Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 24: The Puppet's Tale (11) Part 2

Ah Jin's next task was simple.

She just needed to behave well and not have her son snatched away by Madam Marquis.

If it weren't for Rong Lian's frequent chats with her, she would have gotten bored to death in bed.

The marriage of Rong Lian has been decided.

Qin Lei, that stupid big man, had finally gotten enlightened for once.

He asked his father to find him a matchmaker to propose marriage.

The Marquis saw that the two families were about the same, so he also agreed.

The marriage was set for October of this year, and there were not many months left.

Rong Lian handed a grape to Ah Jin.

"Is Xiao Shu still crying a lot?"

Rong Shu, it means that he is calm.

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes as she ate the grapes comfortably.

"Yeah, he couldn't leave me for half an hour. His nanny took him to sleep just after feeding him. He is the most obedient when he is breastfeeding. I wonder as to whom he takes after so much clinginess."

Rong Lian snickered and said, "Who else would it be, that fellow."

As they were talking, Rong Yi entered.

"Little sister, you are still here. You quickly go back to the wedding preparation. Soon Xiao Shu will be crying again."

Rong Lian smiled more cheerfully.

"Sister-in-law, look at the saying speak of the devil, and he appears. What a half-hearted way to say it. I think it's not Xiao Shu who's going to cry. It's my brother who's going to cry."

Rong Yi was annoyed.

"What are you talking about? Go now!"

Rong Lian didn't tease him anymore and got up to leave.

After she left, Rong Yi shut the door of the room. He sat on the edge of the bed and held Ah Jin's hand.

He asked tenderly, "How do you feel today? Is there anything uncomfortable? Do you have a book you want to read? I'll go and get it for you."

Ah Jin withdrew her hand quietly and tucked a strand of hair that fell behind her ear.

"I am feeling fine. There is no discomfort. You can help me find a few books if you have anything else to read. I am really bored."

Rong Yi hastily agreed and asked about the child. Ah Jin figured it out, so she told him, "I'm going to take Xiao Shu back to the Palace when I get through the postpartum period. The Empress and the Emperor are his grandfather and grandmother. This is a must-visit. You should also go with me then."

Rong Yi replied with a nod, "Then I will go and inform my parents."

"Well, go ahead."

Ah Jin also asked the maids to prepare the supplies to bring back to the Palace.

As soon as it was time to return to the Palace, Ah Jin took the baby and Rong Yi with her and set off in a big way.

The Empress had already received the news and sent someone to wait at the entrance of the Palace.

Ah Jin wanted to see the Emperor first, but who knew that the Emperor was also in the Queen's Palace?

So, she saved a journey.

When she entered the Palace, Ah Jin bowed to the Empress and the Emperor.

"This Princess brought my son to pay respects to Mother and Father."

Rong Yi also stepped forward and bowed.

"The subject sees the Emperor and the Empress. All hail the Emperor and Empress."

The Empress hastily asked the palace maids around her to help Ah Jin up.

She waved at Ah Jin and said, "Hurry up and give me my grandson to see."

Ah Jin handed Rong Shu to the Empress.

The child was just a month old and had begun to resemble her.

The Empress looked at the baby she was holding, and her heart was overflowing with motherly love.

Remembering that the Emperor was still waiting at her side, she brought the child to the Emperor for another look.

"Your Majesty, look at this. This baby looked like Anping when she was a child."

The Emperor looked at the baby, the pink and soft little face, his eyes closed asleep, his little mouth squirmed from time to time. He was adorable.

With appreciation, he said, "Yes, there are some similarities with Anping when she was a child."

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