Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 23

Ah Jin was about to knock him off his feet without even a second thought.

'Why is this idiot trying to take advantage of me? I don't believe this!'

Just as Ah Jin was about to move her foot, San Qi frantically yelled in her ear.

'Hold your feet! Keep it down! Think about your mission. Think of your children! You can finish the mission quickly if the child can come out soon, right?'

Ah Jin listened to San Qi's speech for a moment.

Ah Jin couldn't stand it any longer when the robe fell off and flung him away with her hands.

The confused look of Rong Yi was so innocent and harmless.

Ah Jin suppressed her irritation and said, "I'm tired. We better get some sleep. That little secret you will get later."

Rong Yi felt aggrieved, of course, but couldn't force it. He could only take a step back and say, "How about I hug you then and sleep."

Not waiting for Ah Jin's reaction, he hugged her after saying so.

He kept his eyes closed no matter how much Ah Jin called him.

Ah Jin thought again about the mission in her mind.

'For the mission, endure.'

San Qi was smug in his space.

'You little brat, who couldn't handle you? I let you bully me.'

Ah Jin was also tired and fell asleep out of sorts.

When she woke up, she didn't know what time it was, but Rong Yi was no longer around.

Hence, she called out, "Hong Ying?"

"Yes, Princess. It is now Shen Shi."

Shen Shi was about three to five o'clock in the afternoon.

"Where did my husband go?"

"Replying to the Princess, the Imperial Prince Consort went to the study."

Ah Jin didn't ask much.

She let Hong Ying served and groomed her.

Watching the four busy servant girls by her side, Ah Jin suddenly remembered something that she had overlooked, the four girls were a few years older than she was.

There was no need to hold back the four of them now that she was married.

It was about time they found the right family.

Ah Jin asked as soon as she received the tea from Hong Ying, "I forgot to ask about your marriages. What kind of partners would you be with? Speak up if you have anything to say, and this Princess will give you the decision."

Who knew that the four people knelt.

"This servant doesn't want to get married."

"This servant has no one to marry."

"This servant desires to stay by the Princess's side and serve her."

"This servant, please Princess, please spare this servant from any marriage."

For some reason, Ah Jin cocked her head.

"How do you not want freedom? The ocean is wide, and the sky is high. The world is so big, don't you want to see it?"

Who knew that the four of them would say in unison, "This servant doesn't want to, Princess."

Ah Jin felt her worldview had taken a hit. How could anyone not want freedom?

Then she asked, "How come?"

Hong Ying said, "This servant believes the world outside is dangerous."

Huan Huan said, "This servant thinks there's no better place than the Princess's side."

Lan Yu said, "This servant has already seen the most prosperous places and feels that there is no more prosperous place than the Imperial Capital."

Lu Liu said, "This servant feels after marriage, this servant need to serve my in-laws and take care of my husband's children. No place is as relaxed and comfortable as being around the Princess."

Ah Jin felt that it was all her fault.

She ignored the trivialities of those around her.

She had freely flown up into the sky, to be a shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

Ah Jin still encouraged them.

"The world's a big place, and a lot is going on. You still need to get out more to find out what you want your future to be. Whenever you feel ready, ask this Princess. If you think that Imperial Prince Consort is good, it is important to tell this Princess as soon as you are willing to stay. This Princess will make decisions for you."

The Princess's maidservant could also share the same "room."

The four of them kowtowed again.

"This servant dare not."

Ah Jin waved her hand, saying, "Get up quickly. There are still a bunch of things waiting to be done."

The dowry list had to be sorted out, and the people she had brought with her had to go and make arrangements with Madame Marquis.

After distributing things to the four maids, Ah Jin sat on the side enjoying tea and reading a novella.

Managing things was out of the question, and she never wanted to be in charge of anything.

The Madame Marquis was gracious enough to offer the Marquis' reigns to Ah Jin, but she shrugged it off.

She was busy with her Estate and the feudal taxes to manage.

San Qi was spitting at her in space.

It was nice not to feel ashamed saying that when she did nothing but asked others to work.

Life went smoothly.

However, Madame Marquis started to get anxious.

She couldn't wait for her grandson.

Ah Jin felt that it wasn't a good idea to keep dragging on like this.

"San Qi, you get the original character back here to get pregnant."

San Qi refused," Not possible. The original character will not return until the mission is over."

He went on, "But there are pills available for you, things you don't want to do that can be done without having to be physically a part of it."

She frowned, "How much?"

San Qi's eyes lit up, "A great bargain for only 29.9 for one pill. A mission world only needs one pill to solve all the customer's troubles. How are you still hesitating?"

Ah Jin didn't want to waste the energy, but she had to buy one for the mission.

The system's quality could be guaranteed, so the baby would be here soon.

Ah Jin touched her belly and asked San Qi, "Is there any painless childbirth medicine? Give it to me."

San Qi's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly said, "There are yes, there are! The painless and smooth birth pills. No pain, no problem. The original price of 199 is now only 99. If you want to have a healthy baby, what are you waiting for? Take out the energy to order it right now."

Ah Jin's face went black, "So, why don't you go grab it?"

In the space, San Qi fawned, "Oh my, with this medicine, you can be assured of absolutely no pain during labor. Moreover, the child is guaranteed to be delivered smoothly. When the baby is born, it will be absolutely healthy and lively."

Ah Jin twitched her mouth.

"Nevermind, it will only hurt a little. This is nothing if you are not afraid to commit suicide."

The following days were elementary. It was eating and sleeping, sleeping, and eating.

Ah Jin's belly grew in size like a ball.

Her slender figure also began to fatten.

As a result, she gave up her beautiful and delicate dress and put on a wide and comfortable maternity dress.

Since Ah Jin got pregnant, her husband did all the things without the hands of others.

When she was thirsty, he gave her tea and water.

When she was hungry, he took care of the food.

When she was tired, he made the bed.

When she was bored, he helped her go for a walk in the garden.

Everything was provided, even dessert after dinner.

He could be described as thoughtful and meticulous.

Even so, Ah Jin remained unmoved.

She asked the maid to pack up all his things and take them to the study.

She also recommended a few concubine candidates ranging from different styles of beauties.

Her husband's face darkened.

He could only poorly hug the quilt every night to sleep.

San Qi thought Ah Jin was the female version of "big pig's trotter" (light-hearted complaint but not a harsh accusation of the male chauvinist pig) unquestionably.

With a baby, Rong Yi had no more value and thus had to be kicked away.

What a pity, a lot of people, was always hurt by lovelessness.

Ah Jin touched her "belly" and felt the life of the baby flourish.

She was kicked when her hand caressed her belly.

In response, she gave him a little nudge.

Who knew that the boy would show his mischievous nature at this time?

He was kicking and punching happily inside.

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes. "I'm not going to bother with you now. Wait until you come out to see how I will deal with you."

After seven or eight months, the House of Marquis was already prepared with two nurses and two imperial doctors.

The Empress also sent the highly experienced nurses from the Palace to the Marquis.

The Emperor sent the Divine Doctor of the Imperial Hospital to visit every three or five times for the pulse and standby at the Marquis on the day of birth.

Ah Jin's fame in the Imperial Capital was unparalleled for a while.

There was no other Princess who had the same honor.

The First Princess was sent to be a bride as soon as she reached maturity.

Although the First Princess was not the primary daughter, she accounted for being the eldest daughter.

The difference in treatment between the two of them was so significant.

Every family also privately re-evaluated the importance of the first wife and concubines’ children for the current Emperor.

They should not touch bad luck in the future and lose their heads in vain.

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