Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 23

The dorm was like a mortuary in the morning. Apart from the corpses suddenly moving out for a quick round at six in the morning, the occupants spent the rest of their time sleeping. In the afternoon, the dorm was like a nursing home. Most were paralyzed on their beds and in a daze; though they could still use their phones and computers in their paralyzed state. At night, it was like a mental institution; a bunch of nutcases could be heard laughing, crying and screaming. In the middle of the night, it was like the CIA; blue light was reflected on their faces, as their hands moved continuously on the keyboards.

Baobei walked out of the dorm like a corpse too, but once she walked out, she saw the almond shaped eyes that smiled at her in the light of dawn.

How could this man look so good? He was so travel-worn, his shirt was crumpled, and his jacket hung loosely on him. He even looked slightly unkempt, with faint signs of stubbles all across his chin. But damn, he was still hot! This was especially so when she knew that the smile was reserved especially for her. Baobei felt at this moment that she was once again captivated by Lecturer Jiang’s looks.

She felt herself quivering; that was definitely the feeling of being struck by lightning. Her first reaction was to rush forward a few steps, but almost immediately, she stopped again, and moved back as realisation struck her. Her hair was in a mess, and she hadn’t washed up. Didn’t he say that he would only come back tomorrow? Yet, he had already come all the way here, was it right for her to leave him here? They haven’t seen each other for so many days. Anyway, it’s not that he hadn’t seen her disheveled state before. Hence, she made her way back, and without any care or concern, she pounced into Lecturer Jiang’s arms like a monkey.

This time, Baobei didn’t restrain herself, nor did she remain collected, as she normally would.

Jiang Moxiu gladly took Miss Xia into his arms. He had sped up his work pace so that he could return a day early. Wasn’t it so that he could get to see and hug her earlier? He used one arm to lock her waist, and another to hold the back of her head, as if he was carrying a child.

No matter how high-profile he was, he was still a teacher. When had students ever seen a teacher and his student lover hugging in this manner? They then observed Lecturer Jiang. He was grinning widely, and even his eyes were curved into a smile. Some students could even hear his crisp laughter from afar. He was truly delighted; when had they ever seen him laugh this flirtatiously before?

Looking at Jiang Moxiu’s expression, all that lacked him saying, "Oh, my dear baby”.

He made a quick decision, and shoved her into his car. He then signaled to her three roommates, all of whom were frozen in their footsteps, but he didn’t care if they understood him. He simply drove off after kidnapping the girl.

Shi Xiaoxi returned Lecturer Jiang’s gesture. Her heart was still trembling; their Lecturer Jiang’s smile was truly unrivalled!

Jiahui immediately pulled Shi Xiaoxi’s hands down. “Why are you following the gesture? Do you know what Lecturer Jiang means?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then why did you pretend to signal, as if you were telling him you’d settle everything?”

Shi Xiaoxi looked at Jiahui resentfully. “He took her away so early in the morning, do you think Baobei will be able to attend classes today? We won’t go wrong if we just apply a leave of absence for Baobei. Just follow my lead, and Lecturer Jiang will also treat us kindly.”

“Why do I feel like I’m selling my daughter …”

“Do you even think you can give birth to someone like Baobei? Stop daydreaming.”

“Shi Xiaoxi, do you want to die?”

“Hey, did you capture the moment when Baobei pounced onto Lecturer Jiang?”

“I didn’t.”

“We’ll look at the forum in the afternoon. There’ll definitely be pictures there. I’m going to collect all the pictures related to my Lecturer Jiang.”

“Shi Xiaoxi, you’re a pervert!”


After driving outside of the school compound, Lecturer Jiang finally pulled the car to a stop.

It was then that Baobei finally came to her senses, and started twisting her fingers, reflecting upon her actions just now. Jiang Moxiu stopped the car, then turned to the blushing face of the young lady. All the fatigue from his journey disappeared at once.

He reached out and pinched Baobei’s small face.

“Hmmm?” She swiftly turned and gazed at Jiang Moxiu. “Weren’t you coming back tomorrow?”

Jiang Moxiu smiled. “I missed you.”

Boom! Baobei’s heart imploded, and even as she pouted, she couldn’t hide the smile on her face. She raised her hand and pulled the two fingers that Jiang Moxiu had on her face into her hands.

“Come, let me hug you.” He turned his hand around and caught Baobei’s hand into his.

This time, Baobei didn’t restrain herself. She reached her hands into his jacket, and hugged the muscular waist that was stuck onto Lecturer Jiang’s shirt. Immediately, she returned to her fujoshi self, as lust got to her head. She started feeling around, and even secretly pinched his waist. It was hard. That was good, this meant that he had a strong waist [1].

The man used his chin to rub against the young lady’s head. The girl in his arms smelled good and felt very soft, so the feeling of her in his embrace was so comfortable that he wanted to sigh.

Even though he was a powerful man, over the years, there were instances where he felt he could not hold on any longer. There were also instances where he would unwittingly feel down. There were even times where he hoped that he was living in a movie, and the next scene would only have this line: “Many years later.”

