Chapter 228: World 7, The Grand Master’s Rice Bucket Disciple

In the next second, Nan Xun understood why this little beggar was hiding in the pig pen to grab food for pigs. Her stomach was dry and shriveled, and if she didn’t eat anything, she would soon starve to death.

Seeing that the food in the stone trough was about to be eaten by a few fat pigs, Little Eight hurriedly reminded, “If you don’t grab it now it will all be eaten by pigs! The body this grandpa just found for you is about to die from starvation!”

Nan Xun, “Dear Little Eight, could you please… roll away?”

Little Eight didn’t roll away. He continued to persuade, “A body that can hold your soul without having any rejection isn’t easy to find ah, don’t waste this body.”

Nan Xun curved her brows and smilingly said, “Isn’t this a simple thing? I remember that you have a Bigu Pill ah. I won’t be hungry anymore once I eat one, give me one immediately.” [T/N: Bigu Pill is a pill in cultivation world where you can eat one to rid yourself from getting hungry]

Little Eight: !

“How unexpected, this grandpa can’t help but look at you with admiration when you have such a good memory. However, grandpa very much regrets to tell you that the Bigu Pill is a low level medicinal pill. This grandpa is already out of them because of giving you one in Daddy Li Chen’s world.”

Nan Xun was a bit doubtful. “How come you only have one pill?”

Little Eight was annoyed. “Why is it impossible for this grandpa to only have one? If this grandpa had a lot, when you were trapped in the Demon King’s bedroom and dying from starvation, this grandpa would have been able to reward you one at will. Also, in Fuyu’s world, you wouldn’t need to carry small and big bags to the ghost’ house. If you hadn’t almost completed your mission when you were imprisoned in daddy Li Chen’s world, this grandpa wouldn’t be willing to part with it for you.”

Nan Xun: …

Alright, she believed him.

Bigu Pill was a low level pill in the high plane world. Little Eight was always bragging about how he was such an awesome mythological beast this and that, he indeed belittled these kinds of things. [T/N: basically, Little Eight thought highly of himself that he looked down on 'low level' pills, so he didn't get much of those.]

Little Eight, “So, do you still want to eat pig feed?”

Nan Xun rolled her eyes to the sky, touching her empty belly. She crawled out of the pig pen with difficulty, and then seriously knocked on the farmhouse’s front door.

The farmer that opened the door was dressed in coarse cloth. When he saw that a little beggar was the one knocking, he immediately closed the door, but Nan Xun clung to it in a death grip. “Uncle, please help me ah, I haven’t eaten for a few days already and I’ll die if I don’t eat a little bit. If I starve to death at your door, then it wouldn’t be good for the child in your wife’s stomach ah.”

The farmer had an absurd expression. This little beggar dared to inquire about his home before begging, and even knew his wife was about to give birth?

The farmer hurriedly threw two roasted sweet potatoes to Nan Xun, and sent her away like the beggar she was. Oh, right, this time Nan Xun was indeed a beggar originally, and she was even dirtier than ordinary beggars. Her small face was all black with mud, it was impossible to see her true appearance.

Had Little Eight not repeatedly ensured that the little beggar would be a little beauty after being cleaned, Nan Xun planned to just starve to death then and there.

After Nan Xun got the roasted sweet potatoes, she didn’t rush to eat them. She peeled the skins and chewed them slowly.

After the two sweet potatoes arrived in her small tummy, that previous feeling of being starved to death’s door was gone, and Nan Xun slowly recovered her strength.

The original owner of this body was called Li Yunduo. Her name was really common, but Nan Xun felt that her name was already elegant if compared with those dark village girls. [T/N: Yunduo 云朵 means mass of clouds]

When Li Yunduo was very young, her hometown in the Beiwu Kingdom suffered a drought. No grain could be harvested, so her parents took her to the Nanyun Kingdom, but they met a group of bandits and were killed instead. She hid in a bush, staring wide-eyed as her parents’ necks were severed from their bodies, while the only food left on her body was also taken away.

