Chapter 243 Come, Let’s Get Wet in The Rain Together

But soon, the disciples collected their minds since the lord was about to start the formation and cast the spell.

On the table were three pieces of talisman paper that had just been made. The first one had the wind and cloud symbol, the second one had the thunder and lightning symbol, while the third one had the rain symbol.

Gong Moran lit a stick of incense and inserted it into a cauldron, before walking in front of Nan Xun with a sword in his right hand.

Nan Xun: ?

Gong Moran held a long sword and drew a formation on her feet.

When Nan Xun saw the formation clearly, her heart jumped in shock.

Spirit Gathering Array!

The big boss could actually make this array?

Nan Xun immediately lowered her eyes and restrained the surprise in her heart.

After drawing the formation, Gong Moran suddenly picked up the first talisman with the sword in his hand and placed it inside the cauldron. The talisman quickly burned to ashes without fire.

“Come, wind and clouds,” the man said casually, with his sword pointed to the sky.

In the next second, Nan Xun felt wind coming from all around her, disheveling her hair.

Nan Xun looked up and saw dark clouds hanging above her head, and hers alone.

Gong Moran burned the second talisman and said, “Come, thunder and lightning.”

The dark clouds above Nan Xun’s head began to rumble, and lightning flashed all around, covering Nan Xun’s fair and charming face with a red flush as darkness and light took turns enveloping her.

With a roar, a huge bolt of lightning struck and split the tree that Nan Xun was holding in half.

Nan Xun was so frightened that she jumped on the spot, and almost jumped out of the formation.

“Be obedient, don’t move,” Gong Moran looked at her and said. His gaze was light, but there was a kind of majesty that made people incapable of disobeying him.

Nan Xun wanted to jump and bite him to death oh.

You told me to stay still, of course, because that lightning wasn’t coming for you!

However, after Nan Xun thought about it, she decided to stay still.

When Gong Moran finished the last step of “Come, rain”, the corner of Nan Xun’s mouth twitched. She leaned over and abruptly grabbed the man’s hand. While he was still in a daze, she pulled him inside the formation.

The next moment, the small patch of dark clouds over Nan Xun’s head rained heavily.

It was such a heavy downpour that the man inside the formation became a drowned chicken within just a few blinks of an eye.

Gong Moran’s long, jet-black hair was wet and stuck to his back, and his white brocade robe became… translucent.

Nan Xun had been prepared. When the heavy rain came, she hid inside Gong Moran’s arms and didn’t forget to pull his upper garment over her head. This series of movements were done so fast, leaving those disciples below stupefied.

Gong Moran was still expressionless, but there was a trace of emotion that could be regarded as “dazed” inside those pair of dead eyes.

That’s right, the Lord State Teacher was dazed.

If she didn’t take the initiative, there really wouldn’t be anyone in this world who dared to touch him. Nan Xun not only dared to touch him, but she also dared to let the state teacher bear the rain for her, she’s really… so impatient to die oh.

Gong Moran lowered his head slightly; his eyes fell on the little head in his arms.

She wrapped herself tightly using his outer robe.

After a while, Gong Moran stretched out his hand and patted the little head in his arms. His rosy lips furled slightly as he said faintly, “Come out, the rain has stopped.”

When Nan Xun heard this, she lifted her head and smiled at him, “Thank you my Lord for sheltering me from rain, my Lord is so kind.”

Gong Moran: …

All the disciples finally returned to their senses. Gong Da was furious. “Presumptuous! You lowly maidservant, how dare you offend the Lord this much! Kill her!”

Nan Xun curled her lips and hid behind Gong Moran. Her two small hands still quietly grabbed a handful of clothes around Gong Moran’s waist.

When the disciples were about to gang up and kill her, Gong Moran glanced at them and coldly said, “This Lord is alright.” As he spoke, he glanced sideways at the girl who was making small movements behind him.

Gong Da, who had followed him the longest, immediately understood what he meant, and was more shocked than before.

The Lord’s words were clearly indirectly defending this woman. He’s actually defending a lowly gu person!

After so many years, has he ever seen someone that he defended? Besides a beautiful face, what did this woman have that was worth protecting?

They have lived so many years, what kind of beauty has the State Teacher not seen before? Why was this woman different?!

Gong Da silently concealed the shock in his heart and bowed towards Gong Moran. “All of my Lord’s robes are soaked, will the Lord go back and change to a new one?”

Gong Moran nodded slightly. “You all first review the technique of calling the wind and rain, this Lord will test you later.”

After saying this sentence, Gong Moran wanted to leave, but didn’t expect the bold little girl to suddenly say, “My Lord, don’t you have some kind of magic that can directly dry clothes? I doubt my Lord wouldn’t have it right?”

Her voice was as if she was really curious, with a hint of disappointment.

Disciples: !

Does this [email protected] girl know what she’s talking about? How dare she question the state teacher’s ability?

Gong Moran’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and Gong Da actually saw that expressionless face crack a bit.

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Gong Shiqi’s forehead. It was difficult for him to finally find an interesting person, he didn’t want her to die so quickly ah!

How can this girl be so stupid?!

However, the next moment, all eighteen disciples present widened their eyes together.

Their Lord State Teacher’s lips moved slightly as he muttered something. Then his right hand drew a complicated formation in the air, and in a few moments, the white robes that were attached to his body dried up by themselves.

My god, because of the little girl today, they were fortunate enough to have once again caught a glimpse of the mysterious magic that Lord State Master had never shown before!

For a moment, those disciples were all surprised and delighted; they really didn’t know whether to blame or thank the girl.

Then, the brazen girl who continuously courted death still dared to stare at their lord expectantly. “My Lord, would you help me dry my clothes too? I just got a few drops on my back.”

Eighteen disciples: …

Gong Moran glanced at Nan Xun slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Nan Xun curled her lips and said in a pitiful manner, “My Lord, I only have this one robe on my body, and it’s Gong Shiqi’s old clothes, I can’t change it ah.”

Gong Shiqi heard this and said angrily, “Smelly girl, what’s with your disgusting tone? If it wasn’t for me, do you think you’d have any clothes to wear?”

Nan Xun still cheekily said, “You just thought that I smelled bad.”

Gong Moran looked at the two people who were bickering back and forth. His eyes moved slightly, and he suddenly looked at Gong Da and ordered, “Go to a brocade shop and buy some clothes for her tomorrow.”

Nan Xun’s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she immediately said, “Thank you my Lord, my Lord, I want to wear white too!”

Gong Moran pursed his lips, and added faintly, “Buy a white damask silk skirt.”

Gong Da replied with a stupefied look, “…yes.”


This lowly girl is so brazen ah! But the Lord likes it~ (★^O^★)

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