Chapter 241: Girl, Feed This Lord

From this day on, Nan Xun always felt that big boss State Teacher was observing her secretly, and when she looked over, the boss didn’t even flinch. Those beautiful eyes still looked like two pools of stagnant water, with no ripples whatsoever.

Could it be he felt it odd that she didn’t show any curiosity about his anomaly on that night of the full moon?

“Little Eight, was the big boss watching me just now?” Nan Xun asked.

Little Eight replied calmly, “Yes ah, he’s looking at you, he’s looking no less than three times a day oh.”

Nan Xun suddenly became excited. “F*ck, this is such an important thing, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Little Eight snorted, “The evil value hasn’t dropped by even a teensy bit, what kind of good news should I tell you?”

Nan Xun’s spirit shriveled at once.

“By the way, is cooking a frog in warm water like this really useful? You won’t cook him for ten or twenty years right?” Little Eight hesitated. [T/N: progressing slowly]

Nan Xun slapped her chest to assure him, “Of course not!”

Even if Gong Moran didn’t eat the food nor drink the tea that Nan Xun brought for him, Nan Xun kept on doing it as always. When the tea became cold, she re-brewed it, and when the meal became stale, she personally went to the small kitchen to make all kinds of pastries. The seductive fragrance they emitted was especially strong.

A few days later, when Nan Xun once again brought the freshly made pastry to the outer hall, the beautiful man resting inside suddenly came out.

He walked as if he was stepping on a cloud, and his voice was very light, elegant and calm.

Gong Moran glanced at her lightly. His gaze slowly fell on the plate of pastries, and his flat voice seemed to rise a bit. “Scholar Blossom Cake?”

Nan Xun said with a smile, “Answering the Lord, it is the Scholar Blossom Cake that I personally made.”

In front of this superb State Master, few people dared to call themselves as “I,” but Gong Moran seemed to have not noticed anything wrong with what she call herself. He looked at the fragrant Scholar Blossom Cake for a while, before he suddenly stretched out his hand and placed a piece in his mouth.

Nan Xun watched him gently chew the cake and sighed in her heart. Even the way he ate was so elegant and beautiful, it seems he’s actually like an immortal in all aspects, not just pretending to be one ah.

After Gong Moran ate a piece, he actually took another piece, which surprised Nan Xun.

Nan Xun excitedly said to Little Eight, “I know my cooking is good, but I didn’t expect it to be so good that even Lord State Master ate two pieces!”

Little Eight asked suspiciously, “…Is there really nothing wrong with big boss’ taste?”

Gong Moran ate two pieces before stopping. He tilted his head towards Nan Xun and looked at her earnestly for the first time.

After a while, he lightly praised with a sentence, “Girl, your cooking is good.”

The next second, Little Eight exclaimed excitedly, “What, what?! It’s dropped! The big boss’ evil value dropped by one point just now!”

Nan Xun: …

“After serving him for so long, State Master is actually a foodie?” Nan Xun was surprised.

From this day on, Nan Xun made so many kinds of pastries that she almost ate them herself every other time.

But apart from the Scholar Blossom Cake that she made the first time, Gong Moran’s evil value didn’t lower no matter how many cakes he ate, which made Nan Xun’s strategy route stuck again.

The good news was that Gong Moran’s attitude towards her had changed significantly.

For example, he came out to eat the cakes by himself at first, but later he directly called Nan Xun to bring the cakes inside the inner hall.

When Nan Xun entered for the first time, he was leaning on a soft couch, his inky hair spreading out like a waterfall. Half of it fell gently on the soft cushion, while his snow-white robe was also a little messily open. His whole body exuded a kind of casual and languid aura that was completely different from usual.

Nan Xun brought the pastries to the small wooden table next to him and saw the incense burner placed on the table.

The scent of sandalwood wafted around the man’s body, serving as a foil and making him resemble an enigmatic deity from heaven above even more.

“Girl, what time is it?” the man on the couch asked, with his thin lips moving slightly.

His eyes were still closed lazily, leaning on the couch in a comfortable position.

Nan Xun replied softly, “Lord, the time of Shen just arrived.” [3-5 p.m]

“The time of Shen hasn’t passed yet, but this Lord already feels a little hungry from smelling the scent of Scholar Blossom Cake.” As he said this, he slowly opened his eyes indolently.

Then, he tilted his head slightly, looked at Nan Xun, and said lightly, “Girl, I haven’t cleaned my hands yet, you feed me.”

Nan Xun let out an ah sound, she was quite shocked by this development.

“Sh1t! What a good chance aaaa~! Still not hurrying up to feed the big boss some cakes?!” Little Eight roared excitedly in her mind.

Nan Xun wondered if she had washed her hands or not, and the answer was actually no.

But the big boss didn’t know ah, just let him be in the dark.

Nan Xun picked up a small piece and placed it in Gong Moran’s mouth, watching the thin rosy lips resembling a beautiful landscape get stuffed with the cake…that she pinched with her fingers.

The pastry was very small, and he could bite her fingers if only he bit deeper.

Really…driving her crazy.

If she didn’t know that the man in front of her was indifferent and ruthless, Nan Xun would have thought that the other party was seducing her!

The man let Nan Xun feed him a total of three pieces before stopping, and then he continued to take a nap with his head tilted.

Nan Xun gently moved the pastry to the table in the outer hall, then squatted and gently fanned him.

Gong Moran’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but after a while, they became motionless again.

After Nan Xun heard his breathing even out, she began to look at his sleeping face unscrupulously.

Oh my, it’s so good to look at. Just look at those picturesque eyebrows, the tall nose, the rosy and thin lips that were parted slightly while he slept, and the smooth skin that looked like a peeled egg.


Nan Xun felt that the beauty of the person in front of her reached new heights; she wouldn’t get tired of seeing it all day and night.

As a result, Nan Xun really did stare at Gong Moran with scorching eyes for several hours straight. Her hand was still fanning him lightly so she felt her muscles gradually stiffen.

The beautiful man on the couch slept for two hours.

Grroowwll~ Nan Xun’s stomach screamed again, for the eighth time since the boss fell asleep.

Nan Xun couldn’t bear to leave Gong Moran’s side until she became dizzy from hunger. She then got up and went to the outer hall with some regret.

On the small table in the outer hall was Gong Moran’s leftover Scholar Blossom Cake. Nan Xun stuffed the rest of the cake into her mouth and gobbled them up within two or three bites.

Although she was a lowly gu person, she was still the State Master’s gu person, so the people in the kitchen were very kind to her and let her eat all the leftovers. She said that she was going to make cakes for State Master. The servants thought that the master told her to cook his meals, so they consented with reverence and awe, but they all watched from the side because they were afraid that she would have wicked ideas or tricks up her sleeves.

Therefore, Nan Xun didn’t even have time to eat leftovers because she had to make pastries. She also had no chance to steal those pastries on the sly, really making her so hungry that she thought her chest was stuck to her back.

Little Eight sighed, “You’re a rice bucket, it’s fortunate that this is Moran Hall, the food’s quantity would be more than enough to feed you, if it was an ordinary family, they would definitely be unable to support you.”

When Nan Xun was cleaning the plate in the outer hall, Gong Moran opened his eyes in the inner hall. His eyes were extremely clear and bright, completely unlike someone who just had woken up.


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