Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 23: Profound Strike Talisman

Lou Ming waited until Chen Yu had her fill before he asked about the matter just now.

“What did you fight in the small park?” When he knew that something was clearly attacking the little girl but he couldn’t even see what it was, he felt really horrible.

“He should be an evil spirit.” Chen Yu herself wasn’t sure.

“Should?” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu strangely.

“Even I’m not sure.” She explained, “I’ve followed my grandpa to exorcise ghosts since I was eight. I have seen countless evil spirits and even two zombies, but this was the first time I saw something like that tonight. He looked like an evil spirit, but there are some things that are different.”

“Some things are different? What’s different?” Lou Ming asked.

“The so-called evil spirits are actually the souls of people after their death. Because of resentment and entanglement with evil, they’re unwilling to reincarnate and eventually stay in the human world. The reason why their strength increases is because of time, the depth of their resentment, or perhaps being contaminated by an evil aura or spirit. But they all have one common feature that will not change. That is, their ghostly state, which is what we often call lifeless spirit or Yin spirit.” Chen Yu went on, “But the evil spirit today is very special. He has a very strong evil aura and he’s in a soul state too, but he also carries vitality, the so-called vitality…”

“I know, only living people have vitality.” Lou Ming expressed his understanding.

“That’s right, it’s impossible for a ghost after death to have vitality, but this evil spirit not only has vitality, but it is very strong and thick, almost to the level of a normal human.” Chen Yu continued, “Vitality is a very important sign for a Heavenly Master to judge a person’s life and death, just like a doctor using heart beats to judge whether a person is alive or dead.”

“That’s why he looks like neither a ghost nor a human in my eyes.” Chen Yu was puzzled, “It’s a species that I haven’t seen before, and it’s very powerful.”

Lou Ming thought of Chen Yu’s struggle during the previous fight and couldn’t help but feel worry, “Then, are you in danger?”

“Probably not.” Chen Yu said optimistically, “His goal seems to be Tong Chao, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Then you don’t have to deal with it anymore,” Lou Min said after some thinking.

“Of course ah, I almost suffered a loss and was nearly reduced to poverty in order to earn 2 million yuan. I only have two talismans left in my bag ah, do you know how much its worth?” When Chen Yu recalled this, her heart ached again. “If he comes to me again, just see if I don’t make him compensate me.”

Lou Ming was a little dumbfounded. After thinking some more, he then asked, “You said that you have seen zombies?”

“Yes ah, I remember that I told you this when we were in my school,” Chen Yu reminded.

Believe it or not, I already caught you!

Lou Ming probably had the deepest impression of when they first met. He couldn’t help but smile. “I thought you were exaggerating deliberately to frighten me.”

Although the little girl looked fierce at the time, he knew that she was deliberately frightening him. It was obvious that it took her a lot of spiritual energy to finish drawing that one charm, but she boastfully said that it was easy.

“You realized it?” Chen Yu admitted with some embarrassment, “I did deliberately scare you that time. When I saw your evil spirit at the opening ceremony, to be honest, if you really wanted to fight, I might have to find my grandpa. I can’t beat you ah.”

“Your grandfather… where is he now?” Lou Ming asked with a stiff expression, as if he was asking carelessly.

“He should be in Damu Village. I’ll ask about you when I go back to see him during my winter vacation and see if there’s any way to remove the evil spirit from you,” Chen Yu said.

Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu with a complicated expression. He didn’t tell Chen Yu that her grandfather was no longer in the village, but the little girl’s thought and care for him made his heart fuzzy and warm.

“I used to think that the old man was quite unreliable, but after I came out from there, I suddenly found out that he’s actually powerful,” Chen Yu said. “He used to tell me how powerful he was when he was young, and how experienced and knowledgeable he was. I thought that he was just bragging but looking at things now, it seems that it’s true. That’s why I think he has seen a situation like yours. After all, he has exorcised many zombies.”

“What does my situation have to do with exorcising zombies?” Lou Ming was puzzled.

“Because your aura is similar to a zombie ah,” Chen Yu said. “When I was outside of the villa, I suddenly sensed that your evil spirit might be a zombie.”

It was the first time for Lou Ming to hear this kind of evaluation. His mood became a little melancholic. So my evil spirit is like a zombie? No wonder it hurts people.

“My talismans ah, I originally had a bag full of talismans ah.” Chen Yu saw that Lou Ming hadn’t spoke, so she picked up her linen bag and began to check her little possessions. Although she already knew that there were only two talismans left, when she confirmed with her own eyes that there were indeed only two, she felt a burst of heartache again.

Lou Ming returned to his senses and saw Chen Yu’s appearance. He suddenly remembered the last two talismans he took out from the coffee table, and couldn’t help ask, “Why did you put two talismans under the table?”

Chen Yu’s sad figure stiffened, then she suddenly stood up and said, “Umm…it’s almost eleven o’clock, I have to go back to bed, good night, Third Brother.” After saying that, she began to limply walk towards the gate.

This silly little girl! Lou Ming didn’t stop Chen Yu, but shouted a command to Tian Fei who was guarding outside, “Tian Fei, send Celestial Master Chen back.”


“Afterwards find someone to search the house, see if our Celestial Master Chen put something like a talisman anywhere else.” Lou Ming was about to go upstairs after he finished his words.

Chen Yu’s walking figure stiffened and it only took a second before she jumped back to Lou Ming’s side, both of her hands clutched onto Lou Ming’s arm, preventing him from leaving while speaking with a sad face, “Third Brother, I was wrong, I shouldn’t secretly use your evil spirit to research a new Expelling Talisman, I shouldn’t secretly hide it from you because I want to monopolize exorcism money.”

Lou Ming frowned, looking at the soles of the little girl’s bandaged foot, a flash of worry flashed in his eyes.

