Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 242 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (4)

The spiritual influence converged into a spiritual cloud behind the back of the Su Residence. Not only did it startle everyone in the Su Family, a few influential people within the Meite City had all successively come to the Su Family too.

Su Zhan, a charming genius within the Su Family was about to breakthrough and become a grade three summoner when he just hit twenty?

Grade nine summoners were of the lowest rank. Beginner summoners were summoners from grade nine to six. Medium summoners were from grade five to three.  Once they surpassed grade three and leveled to grade two, they were known as advanced summoners.

On Dongchuan, mainland, medium summoners were the cornerstone of the entire mainland. As for the advanced summoners, they  were all genius figures living in the upper circle. They were most likely to become elites of an even higher grade.

Above advanced summoners, they would be hitting another realm.

Meite City was just a small city in Orinda Country. The latter was just a medium and inconspicuous country amongst the numerous other countries in Dongchuan, mainland.

The castilian, Long Qianzhan, was the highest-grade summoner within Meite City. However, he was in his sixties and still grade one summoner. He was unable to breakthrough no matter what.

No one within Meite City knew the world above advanced summoners. However, they saw hope now.

There were three geniuses within the young generation of Meite City. They were Long Li from the Long Family, Xiao Yan from the Xiao Family, and Su Zhan from the Su Family.

The three young men were close in age. As of right now, Long Li and Xiao Yan were both grade four summoners, planning to breakthrough to grade three summoners whenever possible. Who knew that Su Zhan from the Su Family had taken the lead first.

Right now, the two geniuses, Long Li clad in white and Xiao Yan clad in black, gathered within Su Family’s courtyard. Glancing at the bubbling of the spiritual influence, there was a glint in Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Brother Xiao.”

Long Li was the youngest of the three so it was normal for him to call Xiao Yan, brother.


Xiao Yan turned to look at Long Li. As the young castellan of Meite City, Long Li always acted aloof and remote. But only those familiar with him knew that underneath his cold surface was a hilarious personality.

“Uh, this…”

Long Li glanced at Xiao Yan and then at the courtyard outside. “Isn’t this your fiancee’s courtyard? Su Zhan’s going to advance?”

Xiao Yan was speechless.

Young man, why is your attention always on something so weird?

But speaking of, Xiao Yan looked around and didn’t find Su Wan amongst the crowd.

Normally, people weren’t supposed to be near when someone was advancing. As a grade six summoner, Su Wan didn’t even have the ability to protect Su Zhan while he was advancing.


“Lord Su, where is third miss?”

Xiao Yan swore that he just asked out of curiosity. After all, he just broke off his engagement with Su Wan a few days ago. Su Ya seemed to be really unhappy back then. Could it be that Lord Su punished her to go to the Su Family’s cultivation grounds under a whim of anger?

Su Ya replied, “Cough, cough, um, Su Wan, ah. Su Wan, she…”


At this moment, the spiritual clouds nearby suddenly all exploded and a double-edged sword enshrouded by purple clouds suddenly flew out from within the spiritual clouds, the inauspicious influence enveloping the people!


Exceptional Purple Ming Sword!

Legend had it that a swordsmith smelted this sword with countless magical beasts’ souls and bones from tens of thousands years ago. The day the sword was smelted, a city had gone to ruins. The world was informed of its ferocity. Only someone with an abundance of inauspicious influence could summon the sword. Besides the swordsmith, there was never a second one that was able to truly control it...

Terrifying sword, an exceptionally terrifying sword!

For a moment, the atmosphere in the entire Su Residence had changed. Everyone’s expressions turned solemn. Even Long Qianzhan had been preparing to summon his magical weapon whenever.

If Su Zhan was unable to control this exceptionally terrifying sword, this was definitely a calamity within the Meite City.

At this time, it was as though the Exceptional Purple Ming Sword had been summoned. Paired with solemn purple clouds, the sword dropped down and flew criss-crossed within the air.

