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Startled by those words, Su Ling’s eyes widened, and he quickly sized up Zhao Qi. Zhao Qi was staring intently at him, his lips were pale and trembling slightly. When their eyes met, Zhao Qi took a step back uncontrollably, as if he was frightened.

Su Ling: "..." Could it be this person thought he is some kind of evil spirit?

He raised up his right eyebrow and said, "Are you cursing me?" Then he pointed at his cheek, and pointed at Zhao Qi's face next, saying, "I looked much healthier than you, and you are still alive."

Zhao Qi bit his lower lip and asked in a low voice, "Who are you? You," he spoke extremely fast, with a hint of panic, "You obviously died from your suicide attempt!"

Glancing over Zhao Qi’s pale face, a big word ‘Rebirth’ appeared in Su Ling's mind. He calmed and showed a confused expression.

"Did you dream about me when you were being treated in the hospital? We are classmates, so I might have just appeared in your dream if you were thinking about me. Although we do have clashes sometimes, I did not expect that you want me to die." Then he sneered, "Don't talk to me again in the future."

After Su Ling said that, he immediately took two steps to the right. Zhao Qi wanted to block him, but his actions were too fast to stop. So, Su Ling quickly passed Zhao Qi and left the school. Leaving Zhao Qi behind him, he frowned. If Zhao Qi is really reborn, what will he(ZQ) do next? If so, he(SL) has to pay more attention to his male god. Just as he reached the school gate, his bracelet rang, and he answered the call.

Nalu: "Xiao Ling, the extractor you bought has arrived. Do you want to come and have a look?"

Su Ling reached out and stopped a taxi, "I'll be there right away."

The extractor is a commonly used tool for processing raw materials. He used it in his previous life when he made perfume. Belle Planet's machinery is more advanced than his world. In the past few days, his only job was to assist Darry in harvesting the ball fluid. It’s a trivial task that can be completed in 10 minutes, and he doesn’t even need to prepare anything like he did for the exam, so he was very idle. Hence, he went to browse for some spiritual plant textbooks on the Internet. After reading about how to make fragrance, he especially wanted to make perfume, so he bought a small extractor.

Nalu: "Okay, what raw materials do you want to use for practice? I know many suppliers and can help to place an order for you."

Su Ling got in the taxi, told the driver the address of the fragrance bar, and then said, "I'll talk about it when I arrived."

He still doesn't know how to use the extractor of this world, so he will make the decision after checking and understanding how to operate the machine.


Zhao Qi kept staring at Su Ling's back until he couldn't see Su Ling's figure, and then looked away. Those are definitely not dreams! Everything is the same, except for Su Ling, because Su Ling obviously killed himself. Zhao Qi stood there for a while, his expression changed several times and finally returned to his expressionless face. It doesn't matter, Su Ling is an insignificant person. Zhao Qi looked forward with dark eyes. He gave everything to love someone, but in the end, he couldn't even get a glance from that person. This time, he didn’t want it anymore. He will not let go of those two people who brought him endless pain!

Standing for a while, Zhao Qi turned and left the school. He came to school to find Su Ling and was not interested in graduation photos. Madam Gu should be in the hospital right now if he was not mistaken. In his previous life, he was injured during his freshman year. Then he met Madam Gu in the hospital and learned that his parents lent a helping hand to the Gu Family before. After that, using that favor, he married into Gu Family and helped his family get through some troubles at the time. But right now, he didn't have the patience to wait until a few months later to meet Madam Gu. He got in the car and said to the driver, "The Central Hospital."

Lin Meng's family background is better than him, not to mention Xiào Rui’s family. To attack these two people, the Gu family is the most suitable choice. From his previous life experience, Zhao Qi is very confident about marrying into the Gu Family. He only needs to meet Madam Gu and let her know of his identity. As long as he expresses the will to marry Gu Liheng, there is absolutely no problem. Although he had never seen Gu Liheng, his former partner, straightforwardly before, he still knew Gu Liheng's ability and character.