The little Li Yunduo gnawed on tree roots and grass along the way and finally arrived at the 'flourishing kingdom' that her parents talked about obsessively—Nanyun Kingdom.

It was said that Nanyun Kingdom had good weather year after year, and there had never been a drought or flood. The country was strong, and the people rich, it was the head of the four kingdoms.

And all of this was because of the one supreme personage inferior only to the king—the kingdom’s state teacher Gong Moran.

This was a god-like OP big shot. He possessed formidable magic power, could summon wind and rain, and could order heaven and earth to change colors; even the king of Nanyun Kingdom treated him with extreme respect. [OP: over-powered]

If Gong Moran had any rebellious thoughts, he could easily seize Nanyun Kingdom’s throne, because every word he uttered casually would be treated like god’s prophecy by the people.

He was the god of Nanyun Kingdom!

After Nan Xun mulled over what Li Yunduo’s parents had instilled in her mind, she developed a strong curiosity about this OP state teacher.

If this state teacher was really as powerful as outsiders said, and could call wind and rain or order heaven and earth to change its colors as he liked, then Nan Xun suspected that he could do magic.

Even the secret magic handed down in the Zuili Clan would be diminished when they were used a number of times in a higher plane, there was no need to mention this middle plane that didn’t have profound energy.

She didn't know how old this State Teacher was this year; if he used magic so often, maybe his lifespan wouldn’t be very long anymore.

[T/N: Nan Xun used magic in the previous world that has thick spiritual energy, but she was still sapped off her life-force and died thereafter, so she thought that this State Teacher should've been weakened more as he used magic in this middle plane which has thinner energy.]

Nan Xun silently sympathized with this 'revered by tens of thousands of people' State Teacher as she asked Little Eight, “Who’s the big boss villain in this world ah? A treacherous prince? Wicked high official? Enemy kingdom’s prince sent as a hostage?”

Little Eight almost gave her a thumbs up. “Your brain is quite big.”

Nan Xun waved her hand straightforwardly, “I usually read a lot of books.” [T/N: referring to folk stories]

Little Eight went “hehe” and said, “Since you’re getting smarter and smarter, this grandpa has found you a very awesome big boss. He’s the high-personage in Nanyun Kingdom, revered as a god by people, one above the masses, the handsome and immortal-like State Teacher.”

Nan Xun: …

“Little Eight ah, are you kidding? How do you think a little beggar like me can get close to the high and lofty State Teacher?”

Little Eight casually said one sentence: “I’m optimistic about you oh~”

Nan Xun no longer wanted to flatten Little Eight into dough since he had turned into a white horse, but it would be nice to cut off that beautiful silk-like tail with a click of some scissors ah...

If she wanted to get close to State Teacher, then of course she had to enter the Imperial City first. However, because of Nan Xun’s beggar outfit, she was mercilessly stopped by the guards outside of the Imperial City’s gate.

“Little Eight, do you have any other clothes in your space? Give me one.”

Little Eight said straightforwardly “Sh1t!” and said, “Did you become lazy from A’Mang in the last world that you just stretch out your hand for clothes and open your mouth for food now? Even if this lord has clothes, they’re either silk clothes spun from snow silkworm in Tianshan or robes made from Phoenix feathers, which obviously don’t belong in this world. Do you want us to attract attention from Heaven ah? Do you want to kill this grandpa ah?”

Nan Xun snorted. “Silly Little Eight, do you think that Heaven hasn’t found us already after I used Zuili Clan magic before?”

Little Eight trembled, “W-what do you mean? Don’t scare me ah!”


Heyo, Panda is back again with a new arc of VBA: Grandmaster's Rice Bucket Disciple! [Rice bucket: someone who can/need to eat LOTS of food] Novi and I has been on gaming mode these past few weeks, we couldn't resist it, gomen'nasai~ (ノAヽ)

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