Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 244 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (6)

As a silver-white tiger, Little White always thought that he was a mighty and grand existence. He was born tens of thousands years ago. Since his birth, he was already a grade ten divine beast. What did that mean?

The king of the magical beasts in the divine was just a grade nine magical beast that could change into human form. Therefore, do you guys know how strong a grade ten magical beast is now? Yet, Little White was ultimately useless. He could only guard the door in the Su Family right now. He really was unlucky. When he was born tens of thousands of years ago, there was a vast battle between the immortals and beasts . Though the immortals successfully sealed the beasts in hell and abyss, the immortals also suffered a lot of damages. At that time, the divine beasts were all sealed by the king of beasts. A majority of the deities had fallen down. Paired with the retirement of the immortals, the other species on the mainland China had started to become prosperous however. By now, half of the mainland was already the humans’ world.

Now, it was a new age for the humans. The summoners conquered the mainland.


Didn’t he just awaken the dormant magical beasts and weapons through his own spiritual power? Towards this, Little White snorted. This divine beast knows many ancient secret methods, okay? Hmph, I can scare you guys to death with any~

Right, even so, Little White still believed that he was a mighty existence. He refused to bow down to them.

“Little White, time to eat!”

At this time, Su Pei had come inside the courtyard with a lunchbox from the kitchen coincidentally. Seeing Little White trying to catwalk in the courtyard, she couldn’t help but smile and kneel down. “Little White, come here. I got your favorite pork leg. It’s really tasty!”

Little White: I already said that I can’t bow down to you guys! But I might consider it if that’s meat involved. As a divine beast, I have to be able to bow down when needed. (Why did this sound so familiar?)

Su Wan and Su Rui came outside to see Su Pei carrying Little White sitting down and eating.

Seeing how Little White was ravaging his food, Su Wan couldn’t help but shake her head. Sigh. He’s worthy of being a divine beast that has been sealed for tens of thousands of years! Look at this posture. One could tell that he hadn’t eaten in so many days~

“Master, third miss, you’re back!”

Su Family has gotten used to Su Wan and Su Rui being together.

Plus, Su Ya had released news that Xiao Yan was the reason why the engagement had broken off. The male lead had indifferently accepted it as well. But Su and Xiao Family’s relationship has become more and more incompatible.

Towards Su Wan and Su Zhan’s relationship, the hearts of the young ladies and men in the Su Family were broken!

When Little White saw Su Wan and Su Rui, he subconsciously hid behind Su Pei. The two of them gave off a dangerous feeling.

Seeing Little White’s action, Su Wan’s gaze flickered. She moved over and smiled, pulling on Su Rui’s robe. “A-Zhan, didn’t you say you’ll teach me the new mnemonic chant today? Quickly, I’m too impatient!”

“Mn, okay.”

It was rare to see his wife acting cute in front of him. Su Rui smiled and pulled Su Wan inside the room.

Su Liang exchanged a look with Su Pei halfway while walking.

Damn, are they going to start to bully the single people again?

Please restrain yourselves a bit, okay? The sky just got dark!

They’ve always put on a r-rated show every night. Did they think that they could advance just by doing it over and over again?

Su Liang was still standing there roasting the two. An hour later, there was actually a huge spiritual cloud above Su Zhan’s courtyard. The spiritual influence rolled over and over, brightening the night sky and stealing away the moonlight.

The entire Su Family had an uproar again.

Heaven, heaven! Master leveled up again!

Su Liang was speechless.

Not only was Su Liang frozen but a certain ancient divine beast did too.

Su Zhan leveled up again? This didn’t make sense!

No, the spiritual clouds didn’t look like Su Zhan was leveling from grade three to grade two summoner. Rather, Su Wan was the one leveling from grade six to grade five summoner?

Mn, that’s right. Su Wan has been at the peak of grade six summoner. It made sense that she leveled to a grade five summoner.

Su Ya had brought a group of people and surrounded Su Zhan’s courtyard again. They had long detected that this time, it wasn’t Su Zhan who had leveled up but Su Wan.

Mn, no matter what, they were part of the Su Family. That was a great occasion then.

The spiritual clouds in the sky were about to dissipate when wind suddenly blew from all directions. Spiritual influence had gathered and formed a strong spiritual cloud above the Su Family. This is...

