Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 243 - The Wastrel's counterattack (5)

Su Zhan’s return and his advancement had become a hot topic of discussion in Meite City. Of course, paired with that was scandals about Su Zhan and Xiao Yan fighting over Su Wan.

Needless to say, the common people in the Meite City were really interested in these kidneys of scandals. By nightfall, the story about the three had been made into an inspiring and tragic love story by wanderers and poets.

The entire Su Family was busy right now. Su Family’s disciples were motivated by Su Zhan’s advancement and this caused them to work even harder. In their perspective, Su Zhan’s advancement was a crucial step to the Su Family becoming the most influential family in Meite City. While the youngsters were busy cultivating, Su Ya and a group of elders were having a really long meeting in the conference room.

This is an opportunity for the Su Family to surpass the Xiao Family but at the same time, there was danger.

The moment Xiao Family forms connection with the Zhao Family, they’d impose a lot of pressure on the Su Family...

Su Zhan’s courtyard.

While everyone was busy, General Su just woke up from a good rest and was now holding his wife in his arms, looking out the window and admiring the moon.

Su Family could only see the small Meite City but Su Rui and Su Wan knew better. This was just the novice village that female and male lead started off with. By the time the female lead leveled up, Meite City will be welcoming a bestial tide. While combating the magical beasts, Long Qianzhan would die in the battle. But before he died, he activated his castellan’s token and summoned the emergency assistance order that Orinda Country’s royal family issued for each castellan.

The moment this token was summoned, the royal family summoners’ association members closest to Meite City would rush here to assist them as fast as they could.

It was during this time that Su Wu, Xiao Yan, Long Li, and Su Zhan were taken fancy to by the royal family’s summoners’ academy’s teachers. They were sent to carry out the saving mission. Therefore, after the bestial tide, the four left Meite City and then started their own lives.

This was the real reason as to how the female lead started rising in power. She started gathering all types of geniuses within Orinda Country. Plus, there were many advanced magical beasts. As long as they had money, they could buy their favorite magical beasts. Of course, it depended if they had the ability to get the magical beasts to surrender to them.

Su Wu who obtained the ancient method could use it to make any magical beasts and weapons surrender to her.Then, she could transform them into her own summoning magical beasts and weapons. It was hard for her to stay low-profile when she had such exceptional tools at her will.

After what happened with Xunran State, Su Wan didn’t want to give the male and female lead any chance to rise to power.

She must throttle any signs of danger while it was still sprouting.

She must get the upper hand.

“How do you plan on dealing with Su Wu?”

Su Rui had never placed Xiao Yan in his eyes before because the leading role in this world was Su Wu.

“Don’t make it sound so ugly. She’s your sister. Sisters need a lot of love.”

Su Wan lifted her head from Su Rui’s arms and glanced at his handsome but skinny side profile. With a bit of laziness in his tone, “I think we should take good care of her, hm. Meite City is really nice. It’s okay if she stays here for the rest of her life, don’t you think so?”

“You want to raise her into a useless person?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Rui’s gaze flickered. “She was an assassin in her past life, ruthless and cold, always guarding people with caution. Plus, she has an ability that no one else has right now. She is ambitious and capable. How could she possibly stay in Meite City, this small place forever?”

“Her biggest goldfinger right now is that white wolf. Let’s start from that first.”

General Su was most experienced in dealing with divine beasts and whatnot.

“Hubby, I’ll be handing you this grand mission~ Mwah~”

Su Rui was speechless.

The sun was bright on the second day.

The moment Su Wu woke up, she instinctively patted her bed. Hm? Empty?

She suddenly sat up, his gaze cold. Where’s Little White?

Little White was gluttonous and a pervert. He’d always try to snuggle in Su Wu’s arms. Of course, he was great at doing this in the night. In the beginning, Su Wu wasn’t used to someone being by her side. But Little White was chubby and fluffy. After a while, she got used to waking up to feeling a living thing on the bed. But Little White wasn’t here today?

“Little White? Little White!”

Su Wu jumped out of bed and shouted. Someone immediately responded crisply outside, “Young miss, master carried Little White away.”


Elder Brother ?

Su Wu froze. Ever since Su Zhan came back, they haven’t officially chatted. Su Wu was afraid that Su Zhan might be able to tell she was fake so she naturally spent her days idle. Seeing that Su Zhan didn’t come to look for her, she didn’t bother to meet her so-called Elder Brother  either.

When the servants in the courtyard saw that Su Zhan was back, they changed their attitude towards Su Wu completely.

But speaking of, why did her Elder Brother  carry Little White away?

Su Wu thought about it, still worried for Little White. As a result, she changed her clothes and hastily arrived at Su Zhan’s courtyard. Before going inside, she saw the smoke in the courtyard. Early in the morning, Su Liang had actually started a fire to roast meat.

Wait, roast meat?

Su Wu glanced at the suspicious thing on the rack and couldn’t help but colden her expression. “Su Liang, what are you roasting?”

“Magical beasts’ meat. Master wants some. Young miss, do you want to try too?”

