My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 23: What A Beautiful White Lotus

On the way back, no one spoke.

Liang Yuan and the others could not accept the reality for a while and felt stifled.

As for Jing Yue… no one wished to pay him any heed.

When they passed through one particular alley, they heard a shout from the front, “Liu Xiaoxiao, don’t take things too far!”

Jing Yue turned around and saw Lu Yuan, the girl who shared the same table with them just now, and opposite her was another girl with a veiled face.

At this moment, Lu Yuan only felt that she was most unlucky today. She did not divine her fortune when she stepped out of the house this morning, and now she had run into the traitor, Liu Xiaoxiao!

“Shimei, you’re the daughter of the sect leader after all, and I’m just an orphan without a father or mother. How can I do anything to you?” Liu Xiaoxiao chastised demurely, a trace of coyness in her delicate display.

Lu Yuan scoffed coldly, “I’m not a man, who are you showing off for?”

Tears welled up in Liu Xiaoxiao’s eyes and she said hesitantly, “Shimei, you’ve misunderstood me.” She sighed forlornly. “I know, you still resent me for getting married to Elder-shixiong. Yes, you used to be betrothed to him, but he only has brotherly affection for you, so how could you be happy together? We did this for your own good. After all, it’s better to endure short-term pain than to make a long-term mistake.”

“Shut up!”

Lu Yuan could not understand how could there be such an audacious person in this world?

Back then, Ministone Gate found a spirit mine by accident. According to the unwritten practice of the cultivation world, a small spiritual mine without an owner like this would belong to whoever found it. However, her father was afraid of trouble and kept it hidden from the public. But one day, the Gu family, a renowned cultivation family, came to demand for the spirit mine, and Lu Yuan and her father found out that the news had already leaked.

When they learned about the cause and effect, they hated Liu Xiaoxiao even more.

Liu Xiaoxiao was the daughter of an Elder in Ministone Gate. The elder had passed away very early in life, so Lu Yuan’s father took on the responsibility of raising Liu Xiaoxiao. Since she was young, Sect Leader Lu cared for Liu Xiaoxiao adequately, but she was a four-element spiritual root, whereas Lu Yuan was a double spiritual root, so the limited cultivation resources of Ministone Gate inevitably skewed towards Lu Yuan.

Liu Xiaoxiao was very upset about this unfair treatment so she seduced the Shixiong who had been betrothed to Lu Yuan since childhood, and even instigated him to leak the news about the spirit mine to the Gu family. Thereafter, the two rebelled against Ministone Gate and joined the Gu family instead.

The overall strength of the Gu family was not comparable to Ministone Gate, but several family members were cultivators in Frostcloud Sect, and one direct descendent was even a core disciple there. Since they came under the banner of Frostcloud Sect, how could Ministone Gate resist?

At this juncture, Ministone Gate not only had to give up the spirit mine, but was also betrayed by two traitors, and they became the laughing stock of the whole Credence City.

How could she not harbor any resentment?

Lu Yuan was so angry that she laughed instead. “You just felt that my father took sides and obstructed your future, so you wanted to seek revenge and watch my father and I being humiliated! But you’ve joined the Gu family for so many years, why has your cultivation not improved at all?”

Liu Xiaoxiao was struck on a sore spot and her expression changed.

She was very jealous. Whenever she imagined Lu Yuan progressing further and further down the path, while she could only remain on the same spot after a hundred years, she felt unbalanced and unwilling to concede.

She thought her life would end up just like that, but the chance she waited for finally arrived.

No matter how small, it was still a spirit mine. Although insufficient for the major sects to fight over it, certain forces in Credence City could still be enticed. She made extensive inquiries in the dark and finally chose the Gu family with Frostcloud Sect as the backer.

After that, everything went smoothly as planned. She snatched Lu Yuan’s fiancé, caused Ministone Gate to suffer heavy losses, and successfully joined the Gu family. As for the Gu family, they were very honorable and fulfilled all her conditions, but her only regret was the failure to improve her cultivation level.

Not only that, but even the Shixiong who left Ministone Gate together with her had not improved his cultivation level either.

Liu Xiaoxiao was already feeling very vexed about it, but Lu Yuan deliberately brought it up again.

She hated Lu Yuan, and this hatred would not fade easily with time. The other party was like a thorn in her heart. Perhaps one day if she could surpass Lu Yuan’s cultivation level, she may be able to pull the thorn out, but unfortunately, this could not happen yet.

Liu Xiaoxiao’s tone turned cold. “Ministone Gate with the spirit mine is exactly like a child carrying gold through the market, and very likely to invite trouble for themselves. Shixiong and I are merely doing it for the sake of the sect. Besides, the Gu family represents Frostcloud Sect. If they wanted the mine, who would dare to refuse them? If you’re unhappy about it, why don’t you ask Frostcloud Sect for an explanation?”

“Who wanted an explanation from Frostcloud Sect?”

A voice rang abruptly. Lu Yuan turned around and frowned. “It’s you?”

Jing Yue nodded and blue phoenix quickly sized up the situation. “Slap face! Slap face! The pure white lotus instantly turned into a black-hearted lotus. The cheating scum can only lament his blind eyes and cry into a dead faint in the toilet!”


Liu Xiaoxiao’s heart trembled and she suddenly recalled that this was Frore City where a large number of disciples from Frostcloud Sect often lurk about. Could it be that she actually met with one?

She was instantly scared because she was more than aware of one fact: Frostcloud Sect did not know of the spirit mine at all. After all, the Gu family had seized it for their own use. If this matter was exposed, the Gu family would never let her off the hook!

Liu Xiaoxiao forced herself to remain calm and said gently, “You are?”

