Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 24: The Puppet's Tale (11) Part 1

The atmosphere in the Marquis residence became increasingly tense as the delivery date of Ah Jin was near.

Ah Jin munched on a large peach. The peach was tender, juicy, sweet, and fragrant.

How could he not be anxious when he saw that Ah Jin was still eating the peaches, which was not like she would give birth?

He finally couldn't help but inquire.

"Ah Jin, do you feel anything? The midwife said the pain would start when the labor began."

After finishing a peach, Ah Jin picked up a bunch of grapes.

The grapes were a tribute. Each grain was large and full. Peeling off the thin skin, it revealed the crystal clear green flesh.

Once the fruit reached her mouth, she found that the sweet and sour taste was very refreshing.

Hearing his inquiry, she replied indifferently.

"I feel it. It's been hurting for three hours."

Rong Yi abruptly stopped in his tracks.

"What? What did you say?"

Ah Jin pinched another grape into her mouth, smacked her lips in satisfaction, and said, "I said it has already started. It should be ready to be born now by counting the time. Go call someone."

Rong Yi stood still, not knowing what to do.

Ah Jin looked at his stupid appearance.

She did not expect more from him.

She opened the door and said to the people outside the room, "Let's go to the delivery room. It's time to give birth."

The crowd was dumbfounded for a moment.

Immediately after that, they responded by scurrying away to report the news and readied to boil water.

The scene was a mess.

Rong Yi also reacted and quickly went over to Ah Jin and said, "I'll help you go to the delivery room."

Ah Jin let him led her to the delivery room, which was already prepared.

Midwives, nurses, and doctors were already waiting.

When they saw Ah Jin leisurely walking, they would think Ah Jin had come out to stroll in the garden if they didn’t know she would give birth.

The midwives immediately welcomed Ah Jin inside, and Rong Yi was stopped outside the door.

He heard his classmates said that women giving birth to a child were very painful and would scream very miserably.

It would be better not to wait outside the door if one was not strong enough.

Otherwise, there would be nightmares at night.

Rong Yi was not afraid.

He would wait.

But Ah Jin had gone in for half an hour.

How could there be no sound at all?

Could it be that it hadn't started yet?

He also sent the maid at the door to inquire.

The maid just told him to calm down.

Childbirth was a major event. It was not that fast.

He waited outside for another quarter of an hour and saw the maid carrying in the basin after basin of hot water, and all that came out were of blood.

However, Ah Jin made no sound.

His hands trembled, and he prayed that nothing would happen, nothing would happen.

The situation in the room was not at all what he had imagined and even a little weird.

Several midwives looked at each other, and one of them spoke up and advised, "Your Highness, if it hurts a lot, you can scream. It helps a lot."

Ah Jin shook her head.

"I'm fine, you guys go on. I'll scream if it hurts."

The midwife looked at Ah Jin.

If she wasn't pale now, and there was sweat dripping from her forehead, they would have thought she really wasn't in pain anymore.

Rong Yi was still outside the house, walking around, looking inside from time to time.

It had been an hour and a half, but it was still surprisingly quiet inside.

He grabbed a little maid who was about to go in to bring hot water and asked, "What's going on inside? Is there anything wrong with the Princess?"

Before the maid could reply, a baby's cry came from inside, and then the midwife came out to report the happy news.

"Congratulations, Prince, the mother and the son are safe."

Only then did Rong Yi's heart finally settled, and he said joyfully, "Many thanks. Reward! I want to reward you heavily."

The Marquis and his wife also received this excellent news and greatly rewarded the whole family.

The Palace's rewards also came like water.

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