Chapter 242: Shocked, Being Hugged

On the third month of Nan Xun’s stay in Moran Hall, the gu people who were raised by delicious food and drinks finally became useful.

This day was the examination of the eighteen disciples.

The State Teacher gave eighteen disciples a full three years to refine three kinds of poisonous gu and learn the art of 'calling the wind and rain', and it was time to check the results.

Each disciple led their respective gu people to stand in the middle of a field. They lined up one by one, with one small table in front each of them. On the table were three copper pots arranged side by side.

Nan Xun was standing just three steps behind Gong Moran. She wanted to get closer quietly, but as soon as she got closer, the beautiful man in white swept a glance towards her.

Nan Xun stopped moving immediately, turning herself into a wooden pole.

Gong Moran looked at his disciples, raised his hand slightly, and made a gesture. “Test the gu.”

Gong Da nodded, stood up, and announced in a loud voice, “The start of the gu test: the first type, sucking gu.”

The disciples heard the words and picked up the first cup of gu with uniform movements, removing a finger sized flesh-colored gu worm from them.

Gong Moran glanced at them and said lightly, “The color is good, Gong Da and Gong Liu’s are the best.”

There was a trace of pride in Gong Da and Gong Liu’s eyes, and then Gong Da continued to say loudly, “Plant the gu.”

Upon hearing this, the disciples planted the flesh-colored bug into their respective gu person’s arm.

Nan Xun saw with her own eyes, after the sucking gu burrowed themselves in flesh, those eighteen strong, big bodied men’s whole arms shrank at the speed visible to the naked eye and became skinny!

However, there was a big meat bag bulging out of their arms, squirming restlessly inside. If it weren’t for their masters preventing them, they would have wanted to suck the whole person completely dry.

Little Eight cried sob sob, “So cruel ah, why does this world have poisonous gu? It’s cruel and disgusting. Nan Xun, you’re right, baby snake is much cuter than this thing.”

Nan Xun chuckled softly in her heart, “I just found out ah, Little Eight, you’re afraid of insects.”

Little Eight: …

The gu people all screamed in pain, and some of them had already smashed their arms to the ground, as if they wanted to break them apart.

It was only the first gu, but someone had already died from pain.

Nan Xun took a look, it was the one from Gong Shiqi.

“Trash! You can’t even take this kind of pain!” Gong Shiqi was so annoyed that he kicked the corpse viciously, before picking another gu person from the reserves.

The next ones, the brain-eating gu and heart-eating gu were even more terrifying. The brain-eating gu sucked the human brain. The host wouldn’t feel much when it sucked, but when it began to burrow inside your brain, the pain would make you roll on the ground in convulsions.

Not to mention the heart-eating gu, which directly ate your heart. Although its bite was very small, its pin-like bite was unbearable, not to mention that it stuffed itself with your heart while you were alive bite by bite.

Nan Xun couldn’t help touching her little heart; she felt that she had to take more supplements from pig and chicken hearts. Even after taking Little Eight’s big nourishing pill, her little heart still ached dully.

The scene was too tragic, as soon as the brain-eating and heart-eating gu came out, all gu people rolled around in pain and even slammed their heads on the ground, calling their father and mother, it was so miserable.

After the whole gu test, ten gu people died, with extremely terrifying deaths.

The ground was full of bloodstains, some gu insects died directly inside their host’s bodies, causing the fresh corpse to emit a strong stench.

Nan Xun felt that she probably wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly after watching too much, this was definitely a scene that only appeared in horror movies!

Gong Moran nodded slightly, seeming satisfied.

After the gu trial was over, the disciples successively withdrew the three gu cups from the small table and changed to another table.

There was a furnace pot, a long sword, and a few yellow blank papers.

Nan Xun was startled, this was… to perform magic?

The beautiful man in white robe suddenly spoke, “This art of calling the wind and rain is the supreme magic of Moran Hall. This Lord will demonstrate it to you once, how you learn later depends on your own talents.”

After this speech, Gong Moran walked to Gong Da’s small table.

Nan Xun thought there was nothing wrong with herself, but that fake immortal suddenly turned his head to look at her, and beckoned to her like a puppy. “Girl, come here.”

Nan Xun replied with an ah, and trotted over, blinking her big eyes at him, “My Lord, are you thirsty? Should I let someone make you a cup of tea?”

Gong Moran looked at her puppy-like appearance, and his silent eyes moved slightly. “Girl, come closer.”

Nan Xun stepped forward a little nervously, and walked up to him until she was far enough away for his hand to conveniently snap her neck apart.

“What should I do ah, Little Eight, I don’t feel anything good from this.”

“Gee, it’s fine, just relax, there’s this grandpa here.”

After Nan Xun came, Gong Moran suddenly pulled her by her wrist and took her in front of the small table. Then, he stood behind her very closely, no more than half an inch. With his left hand resting on the edge of the table and his body leaning forward slightly, he encircled Nan Xun inside his arms. Then he raised his right arm and held Nan Xun’s right hand.

Those disciple’s eyes widened to the point that their eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets, just like Nan Xun’s expression right now.


So closeee~!

She knew there was the smell of sandalwood incense on him, but she didn’t dare to get too close as it could make her a little drunk.


The sudden tingling sensation brought Nan Xun back to her senses. All the pink bubbles in her heart burst.

This scoundrel actually cut her finger with a blade, and then held her finger to draw a symbol on the blank yellow paper.

Nan Xun: …

Little Eight mumbled, “This grandpa actually just thought too much, let me just say, how could he brew soy sauce with you in front of this many people?”

Nan Xun was embarrassed to say that, in fact, she also thought too much just now.

Gong Moran drew a total of three pieces of talisman paper with her hand, but there was not enough blood in one finger, so he unceremoniously cut another one of her fingers.

Nan Xun: big [email protected]!

Gong Moran finished using Nan Xun, patted her little head and said expressionlessly, “Go, stand aside.”

Nan Xun: …

Nan Xun held onto a large tree next to him, digging the bark with her intact hand with deep resentment in her heart.

What Nan Xun didn’t know was that, even that bit of contact he made just now almost made all the Moran Hall’s disciples go blind.

Lord State Teacher didn’t like touching outsiders, this was something that everyone in Moran Hall and even the palace knew of, but just now, the lord actually hugged this woman and held her hand!

Although it was to borrow that woman’s blood to draw symbols, their bodies definitely touched a-a-a-a!

There were so many disciples here, Gong Da stood the closest, why didn’t the lord use Gong Da’s blood?!


Little Eight mumbled, “This grandpa actually just thought too much, let me just say, how could he brew soy sauce with you in front of this many people?”

Correction: Nan Xun and Little Eight's brains need some tidepods. (・w・)

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