Chapter 232: Actually, You’re A Rice Bucket

Nan Xun sighed. “My spirit is about to be severely traumatized, I really want to continue my vacation oh~”

Little Eight was frustrated when he heard this. “Grandpa tells you, don’t reach for a yard after getting an inch. Hurry up, do your work to lift this grandpa’s spirit. We didn’t get any merit in two worlds; we can’t waste time in this one!”

After Nan Xun heard this, she felt that she had let down Little Eight. She could only finish this world successfully because Little Eight gave her such a long vacation.


Her tummy was screaming again.

Nan Xun was startled. She rubbed her little belly and said, “Is this body a foodie? Why is it hungry so quickly?”

Little Eight coughed with a bit of embarrassment. “Actually, your body is a… rice bucket.” [T/N: big eater]

When Nan Xun heard the words “rice bucket,” the corners of her mouth twitched. “I’m very curious, how many wild vegetables and roots did Li Yunduo gnaw along the way that she didn’t starve to death?”

Little Eight, “I don’t know ah, anyway, she’s a really terrific rice bucket.”

Nan Xun: …

At the moment, there was no way to get close to the state teacher, so Nan Xun decided to solve her livelihood problem first.

After asking -nth inns, a small inn finally hired her to wash dishes and clean tables. Nan Xun had no requirements as long as she could eat and sleep.

Nan Xun originally planned to work for a while, so she did more and talked less. She worked especially hard. Unexpectedly, she hadn’t worked for a full week before the manager talked to her sincerely. “Yunduo ah, uncle only has a small business. There are so many customers coming to eat every day, but your appetite is too… big, uncle really can’t afford it.”

Nan Xun: …

“Uncle, I can eat less.” Nan Xun looked at him pitifully.

The shopkeeper turned away his eyes and said ruthlessly, “You won’t have enough energy if you don’t have enough to eat. I’ll give you some broken silver, you should hurry up and find work elsewhere.”

Nan Xun felt aggrieved for herself. She had no capital at all, she couldn’t start a business even if she wanted to ah.

“Why don’t you give some money to support me, Little Eight? If I have a hundred taels of silver, I will definitely be able to do some earth-shattering business.”

Little Eight ruthlessly shattered her beautiful dream. “Dear, stop day-dreaming, let’s quickly go to a brothel before you starve to death. Don’t worry, it’s not a place that eats people lawlessly. This grandpa already screened it for you, just go to the recently rising brothel, Drunken Moon. You can sell art rather than your body there. Also, you can sign a contract too. You know, in three years, Drunken Moon will be the top brothel in all of Nanyun Kingdom, and you’ll also be the dream lover of all men in the Imperial City. Tsk tsk, it’s the same level as a modern day female superstar oh~.”

Nan Xun rubbed her belly and sighed. “You can’t fool me, ancient prostitutes are lowly. However, it’s good if I can sign a contract, if I don’t want to work there anymore, I can just pat my butt and slip away.”

Little Eight hummed. “So, do you want to go to Drunken Moon? You’ll starve to death if you don’t go.”

Nan Xun immediately sang with attitude, “Come ah~ happy ah~ anyway, I have a lot of times ah~”

Little Eight: …

“You’re singing my song again, why don’t you just sing fafeiwa?”

Nan Xun, “Huh? Your song? When did it become your song? Of all the songs that you can sing, which one wasn’t taught by me?”

Little Eight pouted.

Nan Xun stopped teasing him and started to go about her business. However, she suddenly realized that she didn’t know how to get there.

Nan Xun asked Little Eight, but Little Eight said that he didn’t know too.

Although it was shameful to ask around where the brothel was, Nan Xun’s skin was quite thick oh.

And thus, she walked up to a woman selling vegetables and smiled cutely, “Auntie, can I ask you about a place?”

That woman saw that the little girl in front of her was beautiful and friendly, so she waved her hand and smiled, “Little girl, if you have anything to ask, just ask ah, no need to be so polite, haha.”

“Auntie, do you know Drunken Moon? How do I get there?”

Nan Xun just finished asking the sentence, and the woman’s expression was like she had heard something unbelievable. She looked at Nan Xun with contempt. “Go, go away! You don’t learn well at such a young age, how did your parents give birth to you that you willingly sink so low?!”

The woman stopped selling vegetables immediately. She carried two baskets of vegetables and left. Before she left, she spit to Nan Xun’s side, “No wonder you have a fox-like appearance!”

Fortunately, Nan Xun jumped really fast to save her face from being graced with the woman’s spit.

Nan Xun, “Is this what you said as the way to become a superstar? I’ve become a vixen instead!”

Little Eight explained, “That’s why I need you to change this pattern ah, you can do things in a noble and virtuous way, become an elegant enchantress and not an artificial one.”

Nan Xun, “I really want to cut your ponytail in one click.”

Little Eight immediately redressed her, “How many times has this grandpa said, this grandpa isn’t a horse, that low-level animal in your world. This grandpa is Heaven’s darling, the Void Beast, the sacred beast that can travel through various worlds and different spaces!”

Nan Xun sighed in weariness for a while, and after receiving countless contemptuous glances, she finally managed to find Drunken Moon’s building.

Madam Zhang of Drunken Moon looked at her little face and felt so happy that her old face bloomed like flower. She gave Nan Xun high praise, “A woman of great beauty and natural charm.”

Because Li Yunduo had such a pretty face at such a young age, Madam Zhang felt very satisfied. Even if Nan Xun proposed to sign a three-year contract and that she was to only sell art and not sell herself, Madam Zhang immediately sent a person to make two copies of the contract.

Nan Xun glanced at it and she already found a few loopholes. She smiled and said, “Madam Zhang, it’s written that after the contract expires, I still have to pay a certain amount of silver for dissolving the contract. Isn’t this somewhat inexcusable? I’ll be helping you earn money for free for three years, even if you really want me to hand over silver, you still have to write down the specific amount ah.”

Madam Zhang was taken aback. She didn’t expect that this little girl who came out of some remote village could actually read, and not only was she able to read, she also found loopholes in the contract.

Seeing her hesitation, Nan Xun turned her gaze and immediately said, “Madam, don’t think that I can’t make money because of my young age. I come from a fallen aristocratic family and am proficient at music, chess, calligraphy and painting, it’s only because my family is ruined that I came to your place to find a way out.”

Madam Zhang hadn’t started to question when Little Eight already questioned her first. “Dear da, why didn’t I know that you’re proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting? I only know that you can play piano and violin, sketch a little, play gobang [similar to tic-tac-toe] and chinese chess a bit, and the remaining is only fighting and beating people up.”

Nan Xun replied in a really narcissistic way, “I didn’t know how to before, but Zui Lixuan and Qin Buyao can ah. I actually don’t really have any good points, only good memory. I can remember these things after going through what they learned in my mind once, oh my my, I really can’t forget them even if I want to oh~.”

When Little Eight was about to attack her verbally, Nan Xun suddenly humbled herself. “However, knowing is one thing and doing it yourself is another. I still have to practice for a while before I can debut.”

Little Eight: …


That feeling when you want to roast someone but they take the lead and humbled themselves... ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

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