day he finally obtained that woman’s body and mind for many years. It can be said as a happy ending. After that, they returned to the past. Everything started again from the beginning, but this time, the brand that the man left for the woman suddenly disappeared. Why?”

Little Eight didn’t know why Nan Xun wanted to ask such an absurd question, but because he was bored, he answered it seriously, “This doesn’t need much thoughts ah. Haven’t you heard this word? Once a man obtains something, he wouldn’t cherish it anymore. This is a man’s deep-rooted bad habit and this grandpa had seen a lot of them. Even if this man isn’t that kind of person, but he had stayed with the person he likes for several years. It’s already a perfect ending oh, what else should be regretted? No regrets, so that obsession will naturally fade.”

Nan Xun pursed her lips and said faintly, “I suddenly think that what you said makes sense.”

Little Eight chuckled, “This grandpa is a beast that has lived for tens of thousands of years, has seen a lot of things.”

Nan Xun’s tone raised up, as if she was greatly surprised, “Ooh, Little Eight, so you’re actually this old!”

Little Eight angrily said, “Nonsense! This grandpa isn’t old at all! We, Void Beasts, aren’t old at all, because we’re mythical beasts that has the same age as heaven and earth! Like the demon king of the first world, he’s an ancient evil beast with the same age as heaven and earth too, after he grew up, his demon power will be at its strongest, and his appearance will maintain the beauty of his prime age, not growing old at all.”

Nan Xun uttered faintly, giving a conclusion, “So it’s old soul with young face.”

Little Eight: …

Nan Xun raised her head to look at the shining sun in the sky, the light was a little too dazzling, she squinted her eyes and looked at it for a while. For a moment, there was some kind of panic that she had never experienced before.

With regrets gone, obsession faded, and then ah, when there’s no more obsession left, this person would disappear forever…

The little girl beside him went silent for quite a while, making Gong Moran somewhat curious. He tilted his head and found that the little girl was a few steps behind, looking at the sky in a daze.

“Little girl, walk properly, don’t look around.” Gong Moran slowed down his steps and waited for her.

Nan Xun returned to her senses. She looked at the man with that cold face, the corner of her mouth bent as she trotted over, “My Lord, I’ve never been out of Moran Hall, so I didn’t know that the palace scenery is this beautiful, even the sky looked bluer outside.”

Gong Moran shook his head slightly, “I’m going to meet the emperor this time, when I’m free, I’ll take you around this palace for sightseeing.”

When Nan Xun heard this, she showed a big, wide smile, “Thank you Lord! A gentleman’s word is as good as gold, my Lord must not forget.”


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