Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 24 - Brother Lin is overbearing!

TL-ed by weiisnothere

After school had ended, Luo Lin strolled out the gates and headed toward the alley. Behind him were Chi Shi and more than ten of his followers, tailing Luo Lin sneakily.

"Brother Shi, what do we do if Luo Lin doesn't go into that alley?"

Chi Shi coldly harrumphed: "Are you telling me that over ten of us can't stop one person?"

"But... that kid pulled out a knife on us the last time, I'm afraid he might have a knife on him..."

"To hell with you!" Chi Shi huffed and smacked that person's head, "Didn't I tell you guys to bring wooden clubs? Which is longer, a knife or a wooden club?! There’s more than ten of us! Are we afraid of a single person?! You freaking coward!"

After that outburst, his followers quietened down. They couldn’t help but reach out for the wooden clubs in their arms feeling more confident.

Even though Chi Shi had many followers, they weren’t like Lin Jiadong and the first-years. If something goes down, Chi Shi’s gang of good-for-nothings must be the first to flee.

Naturally, since there were many people on their sides, they felt that nothing would go wrong. Even if things got out of hand, Chi Shi would support them!

"Brother Shi, you don’t have a wooden club?"

An arrogant smile crawled up Chi Shi’s facet as he lifted the hems of his shirt to reveal the iron chain wrapped around his waist.

Everyone showed expressions of envy the moment they saw the iron chain: "An iron chain! That’s so cool!”

"Wow Brother Shi, where did you get this? I want one as well!"

"I remember that in “Young and Dangerous”, Chen Haonan had one!"

"You’re right! Brandishing an iron chain in the middle of a fight, the sounds of metal colliding, the flashing of the shimmering chain, that’s just awesome!”

Chi Shi smirked at their response. The waves of flattery and boot-licking comments made him feel amazing.

Luo Lin who was at the front, possessed heightened senses compared to the usual person because he had cultivated the authentic Taiji Palm method.

As the distance between them was less than 20 meters, Luo Lin felt their existence the instant they started tailing him.

Chi Shi originally thought that the flow of leaving students could conceal their presence from being detected.

For that one second, Luo Lin felt depressed. He thought that it might be a mistake to go against Chi Shi.

Not for any reason other than Chi Shi and his group being too brain-dead. Going against them was really #[email protected]#!!

However, when he thought about Liang Zi, Little Chuan, Lin Jiadong, and the others mixing in school, he had no other choice but to act against Chi Shi.

Luo Lin pretended as though he was unaware and walked toward the alley.

When Chi Shi and his group noticed that Luo Lin was actually entering the alley, they were overcome by happiness. They hastened their pace and in two rows, they strutted into the alley in a grandiose manner.

When those students who trailed behind in hopes to watch an exciting show saw Chi Shi and his men, their eyes began sparkling: “Wow! This is so freaking cool! Brother Shi really has the style of a big boss!”

Luo Lin turned into the alleyway and bumped into some "hidden" gossipers who were scattered about.

In comparison to the main street, the alleyway street was more spacious. There were motorcycles, electric cars, vans, and the like that were parked in a disorderly manner.

Other than that, the alleyway consisted of various complicated and narrow-winding roads that formed the T-shaped alleyway.

The One High students who came to "watch the show" hid themselves at the entrance of the narrow roads.

In silence, they smoked their cigarettes in anticipation for a good show.

"They're here! They're here! That Luo Lin arrived!" The gossipers whispered amongst themselves.

"Shhhh look at that. Chi Shi also brought people with him!"

Luo Lin strode forward in a calm manner, he disregarded the pin-pointing fingers while Chi Shi was trailing 10 meters behind him.

The latter strutted onwards with a puffed-out chest with over ten delinquents in toll. Everyone had their hands in their shirt in preparation to brandish their weapons.

"They’re going to fight! It's starting! Don't even blink!"

"Sigh, this Luo Lin is so unlucky, one against ten over people, he can't even escape if he wants to!"

"Hmph, that fellow deserves it, it's all because he angered Brother Dragon! He thinks too much of himself."


When Luo Lin reached the middle of the street, he suddenly halted in his tracks. Luo Lin then turned around to greet Chi Shi and his group before the other party could do so: "Oh? What a coincidence?"

Chi Shi and his group became stupefied at his actions.

'Huh? Did this brat notice us before?'

Despite being noticed, they weren’t afraid. Now that everyone was in the middle of the street, either direction led to deadends. They also outnumbered Luo Lin by a large margin All of the odds tipped in their favor so what was there to worry about?

Chi Shi sorted out his thoughts and tried to make himself appear more like a gangster boss. He knew there were a lot of onlookers from One High so the occasion was a good opportunity to establish his prestige.

'This Luo Lin acts too arrogantly, I'm going to mess him up real good today.'

"Yeah what a coincidence." Chi Shi took a step forward and flexed his neck, but there was no sound.

After coughing out of awkwardness, he made an expression like he was exacting justice in place of the heavens, "You should know the consequences of angering Brother Dragon right?"

"Deaf Brother?" Luo Lin shrugged helplessly, "I know someone named Brother Deaf, what about it? Why is this Brother Deaf looking for me? Did his mother die or did his wife run away?"

TLN : Luo Lin made a pun on Brother Dragon’s name. The word dragon sounds similar to deaf.

"What the fu*k! He's so arrogant!" Everyone including the students of One High went into an uproar, they felt that Luo Lin was acting really arrogant! He actually cursed Brother Dragon under the bright skies.

