Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 24 - Don’t need your Distress! Go to the market


In the early morning after father and sons finished running and shadowboxing, Ling Jingxuan pushed the handcart to Yuehua ravine. They were going to the market in the county town today so he planned to catch some fish to bring to town to sell. Before leaving he didn’t forget to repeatedly remind the two buns to put out the fire after the medicine was finished boiling, but he forgot about their curiosity towards that man. You could say that you didn’t care about something, but in the end they had a blood relationship, how could they not care even a little bit.

Yan Chengrui for years had practiced martial arts. His listening ability was especially good. Everything that had happened in this family, he heard all of it, including the conversation between Ling Jingxuan and the two buns yesterday, as well as the wine and jam stuff Ling Jingxuan was talking about. Although he lost his memory, a lot of instincts still existed. With a short interaction, it let him understand Ling Jingxuan’s character, and as a result made him curious, constantly keeping it in his thoughts.

Of course, this didn’t mean he liked Ling Jingxuan. He could only say, compared to restoring his memory, he wanted to understand Ling Jingxuan even more. He wanted to know more about things pertaining to him.

“This is your medicine. Daddy made you mushroom bran paste in the morning, you should hurry and eat ba.”

The two buns hesitated at the door for a long time before finally shoving themselves into the room. Ling Wen sullenly put the two big bowls in front of him. His line of sight from beginning to end never looked at him, consequently he ignored the man’s focused gaze. On the other hand although Ling Wu hid behind Ling Wen, his gaze on occasion would sweep over the man. After hearing what his daddy had said before, he finally realized that they really did look similar, practically were all cast from the same mold.

“You eat this everyday?”

Knowing that the two children didn’t like him, Yan Chengrui also did not shower affection on them. He retracted his gaze to look at the black paste in front of him. Floating in it was several pieces of brown mushrooms. Thinking of the food Ling Jingxuan brought him these past two days, it seems that all of it was like this. Yan Chengrui lifted his head, a slight expression of heartache slid through his dark pupils. He forgot everything, naturally he didn’t remember what he looked like. These past two days he was continuously laying down, basically didn't have a chance to see what he looked like. Towards the appearance of the two buns, he didn't feel anything. Only, seeing them, his heart would conjure up a strange feeling of cherish.

“What's wrong with eating this la? Being able to eat this isn’t bad.”

Ling Wen was sensitive and thought that he was disliking their food. Red eyes lifted up and fiercely gazed at him, little hands were clenched into fists, and his pursed lips trembled, illustrating his patience. Yan Chengrui stared blankly, immediately propped his body up, “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not disliking it, I’m only distressed for you guys.”

Don’t know why, he didn't want the two children to be resentful towards him. Perhaps, this was the so-called nature of father and son ba.

“You want real heartache, at the time how could you throw away daddy, throw us away? We don’t need your distress.”

Angrily finished yelling, Ling Wen dragged Ling Wu and turned around and ran off. Yan Chengrui wanting to capture them was late by a step. After a while, he slowly pulled back his extended right hand and gave out a helpless smile. It seems that the two little buns blame was not light ah.

The location of Lingjia village was considered pretty good. The distance from the county town was not far. It only took about half of a Shi chen (about 2 hours/ hour for half) to walk there. Taking an ox cart would make it a bit faster but it cost one copper coin per person to ride. Merchandise also counted as their own spot. Ling Jingxuan caught 4 buckets of fish today, with the assistance of Ling Jingpeng, a party of four pushed a handcart to the entrance of the village to hitch a ride.

Along the journey it was unavoidable that they were talked about by other people. It was very difficult to make the two buns so lively these past few days but they were embarrassed and hid behind Ling Jingxuan’s body. Because they matured too early, facing other people’s gossip and insults, they were sensitive and found it hard to bear.

“Xiao Wen Xiao Wu, a person’s life is only a few decades long. If you always care about what other people say, then for your entire life you guys will be like underpants. Whatever stinky thing they want to put in it, you’ll wrap it up for them. Don’t care about what they say anymore, as long as we live together happily then it's fine.”

Getting his hands free he pulled out the two sons. Ling Jingxuan smiled and spoke but his sharp phoenix eyes didn't carry a hint of a smile. He didn’t care about what other people said about him, but he could not endure them blaming his children. Lingjia Village, he remembered, there will be a day where those people could only look up to them.

“For this reason, Xiao Wen Xiao Wu, if they like to talk nonsense then let them, we won’t acknowledge them.”

Ling Jingpeng who normally was the most bothered by their gossip agreed with him. His young handsome face was covered with a thin sweat. Afterall it was the 6th month. Even though it was early in the morning, pulling things would make people sweat.

“En, we understand.”

Raising his head, seeing daddy looking at youngest uncle, Ling Wen carefully nodded his head. He decisely no longer hid behind Ling Jingxuan’s body, leading the little bun to confidently walk by their side. Even though his little face was still choked red, his mental state seemed as if he matured a bit more.

“Xiao Wen, Xiao Wu!”

Passing through the crowded village, they had just reached the village entrance when a sharp, clear, young and immature voice suddenly came over. Not too far from where the people are crowded, Tie Wazi was sitting on an ox cart enthusiastically waving at them. His rosy little face was full of excitement. Two men were standing at his side. One was tall and sturdy, you couldn’t say he was pretty but he was definitely manly. The other one was petite and exquisite. Fair and slim, he looked extremely delicate, but his eyes seemed as if they were tenacious and had seen the world. The two were both wearing coarse hemp clothing, but from head to toe you couldn’t find a trace of an aura of a village man. If switched to an embroidered jade garment, they would definitely make people wonder what noble family this young master was from.


The two buns were clearly also very happy, but they didn’t immediately run over. Rather they turned their head around to look at Ling Jingxuan.

“Go ba.”


Already dripping with sweat Ling Jingxuan nodded his head. The two buns gave off happy expressions as they ran over, running as they shouted out Tie Wazi’s name and waved. Seeing this Ling Jingxuan laughed as he shook his head. This is the appearance a five year old child should have ah!

“They should be Brother Zhao and Brother Han. Brother Zhao usually will pick up some iron work from town to do at home. On market day, Brother Han will also drive the ox cart for people to earn some money, but our village people won’t take his cart. He also doesn’t make much.”

No wonder their ox cart had no one in it. Hearing Ling Jingpeng’s explanation, Ling Jingxuan curled his lips. He was already unable to ridicule the “Noble” Lingjia village. They could say whatever they wanted, as long as they didn’t come to provoke him then it was fine. Otherwise, don’t blame him for being impolite.


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