Chapter 237: So Beautiful, Doesn’t Look Like A Real Person

The state teacher went to see Nanyun Kingdom’s monarch so he wasn’t there at the moment. Excluding the two disciples that went with him, Gong Da and Gong Qi [Eldest and Seven], the remaining sixteen were all present, staring at these few gu people.

“Second Brother, the Lord said that 25 people are enough, how come you chose 26?” one of them asked in puzzlement.

Second Brother said indifferently, “We had no other way, this kid was the one who insisted on following.”

“This person isn’t bad. He’s strong, you guys aren’t allowed to snatch him from me ah!” the youngest brother who had just entered Moran Hall, Gong Shiba [eighteen] said with a smile as he pointed to a big, heavy man among the group.

Gong Shiqi was happy. “Shiba ah, don’t blame brother for not reminding you that often a strong-looking person might just be the first one to die because they can’t bear the pain from poison.”

These people spoke without the slightest conscience. Nan Xun took a look at the gu people next to her and found fear appearing on some of their faces. Several of them already felt regret.

While Nan Xun’s mind was still wandering, the one called Gong Shiqi suddenly pulled her over and said proudly, “Do you believe that this person who sent himself to our door is the one most resistant to poison?”

As he said this, Gong Shiqi was suddenly taken aback. “Boy, your hands are really soft ah, so soft, it’s so comfortable to hold.”

Nan Xun really wanted to give him a fist but she endured it. Instead, she smirked and said, “Big brother, you don’t detest that I’m smelly ah, you’re so kind.”

Hearing this, Gong Shiqi immediately pushed her away while the other disciples couldn’t help but laugh.

Gong Shiqi stared at Nan Xun angrily. He instructed someone, “Old Zhao, take him to bathe immediately, then let him wear my worn-out old clothes with holes in it. This kid’s too stinky, he’d definitely offend Lord later.”

When Nan Xun heard the word “bath,” her heart jumped and she hastily said, “Brother Shiqi, I don’t want to bathe, let’s talk about it later after I meet the state teacher!”

Gong Shiqi heard her affectionate way of calling his name and he froze for a while before flying into a rage. “Haha, a lowly beggar actually called me Brother Shiqi, do you believe that this grandpa can beat your mouth rotten?!”

Gong Shiba laughed at him mercilessly. “Shiqi, I think this kid likes you very much ah, why don’t you just accept him as your little brother?”

Nan Xun said to Little Eight, “These people were really just pretending when they were parading the street before. Look at them now, their ugly faces are all exposed.”

Little Eight: …

Regardless of whether Nan Xun wanted it or not, she was dragged away by the servant named Old Zhao to take a bath.

Fortunately, Old Zhao just threw her into the tub and let her to take a bath by herself without staring at her.

Nan Xun thought that she couldn’t hide her female body anyway, so simply washed herself clean and then put on Gong Shiqi’s old white short robe that had two holes.

When she was about to tie her hair, Nan Xun suddenly noticed something wrong.

Why did all the sounds disappear all of a sudden?

Nan Xun quietly walked to the door, poked a small hole in the paper, and prepared to take a peek through it.

Unexpectedly, when she had just put her hand on the door to look out, the door slammed open without any wind. She lost her body’s support and her footing, planted forward, and fell… like a dog eating sh1t.

Nan Xun looked up abruptly to meet a pair of indifferent eyes.

What kind of eyes were those? At first glance, they seemed to gather the essence of heaven and earth; they were profound and charming. But at second glance, they looked ethereal and hollow. With the clear blue sky and white clouds above his head, and his disciples and several gu people prostrating on the ground behind him, still nothing was found in that pair of eyes. They were hollow, dead, and silent, without the slightest ripple inside.

And right now, those silent eyes were staring at her.

Nan Xun was lying on the ground, looking at him, while others were watching her.

Because of the fall, her black hair was scattered like a waterfall, falling to the ground like silk, while the obviously oversized robe faintly exposed her beautiful collarbone as she laid down, simply making people… want to spurt blood.

Gong Shiqi’s eyes widened. He fiercely pointed his finger to her, stammering, “Y-you, you, you… you’re actually… a woman!”

After the initial shock, Gong Shiqi suddenly remembered something and became terrified. He knelt down with a thud. “My Lord, forgive me, Shiqi didn’t know that she was a woman. When this disciple brought her back, she was dirty and stinky, her face was dark with mud, and she was wearing a man’s loose robe, so disciple, disciple…”

Defying and defending, Gong Shiqi finally only replied with a sentence, “Shiqi knows his wrongs.”

Nan Xun didn’t hear anything. After the man looked away a little bit, she finally broke free from the blank state that seemed to have taken all her attention away.

Those eyes were like a sealed cage. Once she looked inside, she would be locked in them only to finally end up stifled to death.

Nan Xun panted, and her indistinctly exposed collarbone appeared clearer from leaning over.

After breaking free, she was finally able to look elsewhere, and the first thing she saw was that man’s face.

After seeing it, Nan Xun faintly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said to Little Eight, “Dear da, is he really a human? Isn’t he a bit too beautiful to be called a human ah? Isn’t he the incarnation of a siren who sucks human blood in the depths of some remote mountain?”

F*ck, too beautiful, Nan Xun exhausted all of her “beautiful” synonyms to describe his appearance. Anyhow, it was the kind of beauty that made people want to kneel and lick all over.

A celestial being who was wearing a white robe, oh no, also with the qualities of the revered nine gods, beautiful long hair like a painting, falling down to the small of his back just like a top quality bolt of silk.

This man just casually stood aside, but it could already be a picture ah, a picture!

Little Eight also swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “He’s more beautiful up close. But don’t worry ah, he’s definitely not a siren, he’s really a person.”

When one person and one beast were still sighing in their hearts, a disciple standing behind the beautiful man suddenly shouted towards Nan Xun, “Presumptuous! How can you look straight at Lord State Teacher!”

Nan Xun didn’t care about him as she still fixed her gaze on that beautiful man, her pair of watery and seductive eyes staring straight at him.

“Such a brazen seductress, who sent you here? Still not owning up to the facts?!” That disciple was so angry that he almost used gu to kill her.

Nan Xun squinted at him and grunted with dissatisfaction, “Just take care of your own [email protected] business, State Master still hasn’t said anything yet.”

That disciple brother, “You! Presumptuous!”

Seeing that beautiful man glancing faintly at her again, Nan Xun immediately got up and bowed to him in a proper manner. “My Lord, my name is Li Yunduo, I want to be my Lord’s gu person.”

As soon as this sentence was uttered, the audience went silent.

The disciple who scolded her just now changed his expression.

Although many gu people were recruited this time, they were all meant to be the disciples’ test subjects for gu poison. Those gu that the disciples refined weren’t as powerful as one-thousandth of the state teacher’s.

This woman who forced herself inside actually said that she wanted to be State Teacher’s gu person?

That’s really… tired of living.


This is my first time reading about someone begging to give their own life, in the know of it being excruciatingly painful, so desperately like Nan Xun. (゜Д゜;)

PS: just fixin chapters like a boss...أ‿أ


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