That person was extremely responsible, though he suspects that Gu Liheng might be s*xualy indifferent. Maybe it’s another illness or something else because it seems that Gu Liheng has no intention of getting married ever. However, that man didn’t refuse the marriage arranged by his mother, after making sure that the other party(ZQ) was not forced to marry. Zhao Qi remembered the scene where that man seriously asked him if he had decided to marry him, and pursed his lips.

President Gu is a good Alpha.

Zhao Qi decided that after finishing his two enemies, he would be better to Gu Liheng, his partner.

"We have arrived," the driver reminded.

Zhao Qi got off the car and went to Madam Gu's ward.

There were 6 bodyguards standing at the door. The ward was tightly protected, and no unnecessary people were allowed to enter. The few days is the critical period of the Madam’s last treatment, so the bodyguards stood ready and refused to let Zhao Qi in no matter what he said.

Zhao Qi frowned, he expressed his concern towards Madam Gu before leaving. He sat in the car for a long time, and the driver couldn't help but advised, "Second Young Master, your body has not fully recovered yet, do you want to go back to rest?"

Zhao Qi: "No, go to the hillside villa district."

Xiào Rui will gradually come to power in his family after graduating from high school. This summer vacation is a critical period for him. It will be troublesome to deal with Xiào Rui after the university starts.


Su Ling spent the morning in the backyard of the Fragrance Bar. He already understood how to operate the extractor, and he has also extracted a small bottle of rose essential oil.

After reading some reports, Nalu went to the backyard to find him, "Let's have lunch together?"

Su Ling shook his head and said, "No, I'll go back to the villa."

His male god has vacated his schedule for a three-month holiday. Even if he was in Belle City these days, he would only occasionally handle some official business in the villa. Su Ling wants to go back to have lunch with his male god, and he has to guard against Zhao Qi as well.

Nalu looked at Su Ling, hesitate to speak, but he still asked after a moment, "Could it be you have fallen for President Gu?"

Su Ling laughed and turned to look at Nalu, “Was it obvious?" He sighed and said, "But President Gu doesn't seem to feel it."

With a serious expression, Nalu asked, "Are you sure about this? He is 10 years older than you, and..." He paused when he thought of the rumors that he didn't dare to spread, "He may not be in good health."

Su Ling couldn't help laughing, "Uncle Nalu, I'm an adult, you don't need to say it so tactfully, I know what you mean. Ain’t it just a s*xual disorder? Those were only rumors.

Nalu stared at him, "How do you know?" He grabbed Su Ling's shoulder, "What did he do to you?" As he said that, Nalu checked the back of Su Ling's neck.

Su Ling turned his head to let him look, "Did you forget about the smell of my pheromone? You overthink. I have seen him work out, and his physical fitness is superb."

Nalu persuaded with his heart and soul, "That ‘thing’ has nothing to do with the body fitness. You are too young to understand. If you want to fall in love, I can introduce someone else to you."

Su Ling patted Nalu’s arm on his shoulder and said with a smile, "Uncle Nalu, don't worry. I just want to fall in love with him."

Nalu stared at him for a few seconds and reminded, "Okay, but you have to pay attention to safety. Don't proceed with complete marking, as it is easy to get pregnant afterward."

Su Ling nodded, "I know."

Although Su Ling has read the physiology textbook and has a deep understanding of his new body, it does not mean that he could accept it well; at least he is not mentally prepared for pregnancy. However, he is quite curious about marking, whether it is temporary marking or complete marking. After all, things like this are entirely different from his world.

Waving to Nalu, Su Ling took a taxi back to the villa. He contacted the villa driver on the road, changed the car halfway, and went straight to the villa. As soon as he walked into the hall, the smell of sticky sweet pheromone wafted over his face. He saw Gu Liheng stood blankly beside the sofa, holding the flushed Zhao Qi in his right hand, and holding an injection device in his left hand.

Zhao Qi twisted his body to avoid the injection device and leaned his body on Gu Liheng, "Don't wanna use inhibitors, you help me."

Su Ling was mad.

How could the reborn Zhao Qi have the face to do such a thing!

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