“Can… can you not be angry? At worst, how about if I share 30% of the exorcism money?” Seeing Lou Ming’s frown, Chen Yu gritted her teeth and finally relented with heartache, “Those two talismans played a big role for driving away that evil spirit tonight, I’ll transfer 900 thousand yuan, I’ll do it now.”

As Chen Yu said this, she took out her phone, planning to transfer money to Lou Ming, “Brother, what’s your bank account number?”

Lou Ming was speechless as he looked at Chen Yu. He reached out his hand to lift the little girl and put her back on the sofa. “Your foot is injured, don’t stand for a long time and don’t walk too much.”

“Uh…” Chen Yu was a little confused.

“You said just now that you’re using my evil spirit to study a new Expelling Talisman?” Lou Ming sat down again and asked, “Specifically, what’s it all about?”

“Didn’t I just tell you that I’ve seen two zombies?” Chen Yu whispered.

“You also said that my evil spirit is very similar to a zombie.” Lou Ming naturally remembered their conversation just now.

“Actually, when he used to catch zombies, that old man… that is, my grandpa, every time he caught zombies, he didn’t kill them immediately. He tied them up and raised them instead.”

“Raise?” Lou Ming felt inexplicably uncomfortable with Wulao’s taste.

“This is because my grandpa wants to use the zombie’s evil energy to make a Profound Strike Talisman.” Chen Yu explained, “Although zombies and evil spirit both comes from dead people, and that they both can accumulate Yin and evil energy, a zombie is a higher existence than an evil spirit. From a food chain perspective, zombies are the top existence inside the ghost world.”

“Do you mean that zombies can kill evil spirits?” Lou Ming understood a little but felt that some things need more explanation. “But didn’t you say that the evil spirit within my body would enhance other evil spirit’s power?”

“That also needs to be divided based on their strength ah, if the strength reaches a certain point, even evil spirits wouldn’t dare to absorb it.” Chen Yu explained, “I’m telling you, if you open that jade buckle and go outside, let alone people, even ghosts don’t dare approach you. You’re like a human nuclear power plant to ghosts. Our daily electricity use is only a small part of the electricity produced by a nuclear power plant. It can be regarded as beneficial if you only give a little to them, but if you give them an ultra-high voltage dose, would they still dare use it?”

Chen Yu’s explanation was simple and easy to understand so Lou Ming quickly got it. “In other words, if I walked out just now, that ghost-like thing would be afraid of me?”

“Yes ah,” Chen Yu said, proud of herself. “You didn’t see it, but he ran away as soon as I hit him with those two talismans, he’s afraid of the evil spirit in your body.”

“Then why didn’t you let me go to help you just now?” If Lou Ming had known that he could scare away the ghost, he would have long gone there to help.

“No way, this is an urban area and there are many ordinary people,” Chen Yu replied without thinking.

Lou Ming was taken aback for a moment before showing a wry smile. He almost forgot that he was a harmful existence to both human and ghosts.

“Third Brother…” Chen Yu’s tone suddenly became flattering.

“What’s the matter?” Lou Ming asked suspiciously.

“You see… I already explained about the Strike Talisman to you. Anyway, it can absorb the excess evil aura from your body, and then it can be used to deal with evil spirits through the spell transformation. In fact, it has no effect on you. Can you… can you let me continue drawing those Profound Strike Talismans ah?” Chen Yu’s hands tugged at Lou Ming’s hem while her pair of big eyes blinked and blinked, shining like stars.

“You want to learn from your grandpa and raise me as a zombie?” Lou Ming raised his eyebrows.

“How can it be…you’re not a zombie, you’re my Third Brother…” Chen Yu’s thick face shamelessly cottoned up to Lou Ming.

Lou Ming’s mood suddenly improved a lot. He deliberately teased the little money grubber, “You said that you’ll give me 30% of the exorcism payment later?”

“If I use the Profound Killing Talisman, I’ll give you 30%.” Chen Yu’s flesh felt like it was cut as she said this.

That is to say, if she doesn’t use it, then there’s no need to divide the money.

Actually, whether or not Chen Yu would give him the dividend, Lou Ming wouldn’t stop her from making more Profound Strike Talismans. It was always better to have more protection for such a dangerous activity like exorcising ghosts. Also, it seemed like the only redeeming quality of his evil spirit was this point.

“Don’t hide the talismans when you put them here later,” Lou Ming said.

Chen Yu’s eyes lit up as she was pleasantly surprised. “Third Brother, you agree? That’s great! Don’t worry, I’ll work hard to make money in the future and let you become a big tyrant along with me.”

“Then I’ll depend on you.”

“Then, Third Brother, can I also put a little in your bedroom so that the talisman can absorb evil energy when you’re asleep? It’s best to stick it on the bed which is the closest place to you. There’s also the study room, I think you usually spend a lot of time there, how about I put a few too?” Chen Yu had considered this possibility when she secretly put the two talismans under the coffee table, but she didn’t dare to do it at the time. However, now that the two were in a cooperative relationship (dividing 30% of income to Third Brother), Third Brother won’t refuse ah.

“Would you like to put a few on me too?” Lou Ming was between laughter and tears.

“That’s good! A talisman on Third Brother’s body would definitely accumulate the most energy. I’ll keep it as my ace card.” Chen Yu became more excited the more she talked about it. “I’ll draw a few more when I go back.”

Really knows how to reach for a yard after getting an inch! Lou Ming could only shake his head helplessly.

Author’s NOTE:

He Qi: I didn’t expect that our Third Young Master not only able to design human world’s weapon, but also able to hold up his position in spiritual world ah.

Assistants: Third Young Master is so powerful.


Chen Yu is such a money grubber, and Lou Ming is so doting towards her ah~ (≧∀≦)

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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