Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 239 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (1)

Dongchuan, mainland. Summoners’ world. The summoners’ statuses transcended all on this mainland. They were able to summon godly soldiers and divine beasts to fight against the magical beasts on the mainland, saving the world.

The entire Donchuan mainland was divided into two by the mountain range and the setting sun. Humans lived to the east side of the division where countless countries existed. As for the west side of the division, dwarfs, elfs, and druids gathered there.

Inside, gathered vast groups of magical beasts. Because they breed really quickly, they need to eliminate more incapable soldiers. Therefore, every once in a while, the high-ranked magical beasts would launch a bestial tide to attack the cities. While stealing resources, they were also eliminating the weak. This was the survival rulebook for the magical beasts…

Of course, none of this currently had anything to do with Su Wan. Since entering the mainland, she became the second most influential family, Su Family’s third miss, Su Wan, of Orinda Country, Meite City.

According to Su Family’s tradition, only children of legal descent were all allowed to cultivate within Su Family, Meite City’s main camp. The reason why an exception was made for Su Wan and so she was accepted into the Su Family was because there was another legal daughter besides the genius successor. The legal daughter, Su Wu, had just celebrated her fifteenth birthday.

According to Dongchuan, mainland’s convention, if a person had the opportunity to become a summoner, they would be able to activate their spiritual energy successfully before their fifteenth birthday. They’d be able to summon either their loyal beast or magical weapon. However, Su Wan was unable to summon anything even up until now.

Even more, the eldest miss of the Su Family was a coward, weak and a love-struck fool as well. She had been secretly in love with the castellan’s son of the Meite City, Long Li. She would frequently come to spy on Castellan Long cultivating after secretly leaving the residence with her guard.

This was no secret in Meite City. Because of Su Wu’s existence, the entire Su Family became the laughing stock.

Thankfully, a genius young lady appeared in a bordering town of the Su Family. She was Su Wan.

Su Wan activated her spiritual energy when she was fourteen. Although it was considered rather late, her magical weapon was a grade three mysterious sword, known as the king of the magical weapons. Those that could summon the mysterious sword were all rarely seen geniuses.

Su Family was known for its swordsmanship. After finding out about Su Wan, Su Family immediately sent people to pick her up and take her into Meite City. Since then, she replaced Su Wu’s status and became the most pampered young miss of the Su Family.

The real legal daughter, Su Wu, ended up living in the most worn-out courtyard of the Su Family because of her weak and wastrel personality. The servants within the residence bullied her as they wished. Unable to take the humiliation, she could only pray in silence for her brother who was cultivating far away to come back soon. What a pity that Su Wu was killed before her brother, Su Zhan, had come back.

It was at this time that the female assassin, Su Wu, from another world had transmigrated into the wastrel young miss’ body. From then, she started her legendary journey to counterattack. She beated the monsters and leveled up, oppressed the scumbags, and collected handsome men. The female agent’s transmigration journey was just that magnanimous!

After all, there was a long queue of male supporting leads in this world. Meite City was just a starting point for the female lead to conquer the mainland.

Right now, Su Wan was sitting in her room and forcing herself to stop thinking about Su Rui. She closed her eyes and organized the original body’s memory. Right now, the female lead had successfully summoned the first mysterious beast. Mn, a white little wolfdog.

Don’t underestimate this perverted, glutinous, and cute-acting dog. It’s actually not a dog. (Could it be… a dragon? What is this joke? It’s not Bai Long Wang).

Fine. It’s actually a mythological animal. It was just sealed by its rival, Demon King, right now.

Since she got the divine beast, Little White, the queen, Su Wu, started using the method that Little White taught her to open up a new route for summoners. She could collect other people's magical weapons or the magical beasts she saw into her spiritual storage. Then, she could summon them whenever she needed them. This summon method had been passed down since the ancient time and had been lost up until this point.

Since she got a hold of this special method, Su Wu could summon whatever she wanted. When she encountered a strong enemy, she could even release divine beasts. In short, her journey to leveling up couldn’t be more easier.

Of course, this was in the future.

Right now, Su Wu and her divine beast were still disliked by the Su Family.

The entire Su Family was blind and couldn’t see how powerful the female lead was. But since she transmigrated, she easily attracted the all-seeing male lead’s attention on the streets.

How could the rumored wastrel and weak Eldest Miss Su, a love-struck fool, possibly have such bright eyes?

How could she possibly have a heroic imposing manner?

This didn’t make sense!

As the first family, Xiao Family’s successor in Meite City, Xiao Yan had always thought highly of oneself. Xiao and Su Family originally had an engagement.

However, Xiao Family looked down on the wastrel Su Wu. After Su Wan entered the Su Family, the latter decided to take advantage of the situation and betroth her to Xiao Yan.

To speak the truth, the distinguished and elegant Xiao Yan had quite a good first impression on Su Wan.

She was a haughty and indifferent genius young lady. Despite being born within an inconspicuous branch of the Su Family, she contained a lot of confidence that other people didn’t have.

After interacting with Su Wan twice, Xiao Yan was pleased. The two also confirmed their relationship according to the two families’ arrangement.

But ever since he unintentionally saw the interesting “Su Wu” on the streets, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but be attracted to her. He started paying attention to her and he couldn’t resist the urge to secretly follow her too.

Once, Xiao Yan personally saw Su Wan bringing people over to insult and humiliate Su Wu. At that moment, he originally wanted to stand up for her but he unexpectedly watched as the wastrel everyone looked down on suddenly summoned dozens of iron swords, scaring off everyone immediately.

Su Wu had amazed him with a brilliant feat just like that!

Right now, Xiao Yan was extremely interested in her. Plus, after seeing how overbearing Su Wan was, he decided to cancel his engagement with her and marry Su Wu instead.

Needless to say, the male lead had beautiful thoughts.

According to the original plot, a crisis appeared in the Su Family because he backed out of the engagement. Su Wan was known to be the genius of the family. She couldn’t accept what Xiao Yan had done, nor the fact that he was going to marry Su Wu.

What made it even more theatrical was that Su Wu rejected Xiao Yan’s proposal without hesitation in front of everyone.

What is this joke? You think the female lead is a bok choy like the ones on the street? You can buy and discard her as you please?

That’s right. There were countless handsome men waiting upon her. Therefore, as the male lead, he had a long way to go in order to pursue his future wife!

“Third Miss!”

A servant in the Su Family interrupted Su Wan’s thoughts. Though she was the legal daughter of the Su Family now, the servants were used to calling her third miss.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Wan lifted her head to glance at the young lady clad in blue. She was Su Pei, the maid that the head of the Su Family gave to her. Su Pei was originally from another branch of the family too but she had no talent, thus chosen to become a servant of the lowest rank.

“Third Miss, Master Xiao is here. He’s in the reception room. The Lord ordered this maid to bring you over.”


Hearing Su Pei’s words, Su Wan gradually stood up. If she guessed right, the male lead was here to back out of the engagement, right?

Ah, what should I do? This was the first time experiencing the rejection of a marriage proposal by the male lead. Su Wan was really nervous~

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