The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 230: Face To Face, This Person Is Dangerous

The young men encircling the sedan chair all wore short white robes, likely Moran Hall* disciples. They were all expressionless, or stern as one could say, making others not dare to approach. [T/N: (State Teacher) Gong Moran’s school/sect]

The sedan chair was covered with white silk and satin, and was decorated with an enormous night pearl on top, richly displaying brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The four corners of the palanquin were all studded with rubies, and long tassels hung from each corner. The curtain in front of the luxurious palanquin was a layer of white gauze that blocked people from peering inside, leaving only a vague figure visible to the naked eye.

Sure enough, white is the color that pretenders love. And this state teacher is just like a goblin, letting you see a little of his shadow while not showing his true face, making people more curious.

As the procession approached, the surrounding people bowed even more respectfully with their heads lowered, their faces full of awe and veneration.

Nan Xun clicked her tongue in her mind. This must be what a king’s procession looks like.

This eight-bearer sedan chair was also extremely luxurious. Don’t know what Nanyun Kingdom was like, but in the other three kingdoms, only the king of the country was qualified to ride on an eight-bearer sedan chair. If other people rode on one, then it would be a crime worthy of exterminating the whole clan!

The monarch of Nanyun Kingdom had obviously heard about the grand procession of the State Teacher, however, judging from the expressions of the people, it seemed like this scene was very normal.

A gust of wind blew by, raising the white veil.

Nan Xun immediately stared through the gap with wide eyes, and she saw a man’s two thin, rosy lips!

They were furled lightly, forming a straight line, seeming like there wasn’t any warmth within them. She wondered if it was his indifference from standing aloof from worldly strife, or if it was his unfeeling heart that considered everyone beneath his notice.

With just a glance, Nan Xun could already imagine how extraordinary the man was.

The state teacher wasn’t old. Rather, he looked really young.

“Little Eight, how old is the state teacher?” Nan Xun asked Little Eight.

Little Eight said mysteriously, “This ah, grandpa won’t tell, afraid that it will scare you.”

Nan Xun: …

Little Eight didn’t tell her so there were two possibilities. One was that the state teacher was incredibly young. The other was that the State Teacher was… inconceivably old.

Nan Xun decisively believed that it would be best not to know.

The pompous procession finally arrived at Nan Xun’s side.

At this moment, the figure inside the white gauze curtain seemed to move slightly, and the speed of the entire procession gradually slowed down.

Don’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Nan Xun felt that the figure inside the curtain turned his head and looked at her for a long time.

Nan Xun subconsciously glanced around, but she didn’t see anyone distinctive. Could it be that State Teacher noticed that she was sneaking a peek at him through the curtain?

Nan Xun hurriedly asked Little Eight, “Is State Teacher looking at me ah?”

Little Eight said, “This grandpa will amplify your senses, see for yourself.”

Nan Xun: …

In the next second, Nan Xun felt her five-senses were enhanced. Sounds of breathing and footsteps clearly passed into her ears, while various smells filled her nose, especially the smell of men’s sweat. Oh gosh, her nose was going to be broken like this.

Nan Xun looked into the sedan chair between crowds of people.

At this time, she really noticed a gaze directed at her from inside, and even through a layer of gauze, she could actually feel an abnormal aura coming from that figure.

She was pretty sure that the one who was being stared at was her!

Nan Xun trembled in her heart. Is it possible that this man’s head is full of eyes? She’s so concealed like this, how did he find her ah?

In order to make sure that she was right, Nan Xun slowly raised her eyes again and glanced at the curtain.

Because her five senses were heightened, even if she couldn’t see behind the curtain, she could accurately see those eyes.

When she raised her head, she happened to collide with the indifferent eyes inside the curtain.

In an instant, electricity sparked and scattered everywhere.

Within a mere second, Nan Xun came to a conclusion: this man is dangerous.

Nan Xun quickly retracted her gaze, and couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Slowly, the person inside withdrew his gaze. That figure didn’t move anymore, just like a Buddha that was enshrined. Dead. Still.

Another gust of wind blew. A corner of the curtain opened, and those thin and rosy lips inadvertently caught Nan Xun’s eyes again.

Nan Xun saw the corners of the lips rise a degree. It was a very subtle arc; just like a demon, giving people a sense of dread.

Until the procession had moved far away, Nan Xun’s heart felt somewhat apprehensive.

Little Eight withdrew his sense amplification and went “hehe” with a smile. “How is it? Did you feel it? Is State Teacher so handsome that he can split the sky apart?”

Nan Xun: …

“I only had my five senses multiplied, it didn’t become x-ray vision. How could I know if the state teacher is handsome or not? However, I can sense a very strange smell around his body. I feel like I can still smell it. It was a… smell of death.”

Little Eight didn’t comment. He regretted helping Nan Xun with enhancing her senses. Some things are better left unknown, at least for now.

Nan Xun didn’t continue with the topic, which secretly relieved Little Eight.

He thought that it was almost discovered by her.

Nan Xun’s attention was now drawn to something else. She asked curiously, “Little Eight, this Nanyun Kingdom is so strange. The state teacher’s procession can be compared to that of the king. No, it’s even more than a king’s ah. You say, wouldn’t the King’s heart have some dissatisfaction? Is he really afraid that the state teacher will take his Nanyun Kingdom? If it was me, I’d definitely guard against him ah. There’s no reason to allow his power to grow continuously like this.”

Nan Xun’s eyes were still staring in the direction that the palanquin was disappearing to. A lot of questions were born in her heart.

Which kingdom’s royal children weren’t fighting openly and secretly? There were so many princes and princesses in Nanyun Kingdom. Would they really not mind this state teacher overwhelming them?

Not only him, but the disciples of Moran Hall all had a very high status as well. The common people were more awed hearing Moran Hall’s name than when they heard royal family’s name.

Little Eight rarely saw Nan Xun being diligent and willing to use her brain for once. He was very pleased and explained, “Moran Hall is a very special existence. It was created by Gong Moran, and the disciples all have knowledge and skills passed down from him. Each and every one of them knows magic and gu arts. However, although their strength is strange and powerful, they will never have any disloyalty towards the royal family. This is also why monarchs have respected State Teacher Gong Moran for generations.”

Nan Xun widened her eyes. “Wait, wait! Monarchs for generations? How many monarchs did this State Teacher assist ah?!”

Little Eight: …

F*ck! I accidentally said it!


Now Nan Xun has to get all cuddly with a real ancestor oh~ ღවꇳවღ

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