Jing Yue, “We are disciples of Frostcloud Sect. Are you the one who demanded an explanation from Frostcloud Sect?”

Liu Xiaoxiao squeezed out a smile with great difficulty. “No, of course not, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

But the other party continued to stare at her relentlessly.

Liu Xiaoxiao’s expression was very unpleasant, sweat covered her forehead, her legs wobbled like jelly, and she was at a loss of what to do.

Observing her reaction, Lu Yuan had a hunch and could not help testing the waters tentatively, “It’s not a serious matter, just that a few years ago, Ministone Gate found a spirit…”

“Lu Yuan!” Liu Xiaoxiao screamed in fright.

Lu Yuan had gotten her confirmation that there was indeed something fishy about this matter. Why was Liu Xiaoxiao afraid that people from Frostcloud Sect would find out? Since the spirit mine was taken over by Frostcloud Sect, why was she not more confident? As a result, Lu Yuan could no longer contain her indignation and reveal everything as it should be.

And Jing Yue finally understood the reason when Lu Yuan heard that they were from Frostcloud Sect, her expression was a bit off. It turned out that the Noble faction had been up to no good.

Liang Yuan and the others were also angry. They did not expect that members of the cultivation family would dare to seek personal gain under the banner of Frostcloud Sect. If this matter was made known to the sect, the Gu family would definitely suffer repercussions!

“This really seems to be a misunderstanding.” Jing Yue flicked a glance at Liu Xiaoxiao. “The Frostcloud Sect will not take such a small spirit mine as their own, and I’m also not aware since when the Gu family can represent Frostcloud Sect? We must consult our teachers when we return.”

Liu Xiaoxiao could not hold herself up anymore and sat down on the ground in despair, her hair tangled in sweat, looking extremely pathetic.

On the way back, the roommates were very excited at the thought that the Noble faction would get into trouble soon. Only Jing Yue remained glum. He finally realized that Frostcloud Sect was not only corrupted at the level of its disciples only, but also many large and small forces that were attached or connected to the sect in various ways.

If this phenomenon was not reversed immediately, Frostcloud Sect as the number one cultivation school in the world would soon turn into the number one tumor in the world!

Just as they were about to enter the sect’s boundary, they were stopped again.

This scene was very familiar, no?

This time, however, the young man who stopped them was very handsome, more pleasing in terms of appearance, and he was alone.

It was unknown if the other party had heard of the rumors last time and chose to stay outside the boundary of the sect, for fear of punishment if they damaged the plants and trees on sect grounds.

His style was also very different. Without a word of nonsense, he simply and blatantly unleashed the oppressive aura of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. It felt like their souls had been pummeled by a thousand hammers and the roommates fell to the ground from the pressure. Yu Xiaobao even spat a mouthful of blood.

Only Jing Yue could barely remain standing, but he had invoked a huge amount of divine consciousness to support his entire body, and now his face was pale as a sheet and his body swayed as he stood.

The young man seemed surprised and took a second look at Jing Yue, but he did not continue his assault.

“Whether some things should be said or not, you need to understand the situation clearly.”

With that said, the young man turned around and entered the barrier.

After a while, Liang Yuan and the others supported each other to stand up, and Shi Nian said, “That’s Gu Xia from the Noble faction. He is extremely talented and held in high regard.”

Liang Yuan, “He found out already? The Gu family moved so fast?”

Yu Xiaobao looked worried. “Then… should we still go to the Law Enforcement Hall?”

Liang Yuan and Shi Nian hesitated. The conflict between the Noble faction and Civilian faction was one thing, but being targeted by a Foundation Establishment cultivator was another thing.

Jing Yue said, “Why not? All of you should return to the room. I’ll go by myself.”

Yu Xiaobao attempted to persuade him. “A-jing…”

Jing Yue glanced at him. “I’ve already offended many people, what’s one more?”

Despite that, when he arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall in the inner gates, Jing Yue realized that it was not easy to see the warden. He was blocked yet again.

The person who stopped him was very familiar too. It was Liu Tianhao, the boy who entered the sect on the same day as him.

Liu Tianhao recognized Jing Shan at a glance, the new disciple who did not give any face to the Primary faction at all. In his heart, he was extremely disgusted with this person. Not only was his talent greater, he even dared to be disrespectful to the Primary faction. He really did not know what was good for him!

This day, it happened to be his turn to guard the main door to the Law Enforcement Hall. He had a sudden urge to make things difficult for the other party, so he said, “The Law Enforcement Hall is a distinguished place. Do you think you can come and go as you please?”

As soon as Jing Yue saw him, he knew that today’s warden on duty must belong to the Primary faction, and felt a sense of relief. There were three appointed wardens in the Law Enforcement Hall, and it so happened that each came from a different faction, usually taking turns to be on duty. Before he came, he had considered that there would be some trouble if he met the warden from the Noble faction.

“I have an important matter to report to the warden. I recall that there’s a rule in the sect, any matter of injustice can be reported to the Law Enforcement Hall!”

Liu Tianhao, “What? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t the wardens be up to their necks in work already? First, let me listen to this so-called important matter before I decide if it’s worth reporting. If it’s just a trivial matter…”

Jing Yue could not be bothered to dally with him, so he walked past him without waiting for him to complete his sentence.

Liu Tianhao was furious. “Stop right there! You dare to disrespect your Shixiong?”

He reached out to grab Jing Yue, but he did not even touch his clothes.

Liu Tianhao was stunned before an evil thought crossed his mind. He released a spell and launched a sneak attack at Jing Yue’s back in an attempt to knock him down.


A crisp sound was heard and he was sent flying with a strike of the palm.

Jing Yue said coldly, “You call yourself my Shixiong? What makes you think you’re worthy?”

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