Chapter 244: Playgirl

After the small incident, the examination continued. The eighteen disciples used their own blood to draw talismans, burn incense, draw a gathering spirit array, and then attract wind and clouds and call thunder and lightning.

Their spirit gathering array was drawn on a small open space next to the table. Their level naturally couldn’t be compared with the state teacher’s. After all the steps were completed, Gong Da and several other disciples with good aptitudes summoned moderate rainfall, while others could only summon a drizzle.

Nan Xun saw the drizzle summoned by Gong Shiqi and laughed at him mercilessly, making Gong Shiqi stamp his foot on the spot.

Seeing Gong Moran approaching, Gong Shiqi immediately bowed his head, “My apologies, my Lord, this disciple has ashamed you.”

Gong Moran said lightly, “No harm, you entered Moran Hall late so you naturally aren’t better than your seniors.”

Nan Xun immediately pulled the rug from his feet. “Aiya, my Lord, there’s no need to comfort Shiqi ah, look at Shiba, the rain he summoned was heavier than his.” [shiqi = 17, shiba = 18, so shiqi is shiba's senior, but shiba is better than shiqi]

Gong Shiqi: …

Gong Shiqi hated Li Yunduo to death. He was thinking about how to fiercely stab this little girl in his mind.

At the end of exam, Gong Moran rubbed the little girl’s head and took her away, leaving a group of disciples staring at each other.

Nan Xun received a few new beautiful clothes the next day.

She stared at those dresses for a while, and her heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Dang, this dress’s material is too good! The meticulous workmanship almost caught up with State Teacher’s white robe.

Nan Xun couldn’t wait to change into the white dress. She tried to gather her long hair on top of her head, but gave up when it kept falling down to her shoulders.

Little Eight couldn’t help but sigh, “Tsk, beautiful ah, you’d definitely blind those men if you go out. Anyway, can’t you change to a prettier hairstyle?”

Nan Xun replied, “But, I can only do this one ah.” After a slight pause, she proudly added, “Don’t the ladies in ancient times have maidservants to help them with their hair? They’re not as good as me oh.”

Little Eight: …

You’re born with such beauty, so whatever you say is right.

The happy Nan Xun made big boss’ favorite pastry, Scholar Blossom Cake, that very night.

After Gong Moran ate a piece, he suddenly waved to her. “Girl, come here.”

Nan Xun walked to him and asked with a smile, “Lord, do you want me to do anything ah?”

The corners of Gong Moran’s mouth bent slightly. He removed the gu insect from the silver gu vessel gracefully. “Girl, it’s time to try this again today.”

Nan Xun’s face stiffened instantly.

[email protected], it’s fake, all of it is fake, the gentleness today is all fake!

In the blink of an eye, a heart-biting gu was implanted into Nan Xun. The pain almost made her roll on the floor, but she held back like her life depended on it. She squeezed Gong Moran’s palm with her fingers, and a kind of enduring cry seeped out from her. “Lord, I’m hurting, it hurts…”

Gong Moran looked at her indifferently, but he suddenly raised his hand gently, covered her head with his big palm, rubbed it, and then pressed several acupuncture points.

Nan Xun’s pain was reduced by more than half.

When the gu trial was over, Gong Moran rubbed her little head. “It’s okay, it’s already over…”

It’s okay your sh1t. Over the next few days, Nan Xun was suffering from the pain of the heart-eating gu devouring her heart. However, when she was in pain, she also didn’t want to let Gong Moran to stay well. She bit the other side’s arm until it was full of her teeth marks and bleeding; they were really deep.

Gong Moran looked at her indifferently. Even when she bit him, his expression never changed once.

When Nan Xun was dizzy with pain, she hugged his thigh and cried, “My Lord, in fact, I have admired you for a long time…since I saw you three years ago, I have always thought of you… I’m sure you don’t remember me. That day, I hid in the crowd and peeked on you, but you found me out.”

Gong Moran’s eyes drooped slightly, looking at the woman with a full head of cold sweat clinging onto his foot. He suddenly reached out and patted her back, again and again, and his cold voice carried a hint of unnoticeable tenderness. “This Lord naturally remembers you, your eyes were very… scorching. I couldn’t forget it after I’d seen it.”

There was something very steadfast and pure inside that burning gaze of hers, that’s what really attracted him to look at her more.

Nan Xun seemed to be lost in her own world, she didn’t even hear what he said to her.

She rubbed her face on his thigh with some sadness as she hummed softly, “Why do you think I’m rushing to become your gu person ah, I will be satisfied as long as I can get close to you. Now, even if I can’t hold on and die testing gu, I’ll never regret my decision…”

Gong Moran patted her back for a while, his voice becoming a few degrees colder than usual. “Girl, I won’t let you die.” After a short pause, he added a sentence that made Nan Xun, who was in a daze, also want to pounce and bite him to death. “I won’t find another gu person like you again if you died.”

Of course Nan Xun wasn’t really in a daze. Little Eight shielded 90% of her pain, so no matter how uncomfortable she was, she wouldn’t faint. Furthermore, perhaps she was used to this heart-eating gu, but her nerves were a little numb; it wasn’t as painful as before.

Right when Nan Xun felt so angry she wanted to jump on him, Gong Moran suddenly said, “If you’re dead, this Lord won’t be able to eat the Scholar Blossom Cake that you made again.”

Nan Xun felt a lot more comfortable when she heard this sentence. After feeling reassured, she fainted while hugging his thigh.

In her sleep, Nan Xun was in a daze when she heard Little Eight happily say, “Dear da, just now you had a heart-to-heart talk and you also hugged big boss’ thigh. It was very effective ah, big boss’ evil value has dropped by five whole points oh, ha ha ha~”

Nan Xun’s mouth curled slightly. She had quite a good dream that night.

Nan Xun woke up the next day on Gong Moran’s favorite couch.

Gong Moran had already left. It seemed that he had gone to see the monarch, so she was the only one left inside that huge inner hall.

There seemed to be a sandalwood scent that the couch gave off. Nan Xun turned sideways, stretched her thighs, and curled up on it. She looked like she wanted to hold the entire couch in her arms as she sniffed around with deep breaths.

Litte Eight, “What are you smelling?”

Nan Xun said without any shame, “Big boss’ body fragrance oh.”

Little Eight, “… little pervert.”

Nan Xun snorted, “I have been exposed to so many big perverts after all this time, isn’t it normal for me to act like this?”

Little Eight: …

“Back to the subject, you acted very well in front of big boss last night and his evil value dropped by 5 points,. We’re now left with 94 points. In consideration of the fact that you slept like a corpse last night, this grandpa decided to tell you this once more.”

Nan Xun’s beautiful eyes curved slightly. “Who told you that I was pretending? Half of it was true oh.”

Little Eight cussed and said, “You, no, is this ‘seeing one and loving one’ thing good? What about you pledging your eternal love to A’Mang in the last world? You forgot?”

Little Eight was still uncertain in the first few worlds, but the last world was different ah, he could see that Nan Xun was moved. As for how many emotions were moved, Nan Xun hid it too deeply. He couldn’t be wrong though, she was so sticky with A’Mang at the last world, but she immediately shifted her affection to someone else when arriving in this world?

Humph, it was also good like this. He won’t need to be worried that Nan Xun would sink too deep, because she’s such a playgirl.


Playgirl... is it? ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

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