Chapter 231: Oh My, Old Soul With Young Body

Facing Nan Xun’s interrogation, Little Eight said calmly, “From the second one to the present.”

Nan Xun’s mouth gaped open, it was too surprising. “When did Nanyun Kingdom come into existence? At least a few hundred years, right?”

Little Eight continued unperturbed, “The Great Zhou Kingdom that once dominated the world split into the present Beiwu Kingdom, Nanyun Kingdom, Ximo Kingdom, and Dongling Kingdom. It has already been… quite a long time. Nanyun Kingdom has had ten monarchs by the way.” [T/N: North, South, West, East]

Nan Xun: !

If a monarch reigned for 30 years, then nine monarchs would be 270 years!

Nan Xun felt uncomfortable all over.

Little Eight sighed, this beast also felt uncomfortable ah. It was supposed to be kept a secret for a while until Nan Xun discovered it herself, but now he accidentally leaked it.

“Don’t tell me, this state teacher is actually an old man?” Nan Xun saw that Little Eight became silent and immediately yelled, “F*ck! Little Eight! You actually want me to attack an old monster! How can we get on intimate terms ah?”

Little Eight suddenly became deaf. He continued on calmly, “Do you want to continue listening?”

Nan Xun pouted and squeezed out one word through her teeth: “…want.”

Little Eight explained, “Moran Hall existed very early in Nanyun Kingdom. It was established when the state teacher assisted the second monarch. After so many years, he had accepted 18 disciples, 2 for each generation. They were those ‘young people’ in short white robes you saw in today’s parade.

“The second monarch was the most unremarkable prince when he was young. However, with the help of State Teacher Gong Moran, he successfully won the throne. Henceforth, the state teacher obtained a trusted and important position in the king’s heart. During his reign, the monarch loved the common people very much and was very hard-working in politics. He was deeply loved by the people. But at the same time, the state teacher’s status was also rising higher and higher, until someone reported to the emperor, saying that his achievement was too high that it overwhelmed the king himself, that he must have had used witchcraft, and that’s why that man proposed to get rid of him in secret to avoid disaster for imperial descendants later on.

“That monarch was still considered a wise man. He didn’t immediately follow that man’s advice, until later, all of the civil and military officials began to petition the king, and some ministers even remonstrated adamantly.

“After learning this, the state teacher took a blood oath that he and the disciples of Moran Hall will never covet the king’s position, and will instead help successive generations of monarchs to protect the kingdom. If this oath was violated, they would die with blood flowing out of their seven orifices.

“Tsk, this State Teacher is too OP ah, the blood oath he made personally was particularly powerful that he bound himself and all of the wicked hearts that his disciple might have.”

After listening to the truth from Little Eight’s mouth, Nan Xun had nothing to say. She just wanted to give a thumbs up to state teacher boss: You, old man, are too awesome ah.

In order to eliminate successive generations of monarch’s suspicions, he directly cast a poisonous curse on himself. His guts were too big.

It wasn’t until the procession disappeared from everyone’s sight that people on both sides of the street stood up and talked in whispers.

“It’s really State Teacher’s palanquin ah, I finally can see it today! Waiting here from early morning wasn’t futile at all ah!” said an uncle, his tone full of excitement.

“Uncle, you didn’t see the state teacher’s appearance. I looked up accidentally when the wind blew the curtain, and I happened to see State Teacher’s celestial-like face! He also smiled at me. Oh god! His appearance is simply outstanding and unparalleled! Hundreds of times more beautiful than the red light district’s top gigolo that I once saw before!” A boorish looking man at the side licked his lips vulgarly.

“You @ssh0le! How dare you compare State Teacher with a gigolo from the red district? You’re not afraid of offending him?! Be careful of a disaster happening to your family!” that uncle yelled. He was angry that the god in his heart was offended.

That boorish man clicked his tongue, turned around and left, obviously not paying attention to the curse-like warning from the uncle, still feeling pleased with himself for peeping at State Teacher’s appearance.

AAH——” A scream suddenly sounded from close by.

Nan Xun was startled and looked over.

With just one glance, her pupils shrank.

It’s the gu!

“Oh god, this man was fine just now, how can he suddenly die like this?!” someone said next to him, obviously frightened to death.

“He just offended the state teacher by uttering foul language, that’s why he was punished!” the uncle from before explained, with scorching adoration in his eyes.

“So that’s the case. Then he deserves to die like this!”

The boorish man who compared the state teacher to a gigolo was now lying on the ground with his mouth foaming. His body convulsed, and he only breathed for a short moment before he died completely.

“This despicable guy offended the state teacher. Even death would be too good for him. Everyone, quick, get away from him, don’t get implicated too!” someone shouted from the side, and the people around immediately retreated far away.

Some people thought that the dead man brought bad luck and hurled rotten vegetables and eggs at his corpse.

The dead man exuded a foul smell. When the smell from rotten vegetables and eggs were mixed in, he stank all the more to the heavens.

Nan Xun suddenly thought of something, and her heart palpitated quickly.

Too scary!

If this man died because he looked directly at State Teacher, then wouldn’t she also have offended him just now?

“Little Eight, you say, why didn’t he kill me? I also saw him just now. I even saw those beautiful lips, is it because I didn’t say bad things about him? So dangerous ah, fortunately, this baby just cursed him as an ‘old monster’ in my mind only ah.”

Little Eight: …

“You’re still not forgetting to evaluate other people’s lips at this time huh? He didn’t kill you not because you didn’t curse him, but because he thought that you’re stupid. Such a stupid person ah, he doesn’t need to move himself, maybe he’ll just send a little apprentice to take your life oh.”

Nan Xun rolled her eyes. “You’re stupid. He didn’t kill me because my eyes were pure and harmless without the slightest obscenity. That person was different ah. He not only said bad things about the state teacher, but also molested him with his eyes.”

Little Eight, “…you already know, why did you still ask me?”

Nan Xun, “I just wanted to see if you became smarter or not after changing to your adult form, but, ai~, I’m really disappointed.”

Little Eight: …

“But anyway, his witchcraft technique is really powerful. Normally, it requires at least a piece of hair or a drop of blood as a base to perform magic. Gu technique also requires a chance to slip the gu in, but I didn’t see him open the curtain even once just now. When did he slip in the gu?”

Little Eight laughed and said, “That’s why State Teacher is so OP! Aren’t you so excited and moved that I found you such a powerful boss this time?”

Nan Xun replied with a dead face, “But, he’s an old man.”

Little Eight: “Oh my, his soul is old, but his body is young oh. Also, he’s so handsome too~”


“Oh my, his soul is old, but his body is young oh. Also, he’s so handsome too~” - I can dig that (´∀`)b

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