Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 240 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (2)

Su Family’s reception room.

Right now, the head of Su Family, Su Yazheng, was smiling while catching up with Xiao Yan. The elders were sitting by the side steadily and quietly. Meanwhile, Xiao Yan was chatting with Lord Su but he was clearly absent-minded.

He was a young and vigorous man. Lord Su understood what Xiao Yan was thinking. It was normal for Xiao Yan to come here for Su Wan but he found it strange why he specially wanted Su Wu to come over as well.

Not long later, Su Wan was led over by Su Pei. The brilliant young lady wore a purple outfit and people’s eyes brightened at the sight of her.

“Su Wan greets the Lord, the elders, and Master Xiao.”

After Su Wan entered, she started greeting everyone elegantly and refinedly. Su Ya kept a faint smile on his face the entire time. Xiao Yan carelessly glanced at Su Wan. Recalling the day where she led a group of people to insult Su Wan, he found her to be hypocritical and disgusting.

Su Wan was automatically immune to Xiao Yan’s unfriendly gaze.

There are countless people who dislike me. Who do you think you are?

Not long later, Su Wu also appeared at the reception hall calmly. During this period of time, Su Wu already grasped the ancient summon method Little White taught her. She had been trying her best to cultivate and tried many of the magical weapons that she had stored in her spatial storage. Right now, she had slowly risen from the lowest grade nine summoner to a grade eight summoner. As long as she reached that grade, she could store and summon higher-grade magical weapons.

At this time, her so-called father summoned her to the reception room. Apparently, her ex-fiance wanted to see her. Su Wu was confused. What did that scumbag want her for? Was he going to humiliate her again in front of all these people?

“I’m here.”

Carrying an unhappy mood, Su Wu entered the reception room dejected carrying Little White.

She had already been Su Family’s disgrace and laughing stock. Therefore, Su Wu didn’t care about her image at all. She also knew that Su Family’s elders looked down on her. Even her so-called father didn’t kick her out of Su Family this entire time because she had a genius and handsome brother~

She knew that she had borrowed Su Zhan’s luck. What a pity that handsome man went to cultivate by the division and stayed there for three years.

Dang. Who knows if he’ll even make it back.

Therefore, Su Wu thought that she might as well rely on herself than her elder brother in this other world!

Since entering the room, Su Wu was absent-minded. She didn’t even know her manners, making Su Ya’s expression darken. But before Lord Su could get angry, Xiao Yan hurriedly smiled and stood up. “Lord Su, I actually came here to discuss something with you.”

“Hm? Nephew Xiao, what do you need?”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Su Ya had to temporarily shift his focus from Su Wu to him. He turned to look at Xiao Yan amiably and kindly.

“I came here for Su Wan and my engagement. Lord Su, I…”

“I want to cancel the engagement.”

Su Wan cut off Xiao Yan’s words and everyone’s gazes landed on her.

It was really unexpected for Xiao Yan. As for Su Wu, she stared at Su Wan suspiciously and shockingly.

This arrogant woman wanted to cancel the engagement? Did she find someone better than Xiao Yan?

Speaking of, Su Wu thought only Long Li and Su Zhan could compare to Xiao Yan in Meite City.

Mn. This woman couldn’t possibly be interested in Long Li now, was she? What is with her taste?

Su Wu seemed to have forgotten that the original body had always been infatuated with Long Li.

“Su Wan, don’t babble rubbish!”

At this time, Su Ya slapped the table upon hearing Su Wan’s words. With a dark face, he shouted.

“I’m not babbling rubbish, Lord. This concerns my entire life. I don’t have to live with regret. Though Master Xiao is a talented and elegant man, unfortunately I’m not interested in him.”

Su Wan knew that if she proposed to end the engagement on her end, Su Ya would lose face and be really angry but at the same time, she wouldn’t wait until the male lead did so himself.

Plus, by breaking off the engagement, it was only the start of the cannon fodder life for Su Wan, the original body and the entanglement between the male and female lead.

From this moment on, Su Wan would change everyone’s lives.

“Nonsense! This is nonsense!”

Su Ya angrily cursed a bit before turning to face the awkward Xiao Yan. “Nephew, please don’t mind this. She’s still young and is acting up. Please don’t take it to heart!”

“Lord Su, I actually...came to break off the engagement.”

Though hesitating, Xiao Yan still said what was inside his heart.

Everyone in the room froze upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. What the heck was going on now?

Did you two discussed with each other to fool around with us?

“Master Xiao, you also realized that we aren’t suitable?”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Su Wan smiled faintly by the side and said lowly.

“Since we don’t have anything in common, we should go in separate ways.”

Xiao Yan glanced coldly at Su Wan. He didn’t know why she wanted to break off the engagement as well. Could it be that she saw through his thoughts so that she wanted to get the upper hand?

Su Ya also felt something different in the atmosphere after seeing Su Wan and Xiao Yan’s interaction. “Cough, Nephew Xiao, you mustn’t be rash about your marriage. I think it’s better if we consider the implications in detail! Look, I have to attend to an important matter. Why don’t we stop the conversation here? Su Wan, follow me!”

After that, Su Ya left with Su Wan from the side door of the hall.

Xiao Yan was speechless.

Lord Su, you’re clearly being shameless, aren’t you?

Seeing that the lord left, the elders successively got up and bid farewell with Xiao Yan. Even more, Su Wu took this chance to slip away. Not long later, Xiao Yan was the only one left in the room. What the heck is this?!

Master Xiao felt gloomy and dejected. Unfortunately, this was the Su Family. There was no place for him to vent!

Su Family, Lord’s study.

“Speak. What happened?”

Su Ya sat in front of his desk and stared at Su Wan with a burning gaze.

“Master Xiao wanted to break off the engagement. I had no other choice but to propose it myself.”

Su Wan welcomed Su Ya’s gaze and replied calmly.

“Hm? How did you know Xiao Yan wanted to break off the engagement? Could it be that Xiao Family is really planning on forming connections with Zhao Family through marriage in order to weaken us Su Family?”

Zhao Family was one of the three influential families in Meite City. It had been coveting Su Family’s status all these years.

“Xiao Family doesn’t necessarily need to form connections with the Zhao Family through marriage in order to weaken Su Family’s power. They’ll achieve their goal doing the same thing with Su Family. But of course, they won’t choose me as a candidate.”

Speaking of this, Su Wan lifted her head to look at Su Ya. “Lord, you’re brilliant and wise. In your eyes, Xiao Family’s trick is no big deal at all.”

“Hmph, it’s insignificant.”

Su Ya’s expression improved after hearing Su Wan flattering him. “Su Wan, you can leave for now. Zhan’er will be coming back in a few days. When he returns, he’ll gain the title as the top summoner in Meite City. By then, Xiao Family will have to form connections with us through marriage.”

Su Zhan...

Su Wan’s heart moved hearing Su Zhan’s name. In the novel, he was a rarely seen genius and extremely pampered his sister. Mn. He was also a male supporting lead but he probably was a fickle person?...

Uh, why did she feel uncertain?...

Right now, thousands of meters above the sky of Meite City, a huge eagle had spread its wings and soared high. There were two men sitting on its body.

The leader had a handsome appearance but an indifferent gaze. The person behind him wore the attire of a servant. Right now, his face was pale as he tightly clutched onto the man’s sleeves. “Master, master, we’re not in a need to hurry back to the Su Family right now. Can you… you let the magical beast fly slower?”

“If you’re afraid, then get lost!”

The man’s icy cold voice was mingled within the roaring wind.

General Su disliked the slow speed and you still want it to be slower. You’re seeking death, aren't you?

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