By the time everyone opened their eyes again, the courtyard in front of them had turned to shambles. This was the scene in front of them.

Su Zhan wore a thin shirt as he held the Purple Ming Sword in one hand while his other hand wrapped around the waist of the young woman besides him.

“Wife, are you okay?”

Smoke filled the air and Su Rui couldn’t help but use his remaining spiritual power to disperse the dust by Su Wan’s side. Her long hair was scattered all over her shoulders and she was leaning in Su Rui’s arms weakly. The robe on her had wrapped her body tightly however. One could tell just how quickly General Su’s speed was.

So what if they could remove their clothes? Let’s see them try to wear their clothes.

There were so many men outside. General Su would never let his wife reveal even an inch of her skin.

Right now, everyone gathered in this place was dumbfounded. Su Zhan really controlled the Purple Ming Sword. No, to be accurate, the Purple Ming Sword obediently surrendered to Su Zhan. People from the other families in Meite City all thought negatively about the situation.

That was an exceptionally terrifying sword! Not a knife from the kitchen!

Just how many magical beasts had Su Zhan killed within the division within the last three years? He was actually able to suppress the purple ming with his inauspicious influence? Was he going to defy heaven?

While everyone was still flabbergasted, only Long Li blinked his eyes and looked back and forth between Su Rui and Su Wan.

Did no one notice that there was something strange between Master Su and the third miss?

“Congratulations, Lord Su! Congratulations, Lord Su!”

Long Qianzhan was the first one to process what happened. He then congratulated Su Ya, wearing a smile on his face.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Everyone else followed the lead and congratulated Su Ya. While smiling at them, Su Ya secretly gave Su Liang a look.

Su Liang immediately pulled Su Pei and walked to Su Wan’s side. “Third miss, look…”

“What? Am I being in your way by standing here?”

Su Wan naturally understood Su Ya. Wasn’t he just afraid that people would find out about her relationship with Su Zhan and it’d be a bad influence?

So what? She’d already broken off her engagement with Xiao Yan. Did they think she’d be afraid of the Xiao Family?

“Get out of my way.”

Su Rui lifted his hand and sweeped Su Liang and Su Pei not far from them.

“Wife, ignore them. We haven’t figured out who the winner is. How about we continue this in my room?”

Su Rui placed his hands over Su Wan’s shoulders and murmured in her ears softly.

General Su would never be exhausted. After all, he just broke through and recovered. Man, don’t you think you’re breaking the rules here?

“No, no, no.”

Su Wan shook her head repeatedly. “I admit defeat, okay?”

She was really tired. She hadn’t slept for three days and night, feeling as if she wasn’t herself anymore.

“Be good now. Admitting defeat that quickly isn’t your style.”

“I’m changing my style starting today, okay?”

The two were chatting sweetly and happily when the atmosphere suddenly became strange.

As it turned out, after everyone greeted Su Ya, they recalled the matter. They turned around and became flabbergasted again.

Master Su, you’re hugging the third miss, aren’t you?

Isn’t that Xiao Yan’s fiancee?

Only the legal children of the Su Family knew that Xiao Yan had broken off engagement with Su Yan. Xiao Yan didn’t even have time to discuss with his father before coming to this decision. Therefore, the majority of the people didn’t know their engagement was canceled.

The scene became awkward right then.

Everyone glanced at Su Zhan who acted like no one was there and Xiao Yan who wore a complicated expression.

Two geniuses, one woman.

Were they going to activate the love rival mode?


Su Rui suddenly said faintly to Su Ya, breaking the silence, “Xiao Wan and I haven’t slept for the past three days. We’re going back to rest. You guys can continue.”

As he said this, Su Rui waved his hands and drew a summon circle in the air, immediately summoning his Windchaser Eagle. A gust of wind blew by. Su Wan and Su Rui mounted the Windchaser Eagle and they disappeared in everyone’s vision.

The crowd was speechless.

Master, why aren’t you being normal?

As the spotlight, you left already so what are we supposed to continue talking about?

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