Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 245 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (7)

“You’re saying that you’re a grade ten divine beast?”

Seeing that Little White revealed his status arrogantly, Su Wan couldn’t help but squint her eyes. She walked over and bent down, lifting him in her hands. “I heard that divine beasts are able to transform into human forms since birth. Here, transform into your human form for me to see.”

Little White was speechless.

If this divine beast could change forms, do you think I’d let you bully me?

“I, I was sealed so I can’t use my spiritual power for now. Without my spiritual power, I naturally can’t transform.”

While saying this, Little White struggled to get out of Su Wan’s hands.

“So you’re a divine beast that was sealed, hm? Even if you’re saying the truth, so what?”

Su Wan waved her hands and sweeped Little White to the ground.

“Hey, be nicer. You guys need this divine beast’s help right now. Hmph, I know your secret!”

Little White shook the dust off of his body and glanced arrogantly at Su Zhan. “Want to make a deal? I’ll accept the contract and you’ll transfer excess spiritual power to me.”

“To you?”

Su Rui sneered. “So what if you’re really a divine beast? Once I give my spiritual power to you, what if you end up going back on your words once your power is unsealed? I read the ancient records and it said that divine beasts only recognize one master in their entire life. Didn’t you take Su Wu to be your master? You’re trying to lie to me?”

In the end, Su Rui’s voice was icy cold. There was even icy cold spiritual influence gathering in the room.

“Hey, calm down. I didn’t recognize Su Wu as my master.”

Seeing that Su Rui might get mad anytime, Little White tried to explain in advance.

Su Wu was still a grade eight summoner at this time. There was no way that Little White would recognize her as the master.

However, because Su Wu had awakened Little White from his longtime sleep, he instinctively became close to her.

According to the plot, Little White hadn’t recognized anyone as his master even after the first layer of seal was removed, up until Su Wu was framed and almost killed. Little White recognized her as his master in order to save her.

After the divine beast recognized a master, they could share their spiritual power with their master. In the end, Su Wu had used Little White’s spiritual power to escape everyone.


Su Rui’s gaze flickered upon hearing Little White’s words. A faint smile floated on his face. “If that’s the case, I can consider your suggestion.”

Little White thought: you’re just considering it? Dear, I’m a divine beast! Divine beast! You won’t get another opportunity if you miss this one! What are you hesitating for? Make your move now!

Little White was really worried inside but he didn’t dare express this in front of Su Rui and Su Wan.

Hmph. This divine beast has a really high IQ. Both of them were geniuses. That Su Zhan was even a rarely seen genius on Dongchuan, mainland from tens of thousands of years before. This divine beast won’t suffer any losses recognizing him as master. One day, he’d definitely become well known across the entire mainland. By then, this divine beast will also be admired by the entire world.

There are talented people everywhere but not every one of them is recognized.

That’s right. This divine beast is an all-seeing mind. Master Su, quickly yield to this divine beast!

While a certain divine beast was imagining their beautiful future, Su Wan and Su Rui secretly exchanged gazes.

Got him!

General Su had the most experience in dealing with divine beasts. (A certain white tiger king and black dragon king exchanged news: silver-white tiger, may you accept fate).

“Okay, I’ll believe you this time.”

As if making a decision, Su Rui stood up and drew a contract configuration midair in the room. Then he bit his finger, the fresh blood droplets rolling down.

That’s right. Forming a master-servant relationship between divine beasts and humans didn’t require an ordinary contract. Instead, it needed the master and the divine beast’s fresh blood. While the two were willing, they were to drop their blood into the configuration for the contract to work.

They watched as Little White dropped his blood onto the configuration as well. Red light lit in the room and a silver mark flickered on Su Rui’s forehead before it vanished.

Master recognition: successful!

Su Wan sighed by the side. The first step to their plan had been successfully achieved. Thankfully this silve-white tiger that had been asleep for tens of thousands of years was a simple-minded and innocent divine beast. Plus, he’d definitely desire power after being sealed for so long. After Su Rui displayed his endless capabilities and talent in front of him, it wasn’t surprising that Little White would make this decision.

Su Rui and Su Wan had achieved their goals but a certain divine beast would definitely become a scapegoat.  

Wasn’t he supposed to be well-known across the mainland? Wasn’t he supposed to be admired by everyone?

Although his master did become known by the entire world, a certain divine beast had stayed in Meite City his entire life with his master.

Apparently, the sky outside was blue. The grass was green and the flower was red. Even the magical beasts were beautiful and handsome.

Master, I really want to take a look...

Su Rui: don’t cook for Little White tonight. He can be full mentally.

Little White: master, I’m sorry! The world outside is amazing but it also makes me feel helpless~

In short, as a foodie, his whole life will be very hard and bitter.

Of course, this was in the future.

Right now, Little White had just recognized Su Rui as his master. He felt as if his entire body was full of power and energy. It was great having a grade two summoner! He had enough spiritual power!

He obtained countless spiritual powers from Su Rui. Little White had did his best to absorb the spiritual power and gather them in a certain part of his body, planning on removing the first layer of seal.

The moment he removed the first layer, he would be able to use and cultivate his spiritual power freely. Plus, every divine beast naturally had inherited their own set of skills. After removing the first layer, Little White would be able to cultivate silver-white tiger family’s skills.


Paired with this snap, the white light on Little White glowed and he grew bigger. Although he still looked like a little wolf-dog, he seemed a bit more fierce?

The seal was removed.

“The first layer of seal is removed, it’s removed!”

Right now, Little White was excitedly bouncing around Su Rui’s room. Su Rui and Su Wan glanced at each other and helplessly laughed.

Although a certain divine beast was ten thousand years old, he still acted like a child.

Though they shouldn’t be lying to a child, Su Wan felt no guilt from doing that.

“A-Zhan, now that Little White has recognized you as his master, what should we do with Sister Su Wu?”

Su Wan revealed a worried expression when Su Wu was mentioned. “If she knew that her favorite divine beast had betrayed her, she’d be really upset.”

“It’s fine.”

Su Rui faintly smiled. “Little Wu is still a grade nine summoner. There is still a really long time before she reaches grade five summoner. By then, she’d be grown up and she’d understand.”

Little White was speechless.

Oh no. I think I taught Su Wu a really powerful ancient mnemonic chant. She’d be leveling up really quickly now~

Little White felt really conflicted after hearing their conversation. Should he tell them about Su Wu?

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