Chapter 239: Snakes Are Cute, Are You Kidding Me?

According to Little Eight, if he blocked her sense of pain too many times, she may become blind and deaf, among other things, so Nan Xun should avoid using it as much as possible.

As such, Nan Xun didn’t see the big boss State Teacher every day. Anyways, there was still so much work to be done.

Although Moran Hall had recruited gu people now, they didn’t immediately try gu poison on them. Those eighteen disciples served their darlings with good food and good drink every day—those disgusting insects.

Nan Xun had inherited the Zui Li family’s memory, so she was very proficient in gu poison and witchcraft, but the people in Zui Li family rarely practiced gu, as most of them tended to practice witchcraft. Refining poisonous gu not only required a lot of time and thought, they were also so disgusting.

First, feed no less than a hundred insects with various poisons and medicines. When they matured, those insects were placed together in a gu goblet to gobble up each other until one of them left remained. After that, they were supplied with various poisons along with its owner’s blood until it gradually became more and more powerful, and finally became a poisonous gu.

Gu insects were pretty much harmless when they were alive. Of course it was a different story if it got into your body and bit your internal organs. When it died in a human body, their poison would be released, properly killing the host within a few minutes or seconds.

Nan Xun, “Oh god, the more I think about it, the more disgusting it felt. I hate these kinds of creeping creatures. Compared with them, baby snakes are cute.”

Little Eight, “Snakes are cute? Are you kidding me? Could it be because you gave birth to a baby snake in the first world that you have this kind of thinking?”

After saying this sentence, Little Eight regretted it a little.

It didn’t matter if he mentioned anything else, but he just had to mention the snake baby.

Little Eight was thinking how to change the subject awkwardly, but Nan Xun smiled. “Little Eight, why aren’t you talking anymore? Did you think that mentioning that baby snake will make me sad? How can that be? I have so many good memories with baby egg. In fact, I often dream of what he looks like when he grows up. He must be as handsome as his father, or maybe even more handsome than he was. After all, he still has my genes.”

Little Eight suddenly didn’t feel upset or guilty when he heard this.

Truly narcissistic.

“Nan Xun, in fact, this grandpa is worried about you, afraid that you might get stuck too deep in some worlds. Although this is the first time for this grandpa to lead someone and earn merit points, this grandpa has heard other brothers and sisters saying that the stakes are too high. Hosts that failed tasks about a dozen to twenty times in a row are a dime a dozen, ones that have this high of a success rate are really rare.

“Do you know why? Because while travelling back and forth within those countless worlds, some of them can no longer distinguish between the real world and mission worlds. They would feel that the world they were in was the world they belonged to, they didn’t want to leave!

“What’s more, some people would be confused, they would mix some characters from this world and that world…”

After Little Eight’s long talk, he fed Nan Xun a spoonful of chicken soup. “But now this grandpa knows that you’re different, you definitely will succeed! After this grandpa has accumulated enough merit points to be sanctified [to be made holy], this grandpa will become a holy beast that could even rival the heavens, and you will be the first hero of the holy beast!”

Nan Xun snorted and laughed. “Don’t worry ah, Little Eight, I understand what you’re saying, but that won’t happen with me. Every world is a new journey to me, even though the world may be enchanting, I’ll still go back home eventually. After I go back, I still have to see baby egg ah.”

After a pause, her eyes moved slightly before she suddenly said, “If you bring sentiments from the previous worlds to the next one, it will be unfair to the big boss in the next world right? To me, each of them is independently different.”

Little Eight felt that Nan Xun’s words were a little strange. “They’re originally independent individuals ah.”

Nan Xun replied with an “oh” before she stopped talking.

“Li Yunduo, this master wants tea, why haven’t you brought it to this master—” Gong Shiqi roared to her from afar.

Nan Xun rolled her eyes to the sky and trotted over with a pot of freshly made tea.

“Brother Shiqi, your tea has come.” Nan Xun smiled sweetly at him.

Gong Shiqi squinted at her, but the corners of his mouth were slightly bent upward, “Who are you calling brother? You think you can make friends with someone with such a high position?”

Nan Xun chuckled in her heart, and immediately changed her words, “Master Shiqi, please drink the tea, if there’s nothing else, then I will go to the kitchen to help.”

Hearing this, Gong Shiqi immediately laughed maliciously. “You little thing, I have discovered your secret a long time ago, saying you want to help in the kitchen but you actually want to find leftovers to eat, right? You little rice bucket, if Lord finds out that you can eat so much, don’t you think that he would kill you with a flick of his finger?”

Nan Xun, “…”

“Moran Hall wouldn’t be unable to afford such a small amount of food, right?”

Gong Shiqi snorted mockingly, “What status do you have? Even if Moran Hall doesn’t lack money, why should we raise a lowly rice bucket?”

As he said this, a nasty smile crept up the corners of his lips, “As long as you obediently serve me tea every day, I won’t tell anyone that you’re a rice bucket. You can still secretly go to the kitchen and find leftovers to eat, otherwise—”

Nan Xun didn’t feel threatened by him, she just straight up gave him an eye roll, “Gong Shiqi, you’re crazy.”

Then she slammed the teapot on his small table before turning around and leaving.

“Stinky girl, you dare go! Believe it or not, I’ll poison you to death with gu!” Gong Shiqi glared in  anger.

Nan Xun turned her head and smiled at him, “Don’t believe~”

Gong Shiqi: …

After Nan Xun had walked away, Gong Shiqi still stared at her retreating figure.

Just now, when the woman looked back and smiled, his heart thumped for a while.


It was said that Nanyun Kingdom’s monarch was dying, so the Lord State Master was always in the palace nowadays, and it wasn’t until ten days later that Nan Xun finally saw him again.

His face was as expressionless as always, and his eyes were deadly still without any ripples, which made Nan Xun feel that he was a walking and talking corpse. He always gave her a strange feeling.

Nan Xun could finally wait on him, so she naturally wanted to brush up her existence to the big boss, that's why she hurried and went to make a pot of tea.

Her attitude was absolutely respectful as she asked politely if she could enter the inner hall.

Gong Moran didn’t let her in. He only said lightly, “Place it on the table in the outer hall.”

Nan Xun complied obediently, and after thinking a bit, she asked, “Is the Lord going to eat in here tonight? Should I have the small kitchen make a few light dishes for the Lord?”

“No need.” The voice that reverberated from the inner hall was really cold.

Nan Xun quickly closed her mouth.

So cold and ruthless, why don’t you just go to heaven and become a true immortal?


Ahh... the boy who bully the girl he likes... (´v`)

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