Su Liang replied without even looking at Su Wu. Speaking of, roasting meat required considerate skills. He had roasted quite a bit of magical beasts’ meat in the division. The more advanced the magical beasts were, their meat would be more tasty and chewy. The spiritual influence within the meat was also great~

Magical beast?

“Is it Little White? Did Elder Brother  have you roast Little White?”

Hearing Su Liang’s words, Su Wu immediately rushed over and fisted Su Liang’s collar, a murderous glint in her large, round eyes.

Su Liang was at a loss for words.

What the heck is Little White? Was it the dog that master carried back this morning?

“What’s all the noise about this early morning?”

At this time, the door to Su Zhan’s room was opened. Su Rui clad in black carried Little White out of the door with a cold look.

“Master, sob, Master, save me~”

Glancing at Su Rui, Su Liang couldn’t help but start crying. Eldest miss suddenly became terrifying. Master, quickly come and save me~

Su Wu saw the gentle Little White in Su Rui’s arms and she couldn’t help but sigh in relief. “Elder Brother, Little White’s here ah. I’m here for him.”


Su Rui glanced at her carelessly. “Su Wu, I heard from Su Wan that you can summon a double-edged sword now? You’re considered a beginner summoner. Elder brother will train you well in the future. This low-level magical beast isn’t suitable for you. Elder brother has found an even better one for you. When the time comes, I’ll help you summon it using my spiritual power and help you guys complete the contract too. No one will dare to look down on you within the Su Family anymore.”

Su Wu was speechless.

Thank you so much~

“Elder brother, I, I really like Little White. I don’t want any other summoning magical beasts. I just want that.”

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wu’s gaze flickered and immediately pretended that she didn’t want part from Little White.

The assassin’s acting skills were quite good. At the very least, he hadn’t seen through anything. Seeing that Su Wu was reluctant to part from Little White, Su Riu immediately said angrily, “Girl, why don’t you understand your elder brother’s painstaking effort? You’re willing to be bullied by others? How can my sister be so bulliable? You’re too soft-hearted! What do you need such a useless magical beast for? I’m killing it now!”

As he said this, Su Rui started to conjure spiritual power within his palm. Seeing that he was about to summon the Purple Ming Sword, Su Wu immediately became nervous. She knew that she wasn’t Su Zhan’s match nor did she dare to reveal her hidden card. Therefore, she could only act weak right now.

“Elder brother, don’t! Elder brother, I know I’m wrong!”

Su Wu stopped Su Rui’s action. “I’ll listen to my elder brother. Please don’t hurt Little White. Although he’s useless, I like him a lot. Elder brother, you’re the best. Just leave him with me, okay? He’ll be my pet.”

“You’re going to forget your mission if I give him back to you. I can’t right now. When you advance to a medium summoner, come and talk to me then.”

As he said this, Su Rui turned around coldly and carried Little White back to his room.

Seeing how determined her elder brother was, Su Wu stayed confused in the courtyard for a bit. She recalled how she was already a grade eight summoner. Though she still needed some time in order to get to grade five summoner, it wasn’t too difficult.

Plus, Su Zhan was providing resources for her. Wouldn’t it be easy for her to level up now?

She pondered over this before deciding to listen to Su Rui. She turned and left his courtyard.

After Su Wu left, Su Rui and Su Wan placed Little White on the table. General Su knitted his brows. “Leaving him alive will be trouble for us in the future too. Wife, why don’t we roast and eat him? Su Liang is great at roasting meat.”

Before Su Wan could answer, Little White on the table immediately widened his eyes and started speaking human language, “You, you can’t kill me. Do you guys know who I am?”

“Who are you?”

Su Wan bent over and touched Little White’s little head with her finger. “Could it be that you’re a divine beast that has been sealed? Are you saying that you know the ancient mnemonic chant that had died out a long time ago?”

Little White was at a loss for words.

How did you know?

Little White immediately glanced at them in alarm. “Just who are you? How do you know this divine beast’s identity?”


Su Wan couldn’t resist the urge to pat Little White’s head. “You really think you’re a divine beast? You must’ve listened to too many wanderers’ short stories. Nevermind that, seeing that you’re quite cute, we can leave you here to guard the door for us. We’ll be making the best use of everything then.”

Little White was speechless.

As a grand divine beast, you want me to guard the door like a dog?

“I refuse, I’m not a dog.”

A certain divine beast thought that they had hurt his dignity. Even his tone became a bit unhappy.

“Right, you’re not a dog. You’re just a low-level beast that looks really similar to a dog.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but strike, “Sigh, you’re quite exotic too. You actually can talk. There aren’t that many beasts that can talk. I wonder what species you are. Why don’t we dissect and take a look?”

“Hey, don’t act recklessly! I, I...will go guard the door, okay?”

A certain divine beast was also speechless. Now that he has fallen, everyone could bully him!

My spiritual power is sealed. Hmph. When Su Wu becomes a grade five summoner, she could use her spiritual power to remove the first layer of seal on me. By then, I’ll teach you guys a lesson~

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