His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 23 - Qi Zheng's Marriage

Old Madam Shen noticed that things haven’t been going her way recently, She also noticed this morning that she had grown quite a few grey hairs. Whenever she recalled that Shen Ziqiao was the root of the matter, she despised that stupid girl even more.

There were no news from the Qi Family for a while. Old Madam Shen imagined that Shen Ziqiao would find out about the dowry Xiao Pan had prepared for her in about two years. Who knew the size of the tantrum Shen Ziqiao would throw.

She couldn't let Shen Ziqiao find out that Xiao Pan had left her that much dowry.

After all, she had driven the people that served Xiao Pan to different places under the excuse that they had made mistakes. The servants at home were mostly her trusted aides and she wasn’t afraid that someone would gossip and tattletale in front of Shen Ziqiao.

Mama Li walked in with a frightened look and slowed down after seeing Old Madam Shen lying on the lounge chair in deep thought. She gently called out, “Old Madam…”

Old Madam Shen snapped out of her gaze and hearing Mama Li’s voice, she suddenly opened her eyes. An astute light flickered within her eyes before vanishing. “You came back from the Qi Family?”

“Lady Qi is sick, so she has not given you a response.” Mama Li had dismissed the maids in the room and gently said this in Old Madam Shen’s ears.

Why did she suddenly become sick? The moment Old Madam Shen heard this, she knew it was unusual. “What happened?”

Mama Li said, “Duke An’s thoughts have been swayed. The Empress suddenly made an imperial decree, saying that she will be in charge of Elder Master Qi’s marriage and she does not want Lady Qi to intervene.”

Xiao Gu must have fallen sick due to anger from this piece of information!

Once Old Madam Shen heard this, she tightly knitted her eyebrows. “Why did the Empress…”

“You forgot? Elder Master Qi is the Empress’s biological nephew.” Mama Li reminded her.

“I almost forgot about this. Nevermind. Start finding someone else.” Old Madam Shen said this and covered her mouth, coughing. There was phlegm in her throat.

Mama Li hurriedly brought the white jade phlegm pot over and gently patted Old Madam Shen’s back. “Mama Feng said that the Third Miss went to request something from her yesterday. It seems like she has found out something.”

Old Madam Shen’s expression slightly changed and she asked, “Who was blabbering in front of her?”

“She was probably making random guesses.” Mama Li said.

“Think of a method to have the third lady move to the village to live for a few days.” Old Madam Shen coldly stated. She originally wanted to wait two more years, but it seemed like she couldn’t wait anymore.

Mama Li glanced at Old Madam’s expression and she knew what her master wanted to do. She hurriedly nodded and answered.

In the past, if they wanted to force Shen Ziqiao to live in the village for a few days, they could just kick her out by casually finding fault. Lately, she didn’t know why, but Third Miss seemed to be different.

Never mind finding Shen Ziqiao’s faults. Instead, they needed to be cautious and not provoke her. Otherwise, she’d be the one to kick them out.

Old Madam Shen could feel Shen Ziqiao’s change, but she didn’t think it was anything worth thinking over. Mama Li, on the other hand, didn’t think so. She kept on feeling like Third Miss was different. Although she seemed to be the Third Miss, in reality, she wasn’t.

Of course, she didn’t dare say this out loud.

She was just a servant. Although Shen Ziqiao didn't have the Old Madam's favor, she was still a master.

After Mama Li helped Old Madam Shen lie down to rest, she walked out of the room. She was concentrating on figuring out a way to move Shen Ziqiao to the village when she saw Shen Ziyang walking in through the courtyard.

“Fourth Master, you are back from school?” Mama Li exclaimed and smiled, welcoming him.

Shen Ziyang wore a purple-red long gown with a belt tied around his waist. He had a young and tender appearance and although he couldn’t be considered an elegant and graceful person, he had the attire of a wealthy young man. He peeked into the room and asked Mama Li, “Grandmother is resting?”

Mama Li said, “She just laid down. Lately, Old Madam has not been in a great mood.” She patted her chest and sighed.

“Who angered Grandmother?” Shi Ziyang glared and asked angrily.

“Who else could it be?” Mama Li sighed and said, “Fourth Master, do not be angry. Third Miss just has that kind of temperament. Old Madam is already used to it.”

Shen Ziyang was unable to receive the Ninth Prince’s guide due to Shen Ziqiao, so he had a belly full of rage. Hearing that she even caused the Old Madam to be infuriated, he believed that Shen Ziqiao wasn’t sensible. “With Father out of the picture, she is being truly unreasonable and outrageous.”

Mama Li was secretly happy. It would be best if Shen Ziyang stepped forth since she could just watch by the side.

As the son of the concubine under Old Madam Shen’s pampering, Shen Ziyang didn’t respect Shen Ziqiao. He believed that he and Shen Zikai were the same, with both having a chance to become the head of the Shen Family.

Shen Ziyang angrily rushed to Qiao Xin Courtyard, but was blocked by Cui Ping in front of the door. “Fourth Master, are you here for Third Miss?”

“Where is Jiao Jiao?” Shen Ziyang asked.

“Third Miss went to the Eldest Master’s study.” Cui Ping said.

Shen Ziyang banged against the door and said, “Preposterous. Elder Brother is not here and she dares to mess up his study.”

Cui Ping laughed dryly. Even if the Eldest Master was here, if he knew that the Third Miss wanted to go to his study, he probably would open the door for her himself. Of the entire family, who didn’t know that the Eldest Master only treated the Third Miss as his sister? He wasn’t even concerned with Shen Ziyang and his other two sisters.

“I am going to teach her a lesson.” Shen Ziyang said this and turned around, heading towards Shen Zikai’s courtyard.

Shen Zikai was an honest and strict soldier. He was eighteen this year, but he hadn’t yet married nor did he have any woman to satisfy his needs. He only had two maids who took care of his everyday life. Because of Shen Zikai’s affection towards Shen Ziqiao, his maids were naturally polite to her as well.

But seeing that Shen Ziqiao didn’t have a good attitude and liked to command them, they didn’t dare to be too close to her. Now that Shen Ziqiao took the initiative to come, they naturally followed the Eldest Master’s orders and took good care of her. Of the two maids, one was called Shui Lian and the other was called Shui Ying.

“Where is Jiao Jiao?” When Shen Ziyang arrived, he inquired Shui Lian, who was carrying a tray of fruits to where Shen Ziqiao was.

Shui Lian turned around to see Shen Ziyang, bowing and saying, “Fourth Master.”

“I’m asking you. Where is Jiao Jiao?” Shen Ziyang asked loudly. If this wasn’t his Elder Brother’s place, he would’ve barged in. He wouldn’t be asking so politely right now.

“Fourth Master, why are you looking for the Third Miss?” Shui Lian asked.

“Why are you asking that? Call Jiao Jiao out.” Shen Ziyang asked unhappily.

Shui Lian smiled and said, “Fourth Master, you are quite mighty and impressive. You do not even call the Third Miss your sister anymore. Our Lord only has two legitimate sons and daughters. Those that do not know… Probably think that the Fourth Master is also a legitimate son.”

Shen Ziyang’s face flushed and he burst into a rage of anger. “Presumptuous. You, a servant, dares to teach this Young Master a lesson?”

“This maid does not dare.” After Shui Lian said this, she carried the tray away, making Shi Ziyang angry and he stomped his feet.

She thinks that I won’t be able to find Shen Ziqiao because she won’t tell me? Shen Ziyang followed Shui Lian and arrived at Shi Zikai’s study, seeing Shen Ziqiao reading a book inside.


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