Chapter 235: Dangerous, Life-Saving Grace

When the sedan chair was about to pass in front of Drunken Moon’s building, Nan Xun suddenly noticed that the window she was holding was shaking. She was shocked, but when she was about to retract her protruding body, the person behind her ruthlessly shoved her.

Half of the carved wooden wall under the window had been tampered with a long time ago. When Nan Xun was pushed from behind, the wall collapsed with a loud sound, launching Nan Xun from the second floor.

As Nan Xun tumbled down, she glanced back and saw Mudan’s face filled with jealousy.

Tsk, this kind of place was indeed not lacking fights and schemes. She was ready to leave but she was still tricked by someone.

Nan Xun felt that falling from this height wouldn’t kill anyone. At most, she would hurt her arms and legs. Little Eight still had a panacea, so she would be able to jump about again the next day.

Therefore, not only did the woman plummeting not scream apart from her first shout when pushed, she also had an enchanting posture when falling. Her white silk skirt fluttered about, with a waterfall of raven hair that danced in the air, truly like a celestial nymph falling into the mortal world.

Nan Xun didn’t cry out in fright, but the people on both sides of the street were frightened and screamed.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Just when Nan Xun was about to hit the ground, her body suddenly stopped.

When there was still an inch of distance from the ground, she was frozen mid-air!

Everyone was shocked.

Nan Xun paused in the air for a few seconds before falling to the ground. No, it shouldn’t be described as “falling,” but being laid down gently.

She stood up gracefully without losing her composure. Facing the eight-bearer white palanquin, she curtsied gracefully. “Thanking State Master for the life-saving grace.”

The figure behind the white gauze curtain didn’t speak nor move.

All of a sudden, a sharp cry of pain came from where Nan Xun had just fallen.

In the next moment, a woman in a purple skirt was smashed down from above.

The crowd moved over quickly. The woman had already solidly fallen to the ground, bleeding to death from her seven orifices.

Her eyes were wide open, and everyone could still see a trace of pain and fear from within.

A deathly silence fell all around.

Nan Xun swept her eyes toward Mudan’s tragic death, and she couldn’t help but glance at the figure in the sedan chair.

There was no doubt that he did it.

After a while, a man’s cold voice was sounded from inside. “Deliberately harming people, deserves to die.”

The voice was like a stream that was about to freeze in winter: flowing slowly, clear and pleasant to the ear, but cold to the bones nevertheless.

All the sounds around him died down, even sound of breathing stopped abruptly.

After the state teacher’s palanquin had moved far away, the people gradually started to breathe again before turning their eyes to the unsightly corpse.

Many recognized her as Mudan from Drunken Moon, and the white-clad woman in a veil who fell down first should be the rarely seen Lady Qiangwei.

Lady Qiangwei lived because of State Master, Lady Mudan died because of State Master. Connecting the scene with his prior sentence, the crowd could already picture what happened.

Ptooey! Such a vicious woman deserves death!”

The people spat on Mudan’s body one after another.

Nan Xun looked in the direction that the palanquin was going, and retracted her sight when she couldn’t see them anymore.

She didn’t feel any sympathy for Mudan. She could be jealous of her intelligence and skills, but if she was so jealous that she wanted her to die, then that wasn’t okay in her book.

Little Eight tutted. “She dared to scheme against you and got what she deserved.”

The corners of Nan Xun’s mouth bent slightly, she was in a good mood. “I was considering what excuse I can use to enter Moran Hall as a gu person. I’m so lucky ah, this life-saving grace is greater than heaven, State Master sent this reason to me himself.”

Nan Xun carried her little bundle and said goodbye to Madam Zhang. As for the other sisters, she didn’t care about them. With Mudan’s incident before, she once again realized that behinds brilliant smiles, there may be people with malicious thoughts.

Madam Zhang wailed, with tears falling from her old eyes. “Qiangwei ah, are you really going to abandon Madam? If you stay here, your Madam will guarantee that you eat and drink anything you want, don’t leave ah, hic hic!”

Talking like this, she cried while hugging Nan Xun’s thigh.

Nan Xun: …

“I might die if I stay any longer, didn’t you see the brutal force Mudan used to push me down today? If there was no State Master to help me, I might have fallen to my death. Later, I’ll come back to see you when I get the chance, alright? Madam, if you don’t let go, I really can’t be polite anymore.”

Madam Zhang’s heart trembled. State Master really rescued Qiangwei himself; it was really a surprise for her.

Since she was a person that was rescued by State Master personally, then forget it. She originally planned to use force, but there was no need for that now.

After that, not only did Madam Zhang let Nan Xun go, she also prepared some broken silver for her.

Nan Xun didn’t pretend to be polite with her, so she just picked it up and said, “Thank you Madam, I know you’re the best!”

Then, she carried a small bundle containing only a few of her clothes on her back, turned around, and left. Her figure was too unrestrained ah.

Madam Zhang looked at her back, this time she was really wailing. She felt so miserable; this girl really had no conscience.

Nan Xun found an inn to live in, gave the waiter some small silver as reward, and asked him to buy her a set of man’s clothes.

“Dear da, what are you gonna do? Disguise as a man?” Little Eight asked.

“Nan Xun, “Isn’t that obvious?”

Little Eight suddenly burst out laughing like a hyena. “Are you kidding? Just say you’re swelling, or your chest is so flat you can fly an airplane there ahahahaha~, that skin is so white and tender, the waist is so thin, and those eyelashes are so curled, do you take everyone as blind? Ahahaha~ People can’t recognize women disguised as men on TV? That’s just big BS, and you actually believe it? Nyahahaha~!!”

Nan Xun: …

Finally, Nan Xun told that small assistant to change the man’s robe that he had bought over.

As for what it was replaced with, it could be speculated from Little Eight’s muddled look that it was by no means a good thing.

Nan Xun stayed at the inn for five days. On the sixth day, she finally saw the notice that was posted by Moran Hall.

Nan Xun smeared her body all over with mud, and then changed into some patched clothes she had bought that smelled sour. Even her little white boots were replaced with ragged straw sandals.

Little Eight was so moved that he sobbed, “Dear da, I didn’t expect you to be so dedicated to this job. I used to say that you don’t use your brain, but that isn’t right ah.”

Nan Xun had no time to care about him. She rushed to where the notice was posted, preparing to “meet death.”

When Nan Xun arrived, there already was a long, long line of people. Most of them were normal people from an ordinary background, but there were one or two of the state teacher’s fans that were from good families.

“I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to leave! I want to be a cow and a horse for the state teacher, aaaa! Let me go——”

Nan Xun: …


Oh wow. That female cannon fodder lasted no more than a few sentences. (*≧▽≦)

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