Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 241 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (3)

Midnight at Meite City, Su Family.


Coupled with the wind’s howling, all the summoners in the Su Family woke up. This sound was… sixth-grade summoning magical beast, Windchaser Eagle!

One could count on their fingers the amount of people who possessed a sixth-grade summoning magical beast in Meite City. Only Long Family possessed the flying magical beast that covered innumerable distances in one day.

Could it be that the castellan residence’s people came over in the middle of the night for a visit?

For a moment, the entire Su Family bustled around busily.

Su Wan was woken up by the sharp crying of the eagle. She rolled over, loathing the cry and planned on continuing to sleep.

What matter could the Su Family have?

Within a short period of time, no big boss would appear on the map of the novice village. She might as well rest and sleep well, and think about how to contact Su Rui.

“Third Miss!”

“Third Miss!”

Before Su Wan could fall asleep again, she was woken up by Su Pei’s voice.

Could they let her sleep in the middle of the night now?

“What is the matter?”

Su Wan rolled out of bed and glanced irritatingly at the infatuated and delighted-looking Su Pei.

“Third Miss, master, master is back!”


Su Wan answered. It’s just Su Zhan returning, no?


“What did you say?”

Su Wan was about to lay back down and sleep when she suddenly sat up again. “Su Zhan is back?”

Su Pei was speechless.

She dared to address adonis by his name~

“Yes, master is back.”

Su Zhan, Master Su, the handsome adonis in every woman’s heart within the Su Family.

It seemed like whenever master was mentioned, Su Pei felt her heart thumping rapidly. Master is so handsome. Master is so gentle. Master is so amazing~

Su Wan knitted her brows in bed, not in the mood to glance at Su Pei’s infatuated expression.

Something was off, something was fishy.

There was no way that Su Zhan would’ve come back at this time!


Su Wan’s expression changed suddenly. Without even wearing her jacket, she rushed outside in just her thin pajamas, barefeet. However, before she could walk outside, the door was suddenly pushed open.


An icy body hugged her firmly coupled with the gushing of cold wind.


Su Pei was about to run out carrying Su Wan’s shoes when she saw the man hugging her. She couldn’t help but let out an unbelievable gasp.

I must’ve grabbed the shoes the wrong way, right?

Master was hugging the third miss. No, biting, no, touching?

Oh my, I can feel my heart shattering~

“Get lost!”

Paired with the shouting, Su Pei felt a sudden pain on her waist and then she was pushed out of the room by a strong gust of wind, falling on the ground outside.

Su Pei: So miserable, I feel like I won’t be able to love anyone anymore~

Inside the room.

While Su Rui was kissing Su Wan, the two made their way back inside. By the time they approached the bed, their clothes were all removed.

“You must’ve been tired, wife.”

Su Rui gently bit on Su Wan’s earlobes and murmured softly.

“No, you’re the one that has to endure all these hardships.”

Su Wan’s eyes teared up a bit. She didn’t like to cry but she suddenly wanted to cry out loud while in Su Rui’s arms right now. She wanted to tell him out loud that she loved him. She couldn’t survive without him.

“It is very hard.”

Su Rui detected the wet corner of Su Wan’s eyes and extended his hand to wipe her tears, his heart aching. Next second, he was on top of Su Wan, asking, “Wife, how do you plan on compensating me?”


Su Wan couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She used her vital energy to flip their positions. “Let’s do some bedroom exercise, until you’re too tired, okay?”


Su Rui knitted his brows under Su Wan, pondering. “This is a good suggestion, but… you have to be ready to last for a while. This general’s stamina is...omph.”

Su Wan shut Su Rui’s words up with a kiss.

If they were going to do this, then get straight to the point. What was with all this nonsense?

General Su was speechless.

If you’re able to get out of the bed in the next three days and nights, my name isn’t Su Rui~

The next day in the Su Family.

“Where’s the master?”

“Have any of you guys seen master?”

Speaking of, the master returned riding the Windchaser Eagle. He looked handsome and confident. But in a flash, he disappeared!

The clan elder said that the master was tired and needed to rest. Therefore, everyone scattered. But they didn’t see the master at the family cultivation grounds. He didn’t come to eat breakfast either.

Could it be...

The master was at the borderline of breakthrough again? Therefore, he went to meditate and try to make a breakthrough as soon as he came back?

“Eh? Third miss isn’t here today either?”

It was unclear who murmured that but it led to an uproar of discussion.

Lately, news of the Third Miss and Master Xiao breaking off their engagement had spread and made clear to everyone. Although Su Wan came from a branch of the Su Family, she was a summoner genius. Many disciples in the Su Family had favorable impressions of her. Since her engagement was blown off, it was okay for them to pursue her. Better them than some outsiders.

Su Ya was speechless.

Superb my butt!

My son has been stolen~ Damnit. I’ve only gotten to see my son for a bit last night and I didn’t even get to talk to him when he went straight to his woman for comfort! He’s not even up yet!

Uh, speaking of, since when were Su Wan and Su Zhan hookup?

Paaah. What hookup? They were free to date. Mn, although Su Wan was still Xiao Yan’s fiancee at that time~


Su Ya placed his thoughts away and coughed lightly. “Su Wan has been meditating and cultivating for the past few days too. No one is allowed to approach her courtyard without my permission. Violators will be punished according to the rules of the family!”

The disciples in the Su Family all nodded and obeyed the order after listening to Su Ya’s words.

The few elders that knew the truth didn’t know what to say.

Clan elder, you’re really doing everything you can for your son~

Su Ya: Son, your father can only help you to this point~

Three days later.

“Mn, cough.”

Su Ya stood outside Su Wan’s courtyard and glanced at Su Pei and Su Liang guarding the door. Wearing a stern expression, he asked, “Has third miss and master...cough, um, breakthrough yet?”

Su Pei was speechless.


Su Liang shook his head. He was Su Zhan’s personal guard. Since coming off the Windchaser Eagle’s back, the master disappeared. He had to follow his master’s aura in order to find that he came to the third miss’ courtyard. Who knew...

He ended up guarding outside for three days~

In short, it was really intense. He worried for his master’s body~

“They still haven’t breakthrough?”

Hearing Su Liang’s words, Su Ya widened his eyes. Damn. Are they trying to hound all incapable men to death?

Mn. He’s worthy of being my son. He seems to be taking after me.

Uh, Lord, what exactly did you think of?

However, they couldn’t let this keep up.

Su Ya knitted his brows, feeling conflicted inside. Should he call them out in a gentle manner or more roughly? Summon the magical beasts and kick them out?

While Su Ya was conflicted inside, there was suddenly a spiritual influence exploding from inside the room. This was...

The omen for a breakthrough!

Damn. As they were filling their desires, they ended up breaking through~

Su Ya didn’t know what to say.

He’s worthy of being my son~ (Lord, I think you’re a narcissist).

Everyone in the Su Family was attracted by the spiritual influence. Even Su Wu who had been in her courtyard cultivating hard was attracted by the spiritual influence. She carried Little White out to take a look.

Who had broken through? It actually made such a huge spiritual influence reaction!

“It’s Su Zhan!”

“Su Zhan broke through!”

The entire Meite City shook. Those familiar with Su Zhan’s aura all rushed to Su Family shockingly.

At this time, Su Zhan who had just broken through glanced at the weak and dispirited Su Wan in his arms. He couldn’t help but murmur ambiguously in her ears, “Wife, what should we do? We might’ve gone too far.”

“Do as you see fit.”

Su Wan used the last bit of her strength to pull the blanket over their heads. Their bodies were entangled together again. In short, he could do whatever he wanted. Whoever got out of bed first was the loser~

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