Jiang Moxiu was only mortal. No matter how bright his future was, there were also times where he would feel weak.

He did also try his hand at love. Even though he didn’t have that many relationships, he did try to love others. He couldn’t love the one that he wanted, so he was aware of how ridiculous he had been. In short, he had also faced his ups and downs in his love life.

Later, he learned how to become “inanimate”. He turned his life and work into a state where it was boring. This seemed to really bring less troubles, and at least he felt comfortable about it. When he was young, his father always said that for people in their position, there were some things that they had to give up on. He might not have understood it completely when he was younger, but as he grew older and started experiencing all these matters, then he truly understood the sorrows behind this line.

On the journey towards the apex of the pyramid, which was not a place that many could reach, what they had to eventually give up on was the right to be weak, and their individuality.

During a rare break last year, he didn’t have anything to do, so he holed up at home to read. He recalled a part of the book he read: We were always immersed in our own worldviews and perception, so much so that we can’t see the world for what it is. What’s more serious is that because of this, we give up getting to know others, and all we know are ourselves. We are unable to see ourselves from these eternal mirrors. If we can recognize this fact, and be aware how we are in others’ eyes, then we’ll know that we are simply lonely shadows in the desert. When that happens, we’ll probably go crazy.

Wasn’t this an apt description of him?

He lowered his head and looked at the girl in his arms. How could it have been her?

Three years ago, he went to Boston to visit his grandmother. The old granny had always loved to bring up Baobei, their next door neighbour. As they went through their old photo albums, they also saw her pictures. Slowly, as he recalled the happy times and aspirations that he had when he was young, his heart started to melt.

He didn’t know what went into his mind, but he actually flew back to China. He could only stay there for twelve hours, as if possessed, he came back, all because he wanted to see how the young girl was doing.

In the morning, he saw her running out of the house with a backpack. She didn’t seem delicate, as she followed her classmates and squeezed into the public bus. She was so youthful, and her smile was so unrestrained. Of course, she was also very pretty, and he knew that it wasn’t only because of that pretty face that he fell for her again.

That breathtaking moment had warmed the next few months of his life.

He had fallen in love, there was no doubt about it. When he had made his decision to return, he was already prepared.

It was her.

The child in his arms released her hold lightly, then lifted her head and stared at Jiang Moxiu.

“I think I’m starting to like you even more.”

Normally, Baobei would rather die than say these words. Yet today, having met after a short separation, she could no longer hold back these words.

Jiang Moxiu planted a light kiss on Baobei’s forehead.

It wasn’t enough for him.

“I’ll work harder, so that you’ll like me even more.”

She looked up at him. “I’ll work harder too. I’ve heard that when a couple is in a relationship, the honeymoon period is only about two months. After two months, both will have to start working out their differences. This is the time when the relationship is most fragile. But after half a year, the relationship is not only founded upon attraction, but true love and care. In the future, what matters most is this love and care. Hence, if we can pass this six months period, I won’t give up easily. People might say that I’m still so young, and so are you. Not to mention, your family background is also prominent..." Baobei stopped in her tracks. If you thought that she was clueless, she wasn’t. She had considered everything, including what others thought about them. This child was born sensitive, so it was natural for her to feel afraid. “Jiang Moxiu, it’s the first time I’m trying so hard to like a person. I’m falling quickly for you, and the feelings are growing stronger. I don’t know what love is, but I think that I’m close to falling in love with you. Even if we can’t be together somehow, there’ll always be a corner of my heart where you’ll exist.”

When the young lady said those words, she looked incredibly serious. Her eyes were brimming, though unclear if it was from tears or from the fog. Pfft! She was internally doing fist bumps: Damn, I was even touched by my own words!

Jiang Moxiu listened solemnly to her words. A layer of fog appeared before his black eyes, as his heart softened for her.

“I’ll spend all the quiet moments with you; I’ll walk down the years with you; and I’ll grow old with you.”

She stifled a sob, as the exact same thought appeared in her mind.

They stared at each other, and Baobei felt there was no need to be embarrassed any longer.

“Jiang Moxiu.”


“You should be kissing me now.”

He grinned. “Ok.”

Baobei coyly pretended to resist, but she still closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

Jiang Moxiu held Baobei’s face into his hands, and lightly grazed the side of her eyes with his thumb, then lowered his head slowly.

Their lips touched, and a slow and long kiss followed.

No matter when, I just need you here.

Actually, this was already very good progress. The only thing that spoiled the mood was Baobei’s stomach.

She was hungry, so her stomach started growling.

They finally moved apart, out of breath, as their foreheads remained touching. The amorous atmosphere was suddenly destroyed by this unwarranted noise.

Baobei was so embarrassed, but she still covered Lecturer Jiang’s mouth, not letting him laugh.

Jiang Moxiu pulled Baobei’s hands to his lips and kissed them, then caressed her hair. “I’m hungry. Accompany me for breakfast …”

If he didn’t add an additional line, Baobei probably wouldn’t blush.

“... Then go back with me to sleep.”

[1] In Chinese, a man described as having a strong waist is a sexual reference to him being good in bed.

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