One must know that the alley they were in was part of the "movie district" which was considered Brother Dragon's territory. If Brother Dragon wished to kill someone within his territory, it would only take a few minutes for him to summon dozens of underlings!

Chi Shi was rendered speechless by Luo Lin's words.

"Brother Shi, don't chit-chat with him anymore, let us beat him up!" A little follower on the side instigated.

Chi Shi cleared his throat: "Luo Lin, we're classmates so I don't want to make things too difficult for you. Unfortunately, you have angered Brother Dragon, so I can't stand by and do nothing.”

“To tell you the truth, Brother Dragon wants an explanation for the last time you played tricks on our brothers.”

“I have taken the Pledge of Allegiance so today, everything I do is on behalf of the White Dragon Hall.”

“Kneel and kowtow to me while shouting ‘Grandpa, Grandson dare not do this anymore!’ three times each, and I’ll consider going lighter on you. What do you think?”

These scripted lines had taken Chi Shi several days to prepare. The pauses were to make his momentum stronger when spoken

Chi Shi felt proud of himself inwardly for not messing up, "White Dragon Hall", "Pledge of Allegiance"... These series of words were very critical to those who idolized the "Young and Dangerous" movie series.

Those who followed Chi Shi felt the fiery gazes of those students around them and subconsciously raised their heads in pride.

Luo Lin wanted to laugh but he held himself back. He pretended to not hear Chi Shi’s words: "Hm? What did you say? I couldn’t hear you clearly."

"I said, if you kneel and kowtow while shouting ‘Grandpa, Grandson I will not dare do this again’ three times each, then I’ll consider going lighter on you!" Chi Shi joyfully repeated his words with a prideful expression.

"Shout three what?" Luo Lin placed his hand on his ear and asked with a frown.

Chi Shi expressed the meaning of "awe-inspiring" to the maximum as he shouted: "Grandpa! Grandson dare not do this again!"


Lin Jiadong, Liu Wanchuan, Wang Liang, Li Nan, and Li Chenggong who were hiding in the alley were drinking bubble tea while they waited for Luo Lin's signal.

They weren’t expecting anything else so when Chi Shi said those words, they spat out their milk tea. All five of them burst into a coughing fit.

'Brother Lin is too sneaky!'

Luo Lin couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore, and quickly waved his hand: "Grandson you're good boy, your Grandpa doesn’t blame you."

Chi Shi was still immersed in the feeling of complacence. His brain hadn’t reacted to what had just taken place.

The followers behind him had heard the meaning behind Luo Lin's words, they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to do it. Their faces flushed bright red from suppressing their laughter.

However, surrounding onlookers couldn’t hold it in anymore, some of them had already laughed and some were on the floor covering their stomach.

When he saw Luo Lin's teasing expression, Chi Shi finally realized what happened and became enraged: "Luo Lin! Are you fu*king tired of living?!"

He lifted his shirt and directly pulled something out from his waist. "Cling Clang" sounds of metal could be heard as he hoisted out the iron chain.

The metal chains reflected the afternoon sunlight that stabbed the eyes of his followers. Chi Shi’s actions also sounded an alarm in their heads: 'Weapons have been pulled out, let’s rush out!'

Luo Lin knew that it was time and he reached down into his pockets to pull out a black glove.

'That’s the signal!'

The eyes of Liu Wanchuan and the gang who had been waiting in the alley brightened, without an ounce of hesitation, they rushed out with bricks in their hands.

As Chi Shi and his men were rushing toward Luo Lin, they were immediately taken aback when they saw crowds of people swarming out from all directions: 'An ambush?!'

Time waits for no one. While they were frozen, students rushed out from various roads. They wore black gloves on their left hand which tightly clutched onto bricks as they walked over to Luo Lin.


It was Chi Shi and his group’s turn to become bewildered. They realized something was wrong the moment these 30 over students stood by Luo Lin's side: 'The other party came prepared!'

Luo Lin was as calm as ever as he casually lit up his cigarette.

Liu Wanchuan, Wang Liang, Lin Jiadong, Li Nan, and Li Chenggong, all five of them had one hand in their pockets, while the other was holding onto bricks. They had a face of unyieldingness as they stood behind Luo Lin.

Behind these six men, were three rows of brothers. All of them wore black gloves in one hand and a brick in the other with solemn faces. Gradually, their momentum began to soar.

Luo Lin did not speak, nor did the thirty over men behind him. However, this scene was more imposing than that of Chi Shi's.

The onlooking students in the alleyway were stunned, their eyes sparkled with stars: 'What the fu*k! Awesome! This is too domineering!”

“Oh my god, isn't that first year's Lin Jiadong!”

“And that person is Liang Zi, the dueling king of the second year's, and also Liu Wanchuan!”

“The Li Nan and Li Chenggong brothers are also here!”

“This is crazy! Looking at this scene, it seems like Luo Lin is their boss!”

Even though the sun was blazingly hot, Chi Shi and his followers all broke out in a cold sweat.

Their faces turned pale, and some of the cowardly ones had even urinated in their pants. They have never seen this kind of situation before, in their eyes, the figure of Luo Lin who was standing before the group of "Black Gloves" seemed to have been enlarged by an endless number of times! He seemed like the boss of a mafia gang.

Finally, Luo Lin stepped on his cigarette butt, and casually put the black glove on his left hand. The corner of his mouth curved upwards, in a small voice that brimmed with overbearingness: "Grandson, it's not too late to kowtow now."

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