Chapter 238: So Painful, So [email protected] Painful Ah!

Nan Xun wasn’t tired of living, she had a strong hidden supporter. The void beast Little Eight could help shield her pain any time. At least she didn’t have to worry about dying from pain.

The confident Nan Xun suddenly saw an extra pair of snow-white boots, and the white corner of a robe just a bit above them.

The robe must have been made from the best silk brocade in Nanyun Kingdom, because it was soft and thin. It was pure white at a glance, but when examined closer it had a layer of vague auspicious clouds embroidered on it, something that even an OP embroidery master was incapable of achieving.

Who knew when State Master arrived in front of her; his hand moved slightly, and he slowly raised and stretched it in her direction.

That hand was so beautiful. It was white and slender, and his fingers were like bamboo. Even his fingernails were shiny, which fascinated Nan Xun.

Nan Xun stupidly moved her hand towards it, but that beautiful palm unexpectedly   missed her raised hand. Two fingers bent and abruptly flicked her forehead.

Something drilled inside her forehead.

After a second of confusion, her pupils suddenly shrank!

She nearly vomited out a scream, but because Little Eight blocked her sense of pain in time, it got stuck in her throat.

But just now, even though it was only for a moment, the pain was like something chewing on her brain and made her tremble all over.

Gong Shiqi’s eyes widened slightly. Lord, he… that was the brain-eating gu that was refined personally by the Lord!

Nan Xun, who was of the weaker gender, didn’t utter a word after receiving the brain-eating gu that had been refined by State Master himself. Her expression was absolutely steadfast, as if she was looking at the grim-reaper unflinchingly.

Everyone watched how her face changed from ruddy to deathly pale like a ghost. There were beads of sweat dripping down her beautiful face from her forehead, converging into a small strand that flowed down to her broad collar.

Gong Shiqi looked at her in a daze. He suddenly saw that smelly little beggar in a new light; his desire to kill her from before also faded a lot.

After a while, the state teacher’s palm lightly swung across Nan Xun’s forehead as he took the brain-eating gu away.

In the next second, Nan Xun almost couldn’t help but yell out. Keeping in mind the dauntless persona that she pretended to have before, she finally swallowed the scream back.

“F*ck, Little Eight, why did you remove the shield so quickly? Don’t you know that pain also has lingering effects?”

Little Eight said innocently, “…I already restrained it for you for a few seconds more.”

Nan Xun, “Really? How come it’s still this painful ah, it’s pain that no ordinary person can bear!”

Little Eight sighed, “You can’t even bear this little bit of pain, what will you do for the following days ah?”

Nan Xun immediately said, “Don’t I have you?”

“If I block your sense of pain so often, then it would affect your other five senses in the future. You may go blind or deaf, I’m really not lying to you.”

Nan Xun was very calm, “I would rather be blind and deaf than feel that [email protected] awful pain again.”

Little Eight: …

Cutting through the dead silence, the immaculate State Master suddenly spoke. “Satisfactory, you will serve as this Lord’s dedicated gu person hereafter.”

For Nan Xun, this flat and cold voice was just like it was spoken by an immortal ah, an immortal.

Nan Xun bowed to him deeply. “Thanking Lord State Teacher for his grace!”

After the state teacher gave this order, he returned to the main hall to rest first while the distribution of gu people was handed over to Gong Da.

Gong Da asked each disciple’s opinion, and if there was no conflict, they were assigned the gu person that they liked. However, if there was conflict, they would be selected according to seniority.

Each one got one, and the surplus gu people all served as sweepers or palace guards in case of emergency.

Gong Shiqi chose one randomly, his expression was somewhat sluggish.

That boy, no, that little girl was obviously the one who looked at him first, why was she chosen by the Lord? He somewhat felt an indescribable unwillingness.

Moreover, Moran Hall never accepted women, but Lord made an exception today!

Gong Shiqi stared at Nan Xun fiercely. “Dead woman, let’s wait and see.”

Nan Xun directly gave him a big eye-roll.

Mental case.

Because there were many people doing miscellaneous tasks in Moran Hall, the selected gu people weren’t only used as guinea pigs, they also had to do those menial tasks too. For convenience, each disciple slept in the inner rooms of the two side halls, while their respective gu person laid on the floor directly in the outer room. However, when it came to Nan Xun, Gong Da felt troubled.

The Lord’s main hall didn’t usually allow outsiders to enter. Even for the disciples, they weren’t allowed to come inside without permission, and even if they entered, they could only stand in the outer hall to report things.

Gong Da didn’t know how to arrange a place for this one gu person.

After pondering over it again and again, Gong Da decided that it was best to just ask Lord State Teacher.

Gong Da stood at the entrance of the outer hall. Even if he couldn’t see the one inside the inner hall, he still maintained a slight bow before asking respectfully, “My Lord, where should this disciple put the gu person that you have just received? My Lord doesn’t like outsiders disturbing, so why doesn’t this disciple arrange her at this disciple’s place?”

When Gong Da said this, his voice wasn’t loud because he was afraid of disturbing the state teacher who was resting in the inner hall, and secondly, he had already made a plan in his heart.

According to the Lord’s working and rest habits, he would never agree to let a gu person rest in his outer hall, and right now he was just seeking the Lord’s opinion on his already made decision.

This was some kind of respect for the Lord.

After Gong Da said this, he didn’t hear any sounds from inside. When he was about to retreat, that voice unexpectedly came in, indifferent and cold, just as always. “Just let her rest in this Lord’s outer hall.”

With a swish, Gong Da raised his eyes swiftly, staring at the door in disbelief. His gaze was as if he wished he could see through the door that was engraved with flowers and trees. What expression did the Lord has when he said this?

How could he allow a gu person, and a woman at that, to rest in the main hall’s outer hall? This was a privilege that none of the eighteen disciples have ever had!

But Gong Da quickly put away the shocked expression he had on and replied in a normal tone, “This disciple understands.”

When Nan Xun learned that she could stay in the main hall’s outer hall, she became very happy. In sharp contrast, Gong Da’s eyes were full of inquiry and doubt.

“The Lord is very sensitive, don’t make too much noise when resting at night,” Gong Da reminded.

Nan Xun nodded her head, “Don’t worry about this, I’ll be the same as dead after I fall asleep, no sounds at all!”

Gong Da: …

Little Eight rarely agreed, “This grandpa agrees, you’re like a dead pig when you’re asleep, you won’t wake up even if you’re struck by lightning.”

Nan Xun thought that she had made a significant step in history, but unexpectedly, she thought too much. [T/N: she was the first one to ever sleep in State Teacher’s outer hall]

Since becoming State Master’s gu person, other than the first day, she had never seen his shadow even for a bit.

During the day, she was asked to do this and that by the Moran Hall’s disciples. When she showed her dissatisfaction, the other party just directly poisoned her, especially that Gong Shiqi who made trouble for her everywhere, truly narrow-minded.


I'm really confused... if it's really a brain-eating, heart-eating insect or worm, wouldn't they leave a permanent effect on the victim even after those insects were withdrawn by their master? (゜-゜) Surely a hole in your brain might make you paralyzed, blind or something...

Anyway, if you guys noticed, I was just fixing chapters since I stooopidly posted 2 chapters (235 & 236) in one.

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