“Oh god!”

The entire Su Family had flared up. Such a strong spiritual cloud storm had covered nearly the entire Meite City. This was...the omen leveling from grade three to two summoner!

Just how long had it been since Su Zhan had leveled to grade three? Ten or eight days?

He had quickly leveled to grade two summoner! What were the rest of them supposed to do?

At this moment, not just the Su Family, but the entire Meite City was sleepless.

“The future belongs to you young people.”

In the castellan’s residence right now, Long Qianzhan was standing in the courtyard glancing at the Su Family. He sighed.

Su Family was already extremely lucky and fortunate to have Su Zhan. The most influential family in Meite City would probably belong to them too...

Su Zhan...

Not far from Su Family, Xiao Yan stood silently on the rooftop of the Xiao Family glancing at the spiritual clouds gathering endlessly. His gaze gradually became dark.

Su Zhan, you’re worthy of me putting my best in to beat you.

Xiao Yan looked down and glanced at the token in his hands. His sister, Xiao Ya had sent someone from the imperial capital to give him this token. This was the royal family summoners’ academy’s token.

Originally, Xiao Yan didn’t prepare to enter the academy through his sister’s connection. But it seemed like if he wanted to surpass Su Zhan as quickly as possible, he must leave Meite City.

Su Zhan, you and I will fight one day.

Even if he wasn’t doing this for himself, he had to for his family’s honor...

Destiny had been changing silently. No one was an exception.

Su Family.

This time, Su Rui and Su Wan’s advancement had grown face for the Su Family. However, they weren’t as lucky as before. They didn’t get to summon an exceptional precious sword like the Purple Ming.

Of course, people shouldn’t be too greedy.

By the time they finished advancing, the two continued their private sessions in bed, not even bothering to show their faces. Everyone else had no other option but to return home and get ready to sleep.

Therefore, there was new news in Meite City on the second day.

Do you know Su Zhan?

Did you know that Su Zhan advanced?

Do you know why Su Zhan had advanced that quickly?

According to insiders, he had obtained a certain summoner senior’s teachings in the division. He learned something good. Apparently, he could level up by having sex with women?

What? You don’t believe me?

I’m telling you. My uncle’s wife’s aunt’s son’s second aunt’s cousin’s cousin works in the Su Family. Apparently, Su Zhan does nothing but have sex with his own woman every day~

There were all sorts of strange things in the world. Yet, people actually believed in the bizarre rumor. Even more, lots of people believed this was the truth!

Little White: They’re basically humiliating this divine beast’s IQ! But I bet there’s something fishy going on between the two. I have to examine them closely and find their secret.

As the rumors got more and more bizarre in Meite City, there were countless people coming to the Su Family to visit Su Rui and ask him to become their masters in order to learn his skills. Glancing at the eager men and women, Su Wan was at a loss of words. Thankfully, Su Rui wore a dark face and always acted aloof like a male adonis. People couldn’t withstand his cold aura and all left the Su Family in the end.

Today, he just chased away another group of people who wanted to formally become apprentices to him.

By the time Su Rui returned to the room, he eluded a depressing aura.

“We can’t allow this to continue on anymore.”

Su Rui sat on his chair, his face dark and gloomy.

“Then what do we do?”

Su Wan also looked at him worriedly. “The inherited skills that you’re cultivating right now has a strong effect. If you advance too quickly, sooner or later, the royal family in Orinda or even the other countries on the mainland will covet after you. It might even bring disaster to the Su Family. What a pity that there’s only a way to increase people’s spiritual power but not to decrease.”

“Decrease spiritual power?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Rui’s gaze brightened. “If I can get an agreement with an advanced magical beast, then that’d be good. Apparently, advanced magical beasts could share spiritual power with their master. That way, I can pass the excess spiritual influence inside my body to it. Unfortunately… there isn’t an advanced magical beast in the entire Meite City that could withstand the spiritual influence inside my body.”

“Who said that there aren’t advanced magical beasts in Meite City?”

A casual voice suddenly rang outside the door. Little White cat walked inside elegantly. “This magical beast, wait no, this divine beast is grade ten! Grade ten, do you know?”

Apparently, foodies were all simplistic. This certain divine beast, does your mother know that you’re eagerly jumping into a pit?

